Part 36: Crazy

Cait and I was visiting her mom and aunt one weekend. Her mom is doing okay now, but she hasn’t started working again yet but she’s planning to soon. And she hasn’t gotten her own place yet either and she says she’s looking but Cait and I both think she’s lying about that. When we’re there we sleep in the bedroom that’s supposed to be her mom’s and she always says “I’ll just sleep on the floor in Jessica’s room, I don’t mind at all” but it’s really obvious she never uses her room. One time Cait even put some things under the top mattress just before we left and you couldn’t see it but it would’ve been impossible to sleep on, but when we came back weeks later the sheets were different but those things were still there.

But anyway, this time when we were there Cait and I had gone out on Saturday and we ended up chatting with two guys and then we went with them to a party, but I think they quickly realized they had no chance with us and so almost as soon as we got there they disappeared, and there were quite a few people there but we didn’t know anyone of course and we decided to leave but the guys had given us a bottle of beer each and we went outside to the porch to finish them before we left, and there was a hammock there and so we just sat there and talked for a while.
And we were kissing a lot too I guess and then this woman came out to the porch to smoke and we just said “Hi” and she said “Hi” and then Cait and I just went back to talking and kissing, and we noticed how the woman was staring at us but we didn’t care.
Then suddenly and like she was angry she threw her cigarette on the floor and crushed it under her shoe and she shouted “You girls should be ashamed of yourselves!” and then she went back inside.

And we were stunned for a few seconds and just stared wide eyed at each other and then we burst out laughing.
But then ten minutes later the woman came back out to have another cigarette and she just stood there without a word, staring at us again, so just to spite her of course we kissed more and Cait even took my hand and sucked on my fingers and she stroked my cheek and put her thumb in my mouth and let me suck on it as she kissed and licked my neck and I moaned louder than I had to really, and soon the woman threw her cigarette away and shook her finger at us and said “How dare you!?” and then she stomped back inside and Cait and I giggled and I whispered “Wow” and Cait said “Well I thought she was kinda cute” and we laughed again, but this time the woman came back right away and now she was carrying a glass of beer and then she just threw the beer at us.

And Cait got most of it all over her and just a little bit splashed on me, and Cait jumped up and shouted “What the fuck!!” and her pullover was one of her favorite ones and now it was soaking wet and beer was dripping from her face and the woman just suddenly looked really confused and Cait shouted “What the fuck is wrong with you?!” and she said “I’m… I’m sorry” and then she ran away down the driveway but she stopped halfway and just stood there with her back to us and Cait actually clenched her fists and took a step towards her and I said “Cait, don’t…” but then the woman turned around and came back and said “I’m so sorry, I don’t know why I did that” and I opened my mouth to say something and I was probably going to shout at her too but then she said “Come home with me” and I said “What??” and she said “Please come home with me”.

And Cait said “You’re crazy, why would we…?” and she said “It’s not far, it’s just five minutes away, please” and I said “Of course not. Just go away.”
And she said “Please” again and Cait said “No! Crazy bitch! Just go already.”

“Please” she said. “I don’t know why I did that, I really don’t. I’ll pay for your sweater. And I’ll give you something else to wear. Let me say I’m sorry.”
“You’ve said it” Cait said, and she was calming down, wiping her face off with her wrists. “It’s fine. Just go away.”

But now people were starting to come outside to see what was going on and the woman looked at them and she looked almost terrified and she walked backwards off the porch. “Please” she said again “It’s not far”, and now all I wanted was to get out of there as quickly as possible and Cait clearly felt the same way because she said “Yeah okay, fine” and she looked at me and I just nodded and so we went with her.

And she had said five minutes but walking there took almost twenty minutes and she trotted a few feet in front of us the whole way and we had to hurry to keep up and she only turned to us twice, and said “I really am sorry” and “We’re almost there”, and then we arrived at an apartment building and we followed her into her apartment and the first thing we noticed was all this stuff all over her living room floor, toy cars and crayons and teddy bears and stuff and Cait and I looked at each other and the woman saw that and just said “He’s at his father’s” and then she went into another room and left us standing there looking around and I guess we were kinda expecting something more like a padded cell with weird stuff written on the walls or something like that, but it was just a nice, normal living room and then she came back out with a black t-shirt and she gave it to Cait and she said “You can keep that” and Cait took her pullover off and put the black t-shirt on and the woman politely turned away when she did, and then she walked over to a sideboard and opened a metal box that was on it and took some money out of it and Cait said “You don’t have to do that. It’s fine” and she said “But I have to” and Cait said “No, really. It’s fine.”
“Are you sure?” she said and Cait said “Yes” and she said “But I really should…” and Cait said “No. It’s fine.”

And then there was an awkward silence for a while and she was just standing there and then I said “So… I think we should just go now” and she nodded and said “Yes, of course” and we headed for the door and as I put my hand on the door handle she quickly said “I’ll pay you to have sex with me”.

