Part 42: Naomi

I went with Veronica, to some friends of her, but I didn’t have any fun. They all knew each other and I only knew Veronica, and they were all drinking and I couldn’t drink, and the music was so bad and so loud and I was homesick and just wanted to leave.

But I had promised Veronica I’d stay. “No matter what,” she had said. “Try to have fun, okay? Promise me you won’t just leave after five minutes. They’re really cool people. Promise me you’ll stay till the end.”
“I promise,” I had said. But when we got there she was all over the place, talking with everyone, kissing the girls there and sitting down on everyone of the guys’ laps, and after less than an hour I was nagging her about leaving. “Roni, can we go?”
“No,” she said. “You promised.”
“Look,” she said. “I’ll hook you up.” And then she shouted across the room. “Edward!” Or actually it was more like “Ed-wooord!”

And I whispered “No, don’t…” but the guy was already on his way over, some blonde guy with a goatee and when he was standing in front of us Veronica stood up and pointed at me and said “Single. Hot. Heartbroken. And my best friend, so be nice.” And then she disappeared.

“Hey,” Edward said and sat down next to me where Veronica had been sitting, and I said “Hi,” and I probably managed something that resembled a smile.
“Want some?” he said and tried to hand me his half empty bottle of beer, and I just looked at him and shook my head and I don’t think I looked as grossed out as I felt and he didn’t notice it anyway and just shrugged and drank it all. “So, single and hot is good,” he said. “What’s with the heartbroken part?”
“I’m not,” I said.
“Oh,” he said. “That’s good. I’d make a great rebound, though.” And he actually laughed at that.
“Single,” I said.
“I’m not single,” I said.
“Oh. But she said… Yeah, whatever, I don’t mind just being a one nighter either.” And he laughed at that too.

“Ah, just go away,” I said, but I just whispered it to myself really and he didn’t hear it and then he said “Hey, I get it. He dumped you but you don’t want to admit it. Trust me, your boyfriend is out there fucking some scrubber right now.” And then he put his hand on my knee. “I guarantee…”

“Go away!” I shouted, and it came out even louder and harsher than I meant it to.

And he jumped up as if I had fired a gun at him and his face turned red and everyone looked at us and he just shook his head like he couldn’t believe how crazy this girl was and he walked over to some other guys and he said something to them and they all looked at me and laughed.

And I looked around for Veronica but I couldn’t see her at first but then she came storming at Edward and she said “You asshole!” and pushed him hard and he stumbled backwards and if those other guys hadn’t been there he probably would have fallen down and Veronica came up to me and took my hand and said “Let’s get out of here.”

And out on the street she said “Sorry about that. Ed’s dumb as a rock, but he’s a decent shag. Come on.” And I followed her down the street and I said “We’re going home, right?” and she said “Nope, I’m not giving up on you yet. I know a really cute couple that lives not too far from here. Always a party.”
“Roni, please,” I said but she just grabbed my hand again and pulled me with her.

The cute couple were two gay guys, Phil and Nathan, and it wasn’t much of a party, just one other guy that left five minutes after we got there and Veronica was really bummed out about it but the guys said “There’s lots of wine, love,” and Veronica said “Bring it.”

And they were nice enough but I still didn’t want to be there and I didn’t say much and so I just sat there playing on my phone and didn’t really pay attention to anything they said or did except that Veronica was drinking one glass after another but then I noticed no one had said anything for a while and I looked up at Veronica and she was actually sitting there touching herself staring at them and I turned and looked at them and Phil was standing on his knees in the couch with just his t-shirt on and Nathan was sitting in front of him, leaning over and sucking his dick.

And I whispered “Roni, we should go,” but she shook her head without taking her eyes off them. And now Nathan unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his thighs without ever letting go of Phil’s dick, and he jerked himself off as he sucked him.

I looked back at Veronica, and now she had one hand in her pants and the other under her blouse, and then Phil said “Ohh fuhh..!” and I looked and he was literally fucking Nathan’s face, grabbing his head and pumping his dick fast in and out of his mouth and then he came, squirting it all in Nathan’s mouth. And Nathan swallowed everything.

Then Phil practically threw himself down on Nathan’s dick and took all of it down his throat and Nathan gasped and then Veronica’s phone rang.

