Part 44: Permission denied

“Wow,” Naomi said. “And I thought my family was fucked up.”
“We’re not fucked up,” I said, more than just a little annoyed by now.

I had said I was going to tell her everything, but I didn’t. I had told her about the four of us living together like we did, and I even told her how Cait and Lucy and I were related and how we didn’t know that about Lucy until… Well, until it was too late I guess. But I hadn’t told her anything about how it all came to be and all the crazy stuff that made it happen.
Just a recap really.

Just, Cait and I were together, basically all our lives really, and then her dad had died and her mom moved away and Lucy’s mom had died and she had met Tobey and Cait had thought I was having an affair with Lucy and then they actually ended up together instead and that’s why Cait’s mom had freaked out about Lucy, because she knew about who her dad was and so the three of us didn’t speak to each other for a long time but then we made up and Cait and I moved in with them. And Naomi had looked at me as I talked and sometimes her eyes had widened or she wrinkled her forehead and that made me a little nervous and annoyed and maybe that’s why I didn’t tell her all the details.

“We’re not,” I said again and she said “No, I get it. I do. And it’s kind of hot even. I mean, three girls and a guy. And you’re cousins and sisters and stuff. But, come on. How is that not going to go bad?”
“It didn’t,” I said. “That’s not what happened. What we have… it’s great like that.”
“Oh yeah?” she said. “Something happened. Right? Why are you here? If everything is so great?”

“Because…” I said, and she was just being so annoying and stubborn and I was getting angry at her and I could feel I was about to cry as well and that made me more angry and I said “Ah, just forget it. You don’t get it anyway.”

“Just tell me!” she said and I said “No! Forget it!”

And I looked at Veronica but she just shrugged and said “Jeez, just tell her.” And I said “No, forget it,” again and now I was crying and Naomi got up from her chair and sat down with me in the couch and I was sitting with my feet up and she took my hands and she said “I’m sorry, you don’t have to…” and still crying I said “I’m pregnant, okay?!”

“Oh,” she just said. And then after a few seconds she smiled and said “Congratulations. That’s wonderful.”
And I could tell she meant it, and I whispered “Thanks.” And she kissed me and then she turned around and leaned against me between my legs and I put my arms around her.

And we just sat like that in silence for a while. I had my arms around her and she held my arms as if she was afraid I would let go and I could smell her hair and her perfume and the TV was on so we watched some quiz show and Naomi knew so many of the answers and I said “Wow, you’re good,” and she wiggled her body like that made her proud and her tail bone rubbed against my crotch.

And it made me moan softly and she noticed that and did it again and then she moved my hand up a bit so it was on her left tit and I squeezed it just a little and she looked over at Veronica like she was checking if she had seen it and Veronica was in the other couch across the table and she was just watching TV and sometimes looking at her phone, so Naomi laid her head against my chest and I squeezed her tit more and rubbed her nipple through her top and she wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipple got hard and she put my other hand on her right tit and then she placed her hand behind my head and closed her eyes.

And I fondled her tits and nipples and she played with my hair and sometimes she even tugged at it and then suddenly she sat up and grabbed a blanket that was hanging over the other armrest and pulled it over herself and she was looking at Veronica the whole time but she was texting someone so Naomi lay back down and pulled the blanket almost up to her chin and her toes were sticking out at the other end and they were so tiny and cute and perfect and I put my hands back on her tits but she grabbed my right hand and slowly brought it down across her belly and when she reached her pants she let go of my hand so she could unbutton them and then she took my hand again and put it underneath her panties and she was so smooth and soft and warm there and I just stroked her softly with her hand holding mine and then Veronica said “Plato!”

And she turned to us and said “See? I know shit too.” And then she realized what was going on and she said “Oh.” And I stopped what I was doing because I thought Naomi would want me to but she moved my hand around again like now she didn’t mind and Veronica said “What’s with the blanket??”

And then she said “Naomi. I’ve known you for almost two years. She’s known you for two days. What does she have that I don’t?”
And Naomi shrugged and moaned and said “Mmm… I don’t know,” and when I put a finger on each side of her clit and squeezed it she said “Oooh god,” and she turned her head and kissed me and Veronica said “Can you at least let me see?” and Naomi let go of my lips and looked at her and just shook her head and she kept staring at her as I rubbed her clit and pinched her nipple and now she put both her arms around my neck and her hips were moving up and down and Veronica said “Fuck, you guys are so hot,” and started touching herself and Naomi said “It’s Pluto.”

“Huh?” Veronica said.
“It’s Pluto, not Plato,” Naomi said. “And it’s… Oh… It’s actually Mercury. Pluto isn’t… Hhnnngh… Pluto isn’t even a planet… Oh… anymore.”

“Shut up,” Veronica whispered, and she had her hand inside her pants now, fucking herself.

“It’s not. It’s too… Oh god!” Naomi said as I put a finger inside of her and she was tugging and pulling my hair and she was writhing around and lifting her hips and pushing her pussy against my hand and she turned her head and kissed me again and she bit and sucked on my lips and stuck her tongue in and out of my mouth and she was so wet and then she whispered “Don’t stop. Oh god, don’t stop. Don’t…” and she looked into my eyes and she was even crying a little and she said “…stop. Don’t…” and then she came.

