Part 34: Late

Our apartment has two bathrooms, Lucy and Tobey has theirs and Cait and I have ours and theirs is bigger but ours is the only one with a bathtub, so we all use whichever one we need and is available and of course none of us ever lock the doors when we’re in there and I remember one morning, it was a Saturday and I was the only one of us working that day and of course I was the one who had overslept and I really had to pee when I woke up but Cait was using the toilet when I walked in and I said “Done soon?” and she just shook her head, so I ran naked through the living room to Lucy and Tobey’s bedroom and they weren’t there so I knew they would be in the bathroom but I was hoping none of them were on the toilet and went in there anyway.

Tobey was on his back on the floor and Lucy was on top of him, their lips glued to each other’s and I just said “Sorry” and stepped over them and sat down to pee but they didn’t even notice me.
And I just sat there and watched them fuck and I stayed quite a bit longer than I had to too, and when I left they were still at it and I went back to Cait and now she was in the shower and I opened the door and said “I’m really late” and she said “Come on in, baby” but I knew if I did that I would end up being really really late. So I grabbed a towel and went back to the other bathroom and showered there. And when I was done and stepped out, Lucy was sitting upright riding him and she grabbed my hand and pulled me to her.

“I’m soo late for work” I said but she kissed me and then she whispered “Put your finger in my bum” and I figured arguing about it would take longer and I quickly ran my hand down her back and between her ass cheeks until I could feel her asshole at the tip of my middle finger and even though it was too dry and too tight, I pushed it in and Lucy said “Ah yess ooh no…” and then she came and I kept my finger inside of her until it was over and then I said “I have to go” and then I left them again and went back to my room and got dressed and then I went into the bathroom to put makeup on, and Cait was still in the shower and I opened the door and said “Could you hurry up? I need you to drive me to work”, and she said “Sure”.

And she was out of the shower after a few minutes and I was in front of the mirror and without drying herself off she came up behind me and put her arms around me and I shouted “Cait, noo!” and pushed her away with my ass and now my top was all wet and I turned around and I was going to yell at her but she threw her arms around me again and kissed me and started pulling at my top and I said “No, don’t” into her mouth.
“But I’m hoo-rrny” she complained, and then she said “Just real quick, please. You have to change now anyway” and she pulled at my top again and I said “No, it’ll be dry enough by the time I get to work” and she kissed me more and said “Oh yeah? You’re gonna walk down the streets in a wet tank top? Kinky, I love it” and I pushed her away and said “Walk dow…? No, Cait. I said you have to take me.”

“Oh” she said. “Right, I’ll get ready.” And I said “Never mind, I’ll get Tobe to do it.”
Not that I thought he was ready to go but at least he wouldn’t insist on thirty minutes to put makeup on and so I ran over to their room and now Lucy was sitting on her dresser, the one she had brought from her mom’s place, and she still kept all her dolls on it exactly the way they had always been but now they were s**ttered all over and she had her legs on Tobey’s shoulders and her hands were grasping and clawing at the wall behind her as he fucked her hard and I said “Tobe, can you take me to work?” and he turned his head and looked at me and I said “Please?” and he didn’t stop fucking Lucy and he said “Right now??” and I said “Yes. You have to. I’m late. Please?”

And he pulled his cock out of her and it wobbled like a flagpole in the wind and it was throbbing and Lucy opened her eyes and she looked really confused and she said “What..?” as if she hadn’t heard me and then she looked at me and said “No way, Cait can do it” and I said “She’s taking forever” and Tobey was already putting his pants on, struggling to get his cock to stay inside of it and I said “Thanks, I have to…” and I reached in my pocket for my phone to check the time but it wasn’t there and I said “Shit!” and ran out of there and back to our room and Cait was on the bed now, on her stomach with her legs spread and both her hands holding one of her vibrating eggs to her pussy and I said “Have you seen my phone?” but she didn’t answer and I ran into the bathroom and looked everywhere but it wasn’t there and so I went back and I said “Cait! Have you seen my phone?”
“No-hmmnhgg” she said with her face in the pillow and I said “Where’s yours?” and she said “Hmmnnhh-what?”
“Where’s your phone??”
“Hnnnh dnnoh…” she said.

“What??” I said and she lifted her head and said “I don’t know” but by then I had seen it on the floor by the bed and I picked it up and called my phone with it and it rang from under the blanket underneath Cait and I pushed her away and grabbed it and she grunted and I ran out and put my shoes on and I was hoping Tobey was there and ready but he wasn’t, so I went back to them and he had a t-shirt on now but his pants were around his ankles and Lucy was on her knees in front of him sucking his cock and I said “Tobeeyy! Come on!” and I grabbed him and pulled him away from her and Lucy said “But I’m…” but I pushed Tobey out the door and then I grabbed Lucy and dragged her with me through the living room and to our bedroom and I threw her down on the bed where Cait was still masturbating and then I left them without a word and Tobey had put his shoes on and then we could finally leave.

In the car I checked the time again and it was fifteen minutes past and it would take us fifteen minutes to get there so I would be about 30 minutes late and that wasn’t so bad really, but Mrs. Williams would still be pissed which meant she would probably keep me in the kitchen making pies and waffles and brownies all day.
And I looked at Tobey and he had one hand on the steering wheel and with the other he was pulling at his pants where his cock was clearly not comfortable and I said “Sorry” and he smiled and said “It’s okay”, but I leaned over and unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and it went from semi to rock hard in a second and I put it in my mouth.

I sucked it and licked it all over and then I put my hand around it and jerked him off while I had the head in my mouth, sucking and licking the tip and I went faster and then he said “Ah fu-uck!” and he came as I had my lips on the hole and I practically sucked it out of him and swallowed everything.
And then I licked it clean and put it back in his pants for him and I said “Better?” and he said “Much.”

And he pulled over just outside the diner and I jumped out and blew him a kiss and said “Thanks!” and ran inside, and Mrs. Williams looked at me over her glasses and just shook her head and I couldn’t wait to get back home.

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