Part 38: Lucy's girl

There’s this spa place that Cait and Lucy and I would go to often, for facials and mani-pedis usually and sometimes a massage, and it’s not a big place and we’re kind of regulars there and we know everyone there and even some of the other customers and they take guys there too but we’ve never seen a guy there ever and Lucy always asks Tobey to come with us when we go, and he always says no.

And Helen is one of the girls that works there and she had the biggest crush on Lucy, and I’m not really sure why but she always assumed Cait and Lucy were girlfriends. Maybe she overheard something they said to each other once or something, or maybe she’s even seen them kiss because I’m sure that happened now and then.
But it was impossible to miss really. Every time we walked in her face lit up and she came running, and she was always the one who did Lucy’s facials or manicures or pedicures even though Cait and I had a different girl all the time. And if it was just Lucy and me then she was really flirty and teasing, but she was a lot more careful when Cait was with us. And Cait had so much fun with that.

Like one time the three of us walked in, and Cait had begun to hang back outside for just a few seconds, just to give Helen enough time to think maybe she didn’t come this time, and when she saw Lucy she practically jumped over the counter and ran to us and she said “Heeey! Guess what. I’m a licensed masseuse now!” and Lucy said “Oh cool” and she said “I know, right? Now your whole body is mine to play with, and the first one is on me” and she did that thing where she poked Lucy in the shoulder with her index finger and winked, and then Cait showed up from behind us and she just said “Hi” and Helen blushed so bad and said “I mean… so… uhm, what will it be today?”
And some times it was just Cait and me and most of those times we didn’t even see Helen there, I guess she made sure to take her days off when Lucy’s name wasn’t in the book. But sometimes she was, and one of those times it was obvious she had decided to finally just ask. She was doing Cait’s nails when she said “So, uhm… where’s… you know…?” and Cait said “Lucy?” and Helen said “Yes!” and even just the name made her smile but then she probably realized she had been too eager and so she looked down to just concentrate on what she was doing, and Cait said “She couldn’t come today” and Helen said “Oh okay” like she didn’t really care, but then after a few minutes she said “So, uhm…” again, and then she paused and Cait looked at me and grinned and Helen said “So, you two are… like… uhm…”
“Together?” Cait said and Helen said “Yeah. Of course. I knew that. I didn’t mean to… you know…”

“She’s my sister” Cait said and Helen rammed the pusher into her middle finger and it drew blood and Cait shouted “Owwee!” and pulled her hand back and stuck her finger in her mouth and Helen said “Oh my god! I’m so sorry!” and Cait grumbled and Helen said “Is she really just your sister?” and Cait just frowned and nodded, sucking on her fingertip. “Oh wow that’s great” Helen said, and her smile covered her face again. “I mean… because you know, I really like…” and then the smile disappeared and she said “Or is she… She has a boyfriend, doesn’t she?” and Cait pulled her finger out of her mouth and said “Could we maybe focus on the fact that I’m in excruciating pain here?” and Helen looked at her like she had no idea what she was talking about but then she remembered and she said “Oh god yes of course, I’m so sorry.”

And then she was giving Cait a massage and she was much nicer to Cait now and maybe she felt bad because of the bandaid Cait was wearing on her finger, but I don’t think that was it. And I was on the bed next to her getting a massage by a girl named Samantha, and no matter what we were talking about Helen kept going back to Lucy but probably because Samantha was there she didn’t ask that one question, and then we were both done at the same time and I sat up but Cait said “My shoulders are still aching a little, could you do a bit more there please” and Helen said “Yes of course!” and I said “I’m good thanks, that was amazing” and Samantha left and as soon as she had shut the door Helen said “So is Lucy… I mean, does she… Is she…”
“Is she into girls?” Cait said and Helen blushed.
“Sure is” Cait said. “Would you like her phone number?” and Helen said “Oh, I… if that’s okay” and Cait gave it to her.

And in the car on our way back home I said “Cait, you shouldn’t have done that” and Cait said “Why not?” and I said “Lucy won’t like it. I mean, she’s never been with anyone but you and me and Tobey and she never will,” and Cait said “Yeah, but…”
“And you know it’s going to be impossible for her to turn her down and break her heart,” and Cait said “Yeah, I know, but…” and I said “You put her in a really bad position, Cait,” and Cait said “Oh come on, it’s just for fun,” but then after a minute she said “Shit, I guess you’re right.”