And it lasted for so long and she was quiet through the whole thing with her eyes locked on mine but her body was twisting and twitching like crazy and she was pulling my hair so hard it actually hurt but I let her, and when it was over she lay on her side and curled up and she took my hand away from her pussy and up to her mouth and she sucked on the finger I had had inside of her and I stroked her hair and she closed her eyes and just kept sucking on my finger like a baby and every now and then her body twitched a little more, like aftershocks.

And then I heard Veronica whisper “Fffuuuucchhhkk,” and I looked at her and she came too.

And a few minutes later Naomi was in the shower and Veronica brought three glasses and a box of wine and she handed me one of the glasses and I said “No, Roni. I can’t, remember?” and she said “Shit. That’s going to take some time getting used to.”
And she put the glass down on the table and another one next to it for Naomi and then she sat down and poured herself a glass and she drank half of it in one gulp and then she said “And so is this,” and she was looking at me but she was pointing at the two glasses in front of me when she said it and I said “What?” and she said “You and Naomi.”

“No, come on,” I said. “I mean, it’s just now. And then… I’m going home, so…” and then I said “Oh shit!” when I remembered and I grabbed my phone and Veronica said “Cait?” and I said “Yeah,” and she made like a hissing sound through her teeth and said “Darling, don’t,” and I was already typing and I said “What?” and she said “Skip it. Just this once.”

“Huh?” I said. “No, I have to. It’s fine, don’t worry. We’re good.” And I had already sent Cait a couple of texts telling her about Naomi and even though she hadn’t replied to any of them yet, I wrote “Hey babe. So about Naomi. You’d love her so much. She’s beautiful and she really reminds me of you a lot!” and then a heart and then “So I’m formally asking for permission to” and then a tongue and a peace sign and then I wrote “Please!!” and then another heart and then “Love you.”

And then I just put the phone away.

Naomi came back from the bathroom with just a big towel around herself, and it covered everything from just above her tits to her knees and she walked over to the dresser by the bed and she rummaged through it for a while and then she pulled out a see through babydoll and she held it up for Veronica to see and she said “Can I borrow this?” and Veronica said “Hell yes,” and then after a few seconds Naomi pulled out one of Veronica’s g-strings and said “And this?” and Veronica said “If you want me to have a heart attack.”
And then Naomi disappeared into the bathroom again.

She came back out again after only a couple of minutes and her white skin practically shined through the nightie and Veronica said “Marry me!” and Naomi just blew her a kiss and sat down beside me and right away she lay back in my arms.

And her wet hair tickled my chin and I said “I want to keep you,” and she said “Yeah?” and I said “Yeah. Like a puppy. I want to take you with me when I go,” and she said “Mmm… I’d like that.”

And we watched more TV and Naomi and Veronica drank wine and we just talked all night.
And then Naomi picked the blanket up from the floor and covered herself with it again and Veronica said “Naomi, pleeeaase?” but Naomi just stuck her tongue out at her, so Veronica said “Fine!” and got up and went over to the bed and picked up the dildo that was still on the floor and then she sat back down on the couch and pulled her pants and her panties down and Naomi and I watched as she spread her legs and rubbed her pussy with it.
And then she started to fuck herself with it.

And Naomi and I kept watching her and soon I could feel how Naomi was touching herself and I could see the movement of her hands under the blanket, and I started to rub her tits and her nipples again. And Veronica wasn’t looking at us anymore but just had her head tilted back and then Naomi stood up and grabbed my hands and pulled me with her to the bed and kissed me as she did and then she lay down and I did too, on top of her and she took my head in her hands and kissed my face all over and then she suddenly looked real serious and she whispered “It’s my first time,” and I just nodded slowly and smiled and kissed her.
And then I kissed my way down to her pussy and I kissed her there and she gasped and then she pulled the duvet over us and now I couldn’t see anything but when I pulled the panties off her the duvet slid off a bit and her pussy was smooth and white and puffy and just a little bit of her pink inner lips showed at the bottom of it and then she pulled the duvet back over me and it was dark again. And I licked her slowly and carefully for a long time and just savored the taste of her and I heard her moan and she just lay still and let me do anything and when she came she said “Oh… oh… oh…” and squirmed and writhed like a snake so I had to grab and hold her hips to keep my mouth on her pussy until it was over.

And then I crawled back up out of the duvet and we kissed and she had tears in her eyes again and after a while she said “I don’t want you to go away.” And at that moment, I didn’t really want to go.

I lay down next to her and we looked over at Veronica and now she was just rubbing herself carefully like after an orgasm and she was looking at us and after a few deep breaths she got up and before she went to the bathroom she said “Don’t get too comfortable. That’s my bed, and I’m sleeping there with you tonight no matter what.”

And when she was gone Naomi put her arms around me and put her mouth to my ear and whispered even though there was no way Veronica could her her. “I want to do it to you too. But… when we’re alone, okay?” And I just smiled and nodded and she said “Sorry,” and I kissed her and said “It’s okay.”

And the three of us slept together and I was in the middle between Naomi and Veronica and the bed was way too small and I didn’t really sleep much but that was fine and I was just enjoying the feeling of their skin against mine really, and when my phone beeped I had to climb over Veronica to check it and it was Cait and her answer wasn’t what I had thought it was going to be and I realized we weren’t good.
At all.

One thought on “Part 44: Permission denied”

  1. This series has got me by the throat…
    Compelling and so erotic!
    Love the characters.
    Thank you!


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