Part 35: Natalie

There’s a woman that lives two floors down from us, and Lucy hates her.
She’s an actress, or at least she thinks she is, and we all watched the one movie she was in once, some unbelievably bad zombie flick where she’s the blonde, big-boobed girl that gets killed twenty minutes in by a zombie who of course manages to rip her bikini off of her before he chases her through the woods where she trips and falls in the mud and they wrestle for way too long before he chokes her and I swear you can tell the guy playing the zombie has a hard on.
She gave the DVD to Tobey one time, and she has like dozens of them in a drawer and they’re probably the only DVDs that exists of it and we had to nag Lucy for days about watching it before she gave in, and when that scene came where she’s running naked through the woods and the only things that aren’t out of focus are her boobs, Lucy jumped up and sat on Tobey’s lap and started making out with him, keeping him from watching.
Because Tobey and that woman used to date before he and Lucy met.

For almost a year. But now she has like a new boyfriend all the time. Some guy lives with her for a few weeks and then she’s single for a few weeks and then there’s a new guy there. And we can always tell when she’s single and when she’s not because when she’s not we hardly see her and if we meet her in the basement parking or the elevator or something she just nods and doesn’t say much, but when she’s living alone she’s really chatty and she shows up at our door every now and then, to borrow something or ask for help with something.
Like that time she showed up, wearing just a bathrobe as usual, and said that there was no hot water in her shower and maybe Tobey could come and see if he could fix it, and Lucy told her that Cait and I were better at fixing stuff like that anyway, even though we’re not at all of course, and so Cait and I went downstairs with her and the hot water worked just fine.
Or she asks to borrow batteries, which she does all the time really and one time when that happened Lucy said “Oh come on! We gave you a bunch just two days ago!” and she said “Yeah sorry, I’ve used them all up already” and she looked at Tobey and winked at him and Lucy looked like she was going to claw her eyes out so I pulled her away from the door and Tobey gave her the batteries and she said “Thanks honey” and gave him a kiss on the cheek and I literally had to hold Lucy back or she probably would have thrown her out the window.

But I always kinda liked her. She’s hot of course, even if it is in that bimbo kind of way but when she’s not wearing all that makeup she’s more naturally pretty if you know what I mean, and she’s not a genius by any stretch of the imagination but she’s not just a dumb blonde either and she’s actually really fun to talk with, and one evening she showed up at our door and said that the remote to her TV wasn’t working and I said “Tobe’s not here” because I was home alone and she said “Oh okay, I can come back later” and I said “I can have a look, it’s probably just the batteries anyway” and she said “Uhm yeah okay”, and so I went with her and the problem was that one of the batteries was the wrong way.
So I said “You really have to stop doing this” and she said “What?” and I said “Tobey is never ever leaving Lucy, and he’ll never cheat on her either.”
“I know that” she said.
Then she said “Would you like something to drink or something?” and I said “Coffee?” and she said “Ew, no but I have tea” and I said “Sure, thanks” even though I don’t really like tea.
So we sat down and then after a while she said “He’s the only guy who’s ever been nice to me, you know” and she looked like she was about to cry and suddenly I felt really sorry for her.

Then she lit a cigarette and she drew it in deep and then she said “Actually I hate these things. But I’m out of pot. You have any?” and I just shook my head and then she said “I could get some in like ten minutes. But I always have to suck the guy’s dick for it.”
Then she paused for a few seconds and then she said “I’m done with that shit.”
“With pot?” I said.
“Fuck no. With dicks. You don’t know this cause you’re a dyke, but all guys are assholes. Except Tobey. You don’t know what happened, huh?”
“Yeah I do” I said because they had told Cait and me a long time ago, but she just went on as if I had said no.
“I jerked him off” she said. “The director. But only because he said I would get the part if I did it. So I did it. And then the same day he called me and said they were giving it to someone else after all. But he said if I slept with him then I would definitely get it. And I freaked out, shouting at him and stuff. And Tobey was there so I had to tell him. And he went over there and beat the shit out of him. And then I got the part. But Tobey and I were through.”

“He did that for me, even after what I had done,” she said. “So I would get the part.”
“I think he beat him up because of what he made you do,” I said and she said “Yeah, I know.”
Then she sighed and said “And I didn’t really care then. About Tobey. Because I thought now I was going to be this big movie star. Walk of fame and red carpets and all that crap.”
She put the cigarette out in the ashtray and then she picked up her phone. “The movie sucks anyway” she said, scrolling through her contacts list and then she called someone, and when they picked up she said “Hey, it’s Natalie. Could you come over?” and then “Cool, thanks” and she hung up.