And she picked it up and looked at it and then she showed it to me and rolled her eyes and it said “Edward calling” and she answered it and just said “What, asshole?”
Then after a while she said “Whatever. You’re still an asshole.” And then “No, she’s not. Forget it. But maybe I am.”
“Sure,” she said after listening some more. “I’m with Phil and Nate.” And then she said “So? It’s not like you never sucked a cock you didn’t like.”
Then she laughed a little and said “Fine. But hurry up. And you’re paying for my cab in the morning.”

She hung up and then she said “Hey, Nate. Could you give Naomi a call?” and he had his head thrown back and said “Hhnngh… why?” without looking at her.

“Cause my friend here needs a ride home,” Veronica said, and I wasn’t even upset that Veronica ditched me like that, I was too glad to finally be heading home.

“Could you give me a minute?” Nathan said, and Veronica said “Phil, put some effort into it!”

And Phil lifted his head away from his dick and grabbed it with his left hand and started jerking him off real fast and Nathan said “Oh bloody hell!” and then he came, and Phil stuck his tongue out and let him shoot it all on his tongue and into his mouth.

And when he had caught his breath, Nathan picked up his phone and called, and he said “Hey, sis. Listen, a friend of mine needs a ride home. Are you busy?” and then he said “Yes, I promise,” and then “Great, thanks. Love you. Bye.”

And he looked at me and said “Thirty minutes,” and I said “Cool, thanks,” and he just winked. And I already felt a little better, and even joined in on the conversation a little bit, hoping this Naomi person would show up before Edward did.

And she did.

Nathan’s phone beeped and he checked it and then he said “She’s downstairs. Nice meeting you, love,” and I said “You too,” and then I said goodbye to Veronica and ran down the stairs and there was a tiny, beat up old car parked outside and the girl inside leaned over the passenger seat and rolled the window down and said “You’re a girl!”
And I said “Yeah. Thanks for noticing.”
“Get in,” she said and I did.
“Sorry,” she said. “It’s just that… well, you don’t see a lot of girls leaving my brother’s flat.”
“I was there with a friend,” I said and she said “Roni?”
“Cool. So where are we going?”
“Uhm, Roni’s place.”

And she drove on and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. White, flawless skin and short black hair with this ‘just got out of bed’ kind of messy bob, and I couldn’t really figure out if she meant it like that or if she maybe really just got out of bed, and every time she changed the gear she had to struggle with the stick and it made this really nasty metal grinding sound and she bit the corner of her lower lip every time just so that two perfect and shiny white teeth showed.

And after a while she noticed I was staring and she glanced over at me and smiled and said “What?” and I quickly looked away and I actually blushed. “Nothing,” I said.
She laughed a little and said “Yeah, yeah, I know. She’s a piece of junk, but I love her. You just gotta’…” and she yanked hard on the stick again and something from under the car shrieked.
“…slap her around now and then,” she finished.

“Hope you don’t mind the diversion,” she said after a while. “I’m picking up someone else too.”
“Oh,” I said and I had no idea she was going the wrong way anyway. “No, that’s fine I guess.”
I wanted to ask her to please take me to Roni’s place first, because I really just wanted to go to bed, but I didn’t want to sound ungrateful of course.
And, I also wanted to just sit there beside her and stare at her.

She had a nose stud. Just a tiny one, with a green jewel in it and and it was just so cute and it looked perfect on her for some reason and I couldn’t put my finger on it right away but then she looked at me and smiled again and her eyes were green. Like emeralds, even brighter than that stone in her piercing and she was just so beautiful.

We were driving for maybe twenty minutes, just talking and i liked her a lot, and I had time to think maybe we were lost, the way she was just going in and out of alleys but then she pulled over in front of some townhouses and she said “Wanna come inside? It could take a while.”

So I did, and we went into one of the houses and she didn’t even ring the doorbell and then we were in a hallway and there were some stairs there going up and she turned right to go in to what was probably the living room and she said “She should be…” but then we heard some noises from the second floor, like a steady ‘creeeek-thud, creeeek-thud’ and she stopped and tilted her head and listened, and then she said “Oh for fuck’s sake” and walked up the stairs and I didn’t know if I should follow her or not but I did, and there were two doors upstairs and one of them was open and she leaned on the door frame and crossed her arms looking in and I stood a couple of feet behind her but I could see over her shoulders and there was a bed there and someone was having sex.
I could see the guy’s back, and his hips moving under the covers and Naomi said “So I guess you’re staying after all?” and the guy spun around and pulled the covers over himself but that just pulled them away from the girl and for a couple of seconds they fought over them and then he said “Jeez, Naomi. You’re back already,” and Naomi said “Yeah, imagine that.”