And Cait and I gawked at each other before we turned around and she had her hands covering her mouth like she couldn’t believe what she had just said and Cait said “What?” and she shook her head and said “Nothing” behind her hands.
So we turned to leave again and then she said “Please fuck me.”
And Cait spun around and said “Oh my god! You’re crazy!! You’re…”
“I didn’t mean it!!” the woman screamed back and I whispered “Cait, let’s just go” and then she quietly said “No, please don’t go. I didn’t mean it. I don’t want you to fuck me.”
And I grabbed Cait’s arm and pulled her towards the door and the woman said “You have to force me”.

And I pulled harder on Cait’s arm and I said “Cait, come on” and she looked at me and I could see it in her eyes, that look she sometimes gets when she’s holding a whip, or when she’s putting handcuffs on one of us, or even when she’s wearing a strap-on. Her villain – look, and I knew we weren’t leaving just yet.

Cait walked up to her and stood right in front of her and she put her hand on her crotch and squeezed and rubbed her there and the woman hid her face in her hands and she whimpered “No, please” and Cait said “Take your clothes off” and she nodded and took her jacket off and then she took her top off and now she had just her jeans and her bra and Cait took a step back and said “All of it” and she undressed and stood there naked staring down at the floor with her arms wrapped around herself and Cait said “Get on your knees” and she did as she was told, still with her arms holding herself and Cait took her shoes off and then her pants and panties and then she grabbed the woman’s head and pulled it towards her pussy and said “Lick it” and she tried to pull away and she said “No, please” again, and if it was all just an act she was really good at it, but Cait didn’t let her go and just said “Lick it!” again and she put her mouth on her pussy and began licking her.

And I moved closer because I wanted to see even though I most of all wanted to grab Cait and run out of there and she had her tongue running up and down her pussy lips and Cait drew her lips apart with two fingers and the woman pushed her tongue up onto her clit and Cait moaned and she licked her clit slowly and Cait said “Faster” and so she did and Cait said “Oh fuck. Faster!” and she flicked the tip of her tongue against her clit so fast and then Cait came and she said “Ohhh fu-uuuck” and hunched over her but she just kept going, tilting her head back to reach Cait’s pussy and Cait’s whole body convulsed and she said “Hhnngh… hhnnghhh” and I thought she was going to fall over but when her orgasm was over she straightened up again and she grabbed the woman’s head with both hands and said “Stop” but she didn’t and she kept on licking her even faster and harder and now she was grabbing her ass and digging her face into her pussy and Cait said “Oh fuck. Stop. Ohh fuuuck!” and then she came again.

And this time when it was over Cait slumped down on her ass with her legs spread in front of the woman and she actually crawled towards her, her eyes fixed on Cait’s pussy and Cait literally had to drag herself backwards away from her until she bumped into the door and the woman caught up with her and dove down between her legs again and Cait squealed “Ah! Stop. Oh fuck. Don’t…” but the woman was licking her again and she looked like a starving lioness ravaging a dying zebra or something and now Cait was writhing and squirming and clawing at the door behind her and she kept saying “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” and she came again at least once and maybe more, I asked her later and she said “I don’t even know”, but then finally she said “Stop! Stop!” and she wiggled away from her and she put her feet on the woman’s shoulder and on her face and pushed her away and she actually snapped at her toes but not at all in any playful way and Cait even looked a little scared of her now and she backed away from her again and kept kicking at her and she backed into the couch that was behind her and the woman grabbed her again and Cait gave up the fight, and the woman pushed her thighs apart and she plunged her face into her pussy again and Cait said “Ohhmmmgawhaawd” and she bit into the back of her hand and she looked at me like she was saying “Help me!” and it was like I woke up from a trance, I had just been standing there watching them but now I grabbed the woman by her hips and pulled her away from Cait, and she turned around and looked at me like she had forgotten I was there and then she jumped up and ran out of the room.

And Cait was just laying there breathing heavily, wheezing and clutching her head and her hair was a mess and she just stared at me and I said “Cait…” but she grabbed me and pulled me to her and stuck her tongue in my mouth and she almost ripped my blouse when she tried to pull it off me and I let go of her lips just long enough to pull it over my head and as our tongues wrestled I unhooked my bra and pulled it off and then I just ripped the button and the zipper in my pants open and the zipper actually broke but I didn’t care, and I pulled my pants down and tried to kick them off of my feet but they got stuck on my shoes and Cait put her hand in my panties and jabbed two fingers into my pussy and I did the same to her and she bit my lower lip and stared into my eyes and we finger fucked each other like crazy until we both came hard.

And not even ten minutes later we were out of there.
We had just quickly put our clothes back on and left before the woman came back out of the room and we were walking fast, almost running down the street as if we were afraid she was chasing us, but then suddenly Cait stopped dead in her tracks and said “Oh shit!” and I said “What?? What is it??”
“Shit!” she said again. “I forgot my sweater.”

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