So we decided to tell Lucy about the whole thing as soon as we got home, so she could be prepared but of course Helen had already texted her, and when we walked in she was standing there crossing her arms and tapping her foot and she wasn’t really angry, more like she was pretending to be but she wasn’t very happy about it either and she said “Why, Cait?” and Cait said “Me?!” and Lucy just tilted her head like she was saying ‘Who else?’ and Cait said “Sorry. It was a stupid thing to do.”
“I really liked that place” Lucy said, and I said “We can still go, don’t make a big deal out of it.”
“Yeah right” Lucy said. “You can but I can’t anymore.”
“What did you tell her?” Cait said and Lucy said “Nothing, I didn’t answer her yet” and Cait said “Let me see.”
And Lucy handed her her phone and Cait read Helen’s text and she showed it to me and it said “Hi Lucy. This is Helen. From the salon. I was just wondering if you maybe would like to meet one day, for coffee or something? XXX H.” and I said “That’s not so bad, just tell her you’re not interested.”
“Yeah,” Cait said. “No biggie.”
“I can’t do that” Lucy said. “I like her, what if she gets upset? And what do I say next time we go there?”
“If you like her then go out with her” Cait said and Lucy said “I didn’t mean I like her like that. I’m not going out on a date with anyone, didn’t you tell her about Tobey? Or she just didn’t care?”
“We didn’t tell her. Of course not.”
“Why not?”
“Are you being serious right now?” Cait said. “You’ve never told her about Tobey yourself.”

Lucy slumped down on the couch.
“Yeah I know” she said, and Cait sat down next to her and kissed her cheek, and then she ran her hand up and down her thigh and her arm and then she caressed her tits and kissed her again and said softly “And do you know why you never told her?”
“Why?” Lucy moaned.
“Because you’re a tease,” Cait said and Lucy said “Am not!” and Cait said “Yeah, you are.”
“You like that she’s into you,” she said. “You like knowing she probably goes home after work and masturbates thinking about you, rubbing her pussy like crazy and screaming your name when she comes.”
“No” Lucy whispered and Cait kept fondling her and kissing her and then she unbuttoned her jeans.
“Maybe she’s even done it at work,” she said. “Imagine how many times she just wanted to suck on those beautiful toes of yours, or how many times she’s done your nails and imagining your fingers deep inside of her, or how many times she stood outside as you showered, daring herself to take just one quick peek.”
“Mmm you think so?” Lucy said.
“Of course. Maybe she even did peek. Opened the door just a little bit and watched you as she played with herself, dreaming about doing this to you.”
And now Cait moved so she was sitting behind Lucy with her legs on either side of her and Lucy turned her head and kissed her and moaned more and then Cait made her come.

And as Lucy was resting, leaning against Cait as Cait stroked her hair, I sat down with them and I gave Lucy her phone and I said “Just tell her you have a boyfriend but you can be friends” and Lucy wrote “Hi.” but then her thumb just hovered above her phone and she didn’t know what to write and then instead she called Tobey.
“Hi angel” he said and Lucy said “When are you coming home?” and he said “Monday morning, like I said. Why? Is something wrong?” and Lucy said “No, I just miss you and remember that girl at the spa I told you about?” and he said “Yeah” and Lucy said “Cait made her ask me out” and Cait said “No I didn’t!” and Tobey laughed and said “Like on a date?” and Lucy said “Yeah” and Cait said “I didn’t!”
“And what did you say?” Tobey said and Lucy said “No I haven’t said anything yet but I kinda want to say yes but just to be nice and then I can tell her I’m not interested but face to face so it won’t be so bad and Cait is coming with me anyway” and Cait said “I am??” and Lucy said “Yes” and she looked at me and said “And you are too” and I said “What??” and Tobey laughed and said “Okay then” and Lucy said “Can I?” and he said “Sure.”
So Lucy finally texted Helen back, and Cait and I were both looking over her shoulders and she wrote “Hi. Sure, I’d love to.” but then she deleted the last words and wrote “I’d like that!” and then she deleted that too and wrote “Why not?” and Cait said “Nope” and Lucy sighed and then she wrote “That would be nice.” and she looked at us and we nodded and she sent it.

And Helen’s response was “Great! Tomorrow?”, and a few texts later they had agreed to meet at a cafeteria the next day for a late lunch and Lucy had asked if it was okay that we came along and Helen had answered every text after just a few seconds but that one took her a lot longer, but it said “Of course. You’ll need at least two to drag me away from you!”
And Lucy groaned and just sent her a smiling face.

So the next day Cait and I were ready to go when Lucy came out of her room, and I said “Wow” and Lucy said “What?” and Cait said “Not a tease, huh” because she had let her hair down and she was wearing a white strapless mini and she looked amazingly hot and I licked my lips and said “Mmm yummy” and Cait acted like she was about to have and orgasm and Lucy said “Fine!” and turned around on her heels, and Cait grabbed her and said “Oh no, you don’t. You’re perfect. Let’s go.”

