Part 1: She would never…

We would talk about it all the time, my cousin Caitlin and I, but it’s not like we were ever going to actually do it. It was just this thing we did, this secret we had.

Just stories we told each other to turn us on. We would talk about what we could do and what he would do. We would talk about how big it was and how big did we think it could get.
I loved hearing her talk about it since, unlike me, she had actually seen it, and when she described it she would get all wide eyed and she would ask me what I thought it would be like to touch it and to taste it and maybe even feel it inside me, and I would tell her and she would close her eyes and masturbate and I would lay there next to her and do it too.

But it was always just those fantasies, we were never going to actually do it. It was just stories, and never did those stories even resemble anything that could happen in real life.

But then it became more like that, because she had gone one day to pick him up at the gym where he works out and she had to run to use the bathroom. And they had unisex bathrooms and locker