“Do you want me to leave?” I said and she said “No, I’m just getting some pot” and I said “But you said…”
“Yeah, whatever” she said. “I have an audition in two days, I need to unwind.”
And then about fifteen minutes later someone was at the lobby entrance and she got up and buzzed him in and then she said “You should probably hide in the bedroom or something”, and so when he was outside the door I did just that.

And at first I just sat down on the bed to wait, but when I heard them talking I went over to the door and opened it just a little so I could look out and she was standing by the door with some guy that looked like he was stuck in some old movie, with long hair and a leather jacket and a scar across his chin and he didn’t look like a nice person at all and Natalie said “I have cash” and he put his hands on her shoulders and said “You know what it costs, chica” and she said “Yeah, but I really would like to just pay this time” and he said “Sure, no problem, I’m sure you’ll find some maricón who likes your money more than your mouth” and then he turned to leave and she said “No, wait”.
And he turned to her again with this disgusting smile on his face and she got down on her knees in front of him and opened his belt and unzipped his fly and she pulled his pants down a little and he wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and she grabbed his dick and started jerking him off. And for a while all she could do was just tug at it because it didn’t get hard for a long time, but then it did slowly and she put her mouth over it and sucked him off real fast, her head bobbing back and forth and he grabbed her hair and pulled her away and said “Slow the fuck down!”
So she did. And she did it like that for about a minute or so and then she probably thought he was about to come because she let go of it and just jerked him off real fast, aiming it away from her face, but he grabbed her hair again and then he grabbed his dick and put it back in her mouth and he held her head with both hands and fucked her mouth like that, and she grabbed the root of it with her hands to try to keep it from going too deep and then he came in her mouth.
And when he let go of her she turned her head a little and spit it all out but most of it just dripped down on her sweater, and she wiped her mouth with her sleeve and even wiped her tongue.
And she stood up and he gave her something and she said “That’s it?” and he said “Just give me a call when you need more, chica”. And then he left.

I shut the door and sat back down on her bed so when she came in a few minutes later she wouldn’t know that I had seen them, and she was only in her bra and she smiled and said “It’s not much but I’ll share it with you” and I said “Nah, that’s okay. I think I’ll just head back home” and she just shrugged and before I left she said “Don’t tell Tobey, okay?” and I said “Sure”.

And when I was back upstairs, Tobey and Lucy were there and Lucy said “Where were you?” and I said “At Natalie’s” and Lucy froze and frowned and said “What for??” and I told them about Natalie’s remote not working and why it didn’t work but i didn’t tell them anything else and they both just shook their heads and rolled their eyes, and I walked up to Tobey and put my arms around him and I said “I love you” and I kissed him and he kissed me back and soon Lucy came up behind me and put her arms around me and started to kiss my neck, and as Tobey and I kissed she unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it off me and she rubbed and squeezed my tits and she kissed my neck and my shoulders, and then she kissed her way down my back and she ran her tongue along the waist of my pants as she unbuttoned them from behind and then she pulled them down and she pulled my panties down with them and she kissed my ass cheeks and ran her tongue up and down the crack and I was so wet and I wanted her to stick her tongue in my pussy but I couldn’t spread my legs wide enough because of my pants around my ankles and my panties around my knees, but she spread my ass cheeks with her hands so she could put the tip of her tongue on my asshole and Tobey put his hand on my pussy and rubbed my clit and I came with Lucy’s tongue as far in as she could get it.

And then the three of us went into their bedroom and we all undressed and laid down on the bed, and Tobey got on top of me and then he was inside of me and Lucy sat there beside us and just held my hand and stroked my hair as he fucked me and sometimes she kissed him and sometimes she kissed me and he was all the way in and then all the way out and then all the way in again so slowly, over and over and it felt so good and then he pushed it in real deep one last time when he came and it felt like his cum forced its way into every nook and cranny in there and I didn’t want that feeling to stop.

And then we fell asleep. And some time during the night Cait crept into bed with us and she put her arms around me and I put my arms around her and it must have been because of something I was dreaming because for a brief moment I was sure she was Natalie.

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