Part 33: Morning after

I didn’t sleep much that night. Mostly because I had slept through much of the day before of course but also because the three of us spent the night in mine and Cait’s bed and it’s like less than half the size of Lucy and Tobey’s and Cait and I don’t mind of course, it’s great for two people who like sleeping real close and we’re often in Lucy and Tobey’s bed anyway and that thing is huge, but Emma slept between Veronica and me and she kept snuggling up to me and I didn’t really mind that but every time I moved around a little she snuggled even closer and she kept pushing me towards the edge like that.
And when I woke up for the hundredth time I could feel Emma’s tits against my back, her arm on my hip and her breath on the back of my neck, and I was just an inch away from falling off the bed, but it was almost morning anyway so I let myself slide onto the floor and then I got up and I went to take a shower.

I didn’t feel too good, and I didn’t have a hangover really even though we had gone through almost two full bottles of wine last night, but it was kind of a morning after – regret I guess.
Not that anything bad had happened. When Emma first came up to Veronica and me on the couch, she laid down on our laps with her head in my lap so I could stroke her hair and I could lean down and kiss her and Veronica could spank her ass more, and she could actually come just like that, without anyone of us touching her pussy or anything. Veronica slapped her ass and I put my tongue in her mouth and she went “Aahhmmmhh…” and her body twitched.
“Wow” Veronica said after her first orgasm like that, and just massaged her ass cheeks as Emma rested her head in my lap. “You’re really…”
“More” Emma interrupted her with a whimper, and Veronica looked at me and smiled and shrugged and then she hit her again even harder.

And after we had been playing like that for a while, we took a break and I went and got us a bottle of red wine from Tobey’s bar cabinet, and three glasses and then I said “Want to spend the night?” and Emma said “Can I really?” and I said “Of course” and she said “I have to call my mom.”

And she had had a fight with her mom over the phone, when she had told her she was staying the night with a friend.

“With who?” her mom had said, and we could hear her shrilling voice perfectly.
“With a friend, mom” Emma had said.
“No one you know. Just a friend.”
“Are you with that crazy Jap woman again?” her mom said and Emma winced and peered at Veronica and me, to see if we had heard her, and we couldn’t hide that we had and so she turned the volume on the phone real low and then she said “Don’t call her those things, mom. And no, it’s not her, I haven’t seen her in months,” and now we couldn’t hear what her mom said anymore.
“No” Emma said. “This is nothing like that. They’re just friends.” And when she had said that she cringed a little when she realized her mistake and the way her mom clearly reacted to it and then she said “Two. No, mom, just two. No, two girls. I swear. I didn’t lie, mom.”

And it went on and on like that for a while, with a lot of “No” and “Yes” and “I won’t” and “I will”, and then I think they were talking about that “crazy Jap woman” again, because Emma said “No, she wasn’t mom. That’s not what happened,” and then “But you don’t just barge in to someone’s house like that. That’s crazy.”
Then “I said I was sorry” and then “I’m not a pervert mom, I just… I just wanted to try it.”

“Mom, can we please not talk about this right now?” she said and then it was all “Yes” and “No” and “I promise” all over again and Veronica got tired of it all and she whispered “Oh for fuck’s sake” and rolled her eyes and then she knelt down in front of Emma and pushed her knees apart. Emma stared down at her as she did, and shook her head.
“I will if you don’t hang up” Veronica whispered and Emma said “Mom, can I go now?” but her mom just kept talking and so Veronica gave her a quick kiss right on her pussy lips and Emma moaned “Hnngh.” And then she said “Nothing, mom. I just…” and then Veronica kissed her again.

“Hnngh” she said again and then she whispered “Stop!” but she didn’t pull herself away or anything and she said “I just… Mom, I really have to go now” and then “Yes mom, I promise. I’ll be a good… Oh God!!” as Veronica flicked her clit with the tip of her tongue and Emma dropped her phone when she came, and her orgasm wasn’t even over yet when she grabbed her phone again and said “Sorry, mom. Someone… hnngh… someone bumped into me.”
And when she finally could hang up, she said “You’re so mean” but she was smiling and I poured her a glass of wine.

And now I was in the shower thinking about that and the other things that had happened the night before, and I made myself come and then when I got out I felt much better and I called Cait.

Because “No more secrets”, remember?

And when she answered she just said “Hmm?” and I said “Hey, it’s me” and then I could hear her ruffling around and then she said “Ah come on, do you know what time it is?” and I said “Sorry, I just thought that maybe you were heading home already, maybe” and she said “Aww, you miss me that much baby?” and I said “Yeah”.

“Roni is here, by the way” I said and Cait said “Oh cool, is she staying?”
“Of course” I said. “And… remember that girl I told you about? Emma?”
“Yeah?” Cait said.
“Well…” I said, and then I told her everything.

“Oh, you’re such a slut!” Cait said but she didn’t mean it. Stuff like that was okay between us now. Only two conditions, two rules and I had broken one of them. “You’re supposed to ask for permission first” she said. “I know” I said. “So I’m asking now”.
“A bit late” she said, and I said “I know. But, I mean, I was kinda lured into it.”
“Yeah, not buying that. You’ll pay for this, you know.”
“Promise?” I said, and she laughed and said “I’ll hurry home, okay? Save some Roni for me”. “I will” I said and then she said “Great. Oh and… Yes, you may.”

And then I had breakfast. Just corn flakes and coffee. And Veronica and Emma were still asleep. So I went to the living room and laid down on the couch and I texted Lucy “Hey, baby. When are you coming home?” but there was no answer and I soon fell asleep there and I woke up maybe an hour later and Emma was sitting naked by my feet, facing me and she was masturbating and my bathrobe was open and I don’t know if it had just untied while I was sleeping or if she had done it, and she just smiled when she saw I was awake and continued touching herself and so I started playing with myself too even though I wasn’t really that turned on but it was just because I thought that’s what she expected or wanted me to do or maybe so she wouldn’t feel stupid or something, and she moaned and she had her right foot on the floor and her left over the back pillows and then soon she reached around her left knee and grabbed her ankle and she brought her foot to her mouth and started sucking and licking her own toes.
And it was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen and now I was definitely turned on, and she licked her sole and her heel and everything and she kissed her toes and stuck her tongue between them, and all the time she had her eyes on me and she was rubbing herself but when she came she closed her eyes and kissed her foot passionately and deeply like it was a lover and then she said “Ohh-hhngh” and bit down on her big toe.

And I was still rubbing myself when she crawled to me and laid on top of me and I could feel her bush on the back of my hand and she just rested her head on my chest and then I came too.

And then my phone beeped and I looked at it and it was Lucy texting; “On our way, not far maybe 30 mins or so. Miss you both!”

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