But the girl was just looking at me now, actually glaring, and she said “Who’s she?” and Naomi said “Fuck you!” and grabbed my hand and we left.

And we drove on in silence for a while, and then I said “So, uhm… That was your boyfriend, huh?” and she said “What? No. My brother James.”
“Oh,” I said and then after an even longer while she said “She’s my girlfriend, though. Or, was going to be. I was hoping. I think.”
And I just said “Oh,” again.
And she shrugged and said “Well, that took care of itself, didn’t it?”

And when we were outside Veronica’s place I said “Would you like to… come inside for a bit?” and she said “Actually, can I stay the whole night?”
And I said “Oh. Sure, I guess. Roni’s probably…”
“I live with James,” she said quickly. “So…”
“Yeah, of course,” I said. “You can stay.”
“Thanks,” she said. “Let me just park the car somewhere and I’ll be up.”

And Veronica’s apartment was a mess, with clothes everywhere and dirty dishes on the table and even on the floor and I hurried to clean it all up before she got there, just shoving the clothes under the couch and under the bed, and stuffing the dishes into the cupboards but two minutes later the place was still a mess and I heard Naomi from behind me; “You don’t have to do that.”
And I turned around and said “Sorry. This isn’t how it normally looks.”

Naomi laughed heartily and said “Honey, I’ve been here before. It always looks like this.”
And when she walked past me heading for the bed she bumped me with her elbow and said “You’re cute.”
And then she sat down on the bed and stretched and yawned and said “I’ll help you clean up this place in the morning. But let’s just go to bed now, if that’s okay?” and I said “Absolutely,” and she started to undress.

She pulled her top off and she didn’t have anything underneath, and her tits were small and pointy and perfect with tiny pink nipples, and she kicked her shoes off and pulled her pants off together with her socks and then she crawled under the duvet and lay down on the side looking at me with her head in her hand and I was just standing there staring at her like some perv and she laughed again and patted the other pillow and then she was about to say something but her phone rang from somewhere in her clothes on the floor and she reached for it and answered and she just said “What?” and I figured it was her brother even before she said “Really? Bullshit, James. You knew I liked her.”

Then she said “Look, it’s fine. I don’t care. You’re both… No, don’t put her on!”
But he obviously did and Naomi listened to whatever the girl was saying, and then she said “Seriously? That’s what’s bothering you?” and then she said “Yes, she is.” And then “I am, actually. And she’s not a slut like you, so…”

And then she said “As a matter of fact, we were just about to.” And then “Yeah, but you blew it,” and then “Oh, I will.” And then she hung up.

And she looked at me and said “I didn’t mean for real,” and I said “What?” and she said “You didn’t hear that?” and I shook my head.

“Well,” she said. “Officially, I’m the love of your life and right now we’re shagging each other’s brains out. Sorry.”

And I stared at her with my mouth open and that made her burst out laughing. And then I laughed too.
And it felt like I hadn’t laughed in years and it felt so good and we were both still giggling as she lay down and I undressed and lay down next to her.

She rolled over on her side towards me and said “I wouldn’t…” but then she cut herself off and said “Oh, really!?” and I said “What?” and then she pulled a dildo out from somewhere under the duvet.

And it was Roni’s and she had been using it every night after we had gone to bed and it was a hard habit to quit just because you had a friend visiting I guess, and I said “Oh. That’s… Roni’s” and I blushed so bad and Naomi laughed and said “Sure it is,” and I tried to grab it from her but she snatched it away from me every time and laughed and I practically had to crawl over her and pin her down to get it, and it was turning me on.
And then I pulled it out of her hand and dropped it on the floor.

And then we just lay there looking at each other and she was smiling and she was so beautiful and I watched her drift away and she had almost fallen asleep when I said “You wouldn’t what?” and she said “Huh?” and I said “You were about to say you wouldn’t something,” and without opening her eyes she said “Oh yeah. Just that I wouldn’t mind.”
“Wouldn’t mind what?”

“Shagging your brains out.”

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