Part 37: Sleeping Beauty

So when the four of us sleep together, in Tobey’s bed, which we do a lot of course, Tobey and Lucy sleep on the left side and Cait and I on the right and Tobey is on the far left and Cait on the far right so Lucy and I are in the middle and there’s no reason for it really, it’s just what became the norm and it’s not always like that but usually and even if we’ve spent hours fucking before we fall asleep I sometimes wake up with Lucy and Tobey at it again. And sometimes I watch them and sometimes I just go back to sleep. And sometimes I can’t sleep but just pretend to because I got the feeling that that was kinda like their time alone, that they had to kinda seize that time to be just the two of them and I asked Lucy once if that was the case. If Cait and I maybe was in the way sometimes and I said “Really baby, you can just ask us to leave after… you know…” and she laughed and said “No it’s not like that at all. It’s just that he gets horny in the middle of the night and we fuck.”
And I said “Oh okay” and she said “Yeah, it happens all the time when you’re not there too. Sometimes he doesn’t even wake me up first. I wake up and he’s fucking me.”
And I said “Oh wow” and she said “Yeah. I love it though. It’s like that Sleeping Beauty thing we do but a bit more real. And sometimes…” and now she whispered like it was a secret even though it was just the two of us there.
“Sometimes I pretend to sleep through the whole thing.”

The ‘Sleeping Beauty thing’ was all Lucy. Her game. Kind of a role play thing really but mostly in her head. We all did different role plays now and then for fun, but Lucy was the only one who could really get into it. Me, I just can’t act, I guess. Can’t get into character enough to make it work very well. For me at least.
Cait can, but only if it’s real for someone. And for her it’s the dad/daughter thing. Like those times with Karen, but it usually didn’t get that crazy of course. If Cait got the idea that someone really thought Tobey was her dad, then in her mind he was. And she would try to make that happen if she could, she would call him Dad or Daddy so people could hear and then she would get really turned on because of what they must have been thinking when she kissed him, or teased him or played with him. Or more.

There was this one time for example, we spent a weekend out of town all four of us and we were in the hotel sauna, and by the pool just before Cait had been calling him Daddy all the time and in the sauna we were just wearing towels and there were three other people there, a man and a woman that were there together and a woman that was by herself and the couple had been by the pool too and I know they had heard Cait calling him that several times. And we were just talking and then Cait put her head in Tobey’s lap like just to relax, but soon she was giggling and playing with the bulge in his towel and she even bit it and she went “Grrr” and shook it like a dog.
And Tobey was just too used to Cait being silly like that, and he always let her do almost anything and he only ever stopped her if Lucy wanted him to, and sometimes I think he’s just as in love with Cait as with Lucy. Not that I’m jealous or anything and I guess it’s just their thing really, like he gets off pretending Cait is his daughter just as much as she does, but anyway this time Lucy and I both thought it was funny and hot so we just let Cait do her thing and then after a while Tobey’s cock got a little hard and we could all see it and Cait said “Ooh, da-dee!” and then she put her head under his towel and then we heard her say “Oooh yummy” from underneath and that’s when the man and the woman left. In a hurry.

But the other woman didn’t leave yet and she looked away but she kept peeking at them like from the corner of her eye, and I said “Cait. Maybe not here, huh?” and she lifted her head and the towel fell open and revealed his semi hard cock and she looked at me and said “Or what, sis?” and then with a mocking voice she said “You gonna tell mom?” and I said “Maybe I will” and then we pretended to have a quarrel while Cait kept jerking him off. And then she said “Oh yeah? Well don’t forget to tell her I did this!” and then she put it in her mouth and the woman jumped up and ran out of there.

But that was enough for Cait and she straddled him and she kept saying “Oh Daddy” even though it was just us there now.

But ‘Sleeping Beauty’ was one of Lucy’s kinks and it was really just for her and Tobey, when we weren’t there, and it was real simple. She would just lay there and pretend to be sleeping and he did whatever he wanted with her as long as he didn’t kiss her because that would wake her up.

She had a ‘Cinderella thing’ too, with Cait and me, where she would dress up in some rags she had made and it really looked a lot like what Cinderella has on in the movie only a lot skimpier and sexier of course, and Cait and I would be the two step sisters and we would make her clean the floor or something and then we would make her do stuff to us, and like I said I wasn’t very good at it really but Lucy was so into it and that made it easier, and really all I had to do was call her Cinderella and tell her to shave my pussy or lick my feet, or tell her to give Cait a bath or to go with Cait to the bathroom and give her a hand and stuff like that.
And the longer it lasted, like sometimes the whole day, the bigger her orgasms were when we told her to make herself come.

And then one time when it was just Tobey and me at home because Cait and Lucy were both working late and we were just watching TV and I was in his arm and he was horny and started touching me and I’m not even sure if it was fake or not but I yawned and he said “Sleepy?” and I said “Yeah, long day” and he stopped touching me and he was obviously a little bit disappointed and I jumped up and grabbed him and pulled him up and I kissed him and I said “Hey, let’s do ‘Sleeping Beauty’?” and he said “Really? I didn’t think that was your thing” and I said “Maybe, I want to try it. Please?” and so we went to the bedroom and I took my clothes off and laid down on the bed and then I closed my eyes.

And soon he was naked in bed with me and he was on top of me and I could feel his tongue all over my body for a long time and then he spread my legs and licked me and it was really hard to just be still and not look at him or touch him or anything but it was hot too and I could really understand why Lucy liked it so much, and suddenly I thought about Richard and I remembered how hot I thought it was to fuck him in his sleep that time and I realized Tobey probably felt something like that right now and that made it even hotter and then I felt the tip of his cock entering my pussy and he was slow and careful and quiet like he didn’t want to wake me up and that turned me on so much and I came almost right away. But I kept my eyes closed and he didn’t stop fucking me, and with Lucy he would do all kinds of things, like fuck her mouth and her ass or just jerk off on her face, but now he just fucked me that way, slowly, and I came again just before he squirted inside of me.
And when he fell down next to me I opened my eyes and said “Mmm…” and he laughed and said “Ah ah, I didn’t kiss you yet” and I said “Shit” and fell back down and closed my eyes and then he kissed me and I opened my eyes and said “My prince!” and threw my arms around him and he laughed again and said “Meh, Lucy does it better” and I snorted and pushed him like I was hurt.
And maybe I was. Just a little.

Then we both fell asleep, and Cait and Lucy joined us later without waking us up and this time they slept together on the right side of the bed.

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