And Helen was already there at the table when we arrived and we could see her jaw drop for a second when she saw Lucy and then she smiled and waved to us and we sat down with her, Cait on Lucy’s left and I on her right, like bodyguards, and the conversation was a bit awkward at first, with a lot of “So…” and “Uhm…” and stuff like that but it got better and then Helen said “We’d have done this a long time ago if I’d known you were sisters, I was just sure she was your girlfriend” and Cait said “Why?” and Helen said “I don’t know, because you acted like it I guess” and then she looked at Cait and me and said “But it’s you that are, right?” and I said “Yeah” and she said “That’s so funny, I was sure you were the sisters” and Cait said “Well, we’re actually…” and I quickly said “Not. We’re actually not” and Cait smiled and stuck her tongue out at me and I did the same to her but Helen didn’t notice because she was leaning over the table towards Lucy and she said “I had a crush on you since your first, I gave you a pedi, remember?” and Lucy just shook her head and Helen said “And I said, and it was sooo stupid but when I sat down I said ‘Oooh, I think I just became a foot fetishist’, or something like that and you just said ‘You’re welcome’ and winked.”
And then she leaned back and said “And I just… poof!” and she gestured with her hands like her head exploded.

We were there for almost two hours, and we had a really good time, even Lucy did really but Helen kept talking about things that had happened at the spa with Lucy and I could tell Lucy just got more and more uncomfortable and her smile got more and more uneasy and after a while I just knew there was no way she was going to be able to blow her off.
“One time,” Helen said. “It was just you and Caitlin and all I wanted was to just kick her out of there, especially when she said that you had told her how good I was and she wanted me to do her…”
“I remember that!” Cait said.
“So I kinda had to,” Helen continued. “And I was jealous, because Amy got you and I was actually jealous of her, can you believe that?” And Lucy shook her head again and then Helen said “And then when you had gone, Amy said ‘Cute couple’, or something, and I kinda freaked out. I mean, not like I went crazy or anything but I think I shouted at her. ‘No they’re not! Shut up!’ or something, and she was like ‘Huh??’”

“And then one time, you were my first that day and my bus was late so I was late, and the bus took forever and I just knew I had lost you to Amy or Sam and I almost cried, but when I got there you were still waiting and you saw me and you said ‘There you are!’
I almost hugged you then.”

And so when Helen briefly wasn’t looking, Lucy kicked my shin and just gave me a look that couldn’t mean anything other than ‘Get me out of here!’ so I said “Yeah so, I think we should get going” and Lucy said “Yeah, I guess so” and Helen said “Aw, really?” and Lucy said “Yeah.”
And we went outside and Helen went with us and it had started to rain really bad so we stood there for a while under the canopy and things got a little awkward again.
Helen took Lucy’s hand and said “So, uhm…” and I said “Cait and I’ll just go ahead to the car” and Lucy said “No, wait for me” and Helen said “So do you think we could do this again sometime?”
“Sure,” Lucy said. “I guess.”
“Great,” Helen said and then she moved real close to her so the tips of their noses almost touched and she said “Maybe, you know, you can come to my place?” and Lucy actually gulped and said “Uhm, yeah but…” and then Helen gave her a little kiss and Lucy said “Yeah, I… uhm…” and Helen kissed her again and still with their lips touching Lucy said “Can they come too?”
And Helen drew her head back a little bewildered and said “What? I mean, sure, I guess but I was kinda hoping…” and then Cait said “Right, so we’ll just wait for you in the car, babe” and then she grabbed my hand and dragged me with her and we ran around the corner and jumped in the car.

And we both felt a little bad leaving Lucy alone like that, and about five minutes later the car door opened and Lucy got in the back and I turned to her and said “So what did…” and Lucy said “No wisecracking, okay?” and then the other door opened and Helen got in.
And she said “Hey, thanks guys” as she shook the rain out of her hair and Cait said “Sure! So… where are we going?” and Lucy said “We’re just taking her home” and Cait said “Cool” and started the car and Helen said “I have frozen pizza and Canada dry. Oh, and I giant bowl of Skittles.”
And I said “So, we’re staying?” and Lucy said “Just a little while. If that’s okay? If you’re busy we can do it some other time. Maybe that’s a better…” and I said “No no. Sounds great,” and Helen said “I just couldn’t let her go just yet” and smiled and now she was holding Lucy’s hand.

And about thirty minutes later we were in Helen’s apartment and we were all soaking wet because we had to run through the rain from the parking lot and Helen said “Let me get out of this first” and then she kinda looked Lucy up and down and said “And you. I don’t want you to because that look really suits you, but you should change too. I’ll find something.”
And Lucy said “Thanks” and when Helen was gone she looked at us and frowned and said “What did she mean?” and I just pointed at her dress and she looked down at herself and her dress was practically see-through and she just said “Oh. Right.”

And soon all four of us were sitting in the couch wearing only t-shirts and our underwear and we were just talking and Helen had dozens of other stories about Lucy and I couldn’t remember half of the things she talked about, and she had turned the TV on but we weren’t really watching and Helen and Lucy kissed a lot and Lucy didn’t seem to mind too much anymore, but then Helen put her hand between Lucy’s legs and for two seconds Lucy let her stroke her pussy but then she took her hand away and said “No, don’t” and Helen said “Let’s go to my room” and Lucy said “No, I can’t,” and Helen said “But why? Don’t you like me?”
“I do,” Lucy said. “I do actually, it’s just… I just…”
And then she said “I just have to call someone first, okay?”
And she jumped up and took her phone with her to the bathroom.

Helen looked at Cait and me kinda confused and maybe even a little sad and she said “She doesn’t like me at all, huh?” and Cait said “No, she does. I promise.”
And we just sat there and didn’t say anything for maybe fifteen minutes and then Lucy came back out, and without a word she jumped on Helen and grabbed her wrists and pinned her down and stuck her tongue in her mouth. And Helen moaned and pulled her arms free and grabbed Lucy’s ass and pulled her to her and they kissed furiously and then Lucy sat up for a second and pulled Helen’s shirt up above her tits and then she laid down again and kissed her tits and she pulled her bra down so her nipples were exposed and then she kissed and licked and sucked on them and Helen said “Oh god yes” and when Lucy kissed her way down her belly I felt Cait reach around from behind me and grab my tits and I felt her lips and her tongue on the back of my neck and I put my right hand behind me and between her thighs and I found her pussy and her panties were wet and I just poked and rubbed her there and she moaned into my ear and squeezed my tits hard, and we just stayed like that and watched them and now Lucy had her mouth on Helen’s panties and she was licking her pussy through the fabric and Helen said “Aahhmmm ohhh ahhh ah god!” and then Lucy pulled her panties off and she let her, but then she looked over at us and Cait had her hand inside my panties now and when Helen saw that she moaned and Lucy put her tongue on her clit and Helen grabbed her head and said “Shouldn’t we… oh god… shouldn’t we… go to my room?” but Lucy just pushed her hands away and kept going and Helen said “Oh god” and turned to us again and this time she didn’t look away but stared at us as she got closer and closer to orgasm, and she started heaving and puffing like she was sick and her eyes locked with mine but when she came she squeezed her eyes shut and I came too.

Then Lucy stood up and took all her clothes off before she sat back down again next to her and Cait and I got up too and undressed each other and now it was their turn to watch us and I got down on my knees to lick Cait’s pussy and I didn’t stop until she had come, and when I looked at Helen and Lucy again they were kissing each other and fingering themselves and I walked over to them and sat down next to Helen and played with her tits and nipples as they kissed and then Cait sat down next to Lucy and grabbed her chin and turned her face towards her and then she kissed her.

And Helen’s eyes looked like they were about to pop out of her head and she said “Caitlin, you’re… you’re… oh god” and I turned her face towards me and kissed her but she kept turning away to look at them and so I knelt on the floor between her legs and took her hand away and put my mouth on her pussy and then Cait did the same to Lucy and Helen gasped “No, don’t… you’re…” but Lucy grabbed her and kissed her again and Helen kept whispering “Lucy, she’s… Caitlin is… she’s your…” in between the kissing and her pussy was so warm and wet now, and then Lucy was about to come, and she grabbed Cait’s head with both hands and humped her face and threw her head back and said “Oooohh noo! Oooh baby, I’m… ooohh” and then she came.

And I kept licking Helen as Cait crawled up on Lucy’s lap and they kissed and Cait put her hand on her pussy and rubbed herself and then she came too and then Helen came and she screamed out loud and her thighs closed hard around my head and I kept sucking her clit until she let go, whimpering and groaning.

Then Cait and I went back to our corner of the couch, and Helen put her head in Lucy’s lap and Lucy stroked her hair and after a few minutes of silence Helen said “Lucy?” and Lucy said “Mhm?”
And Helen said “Who did you call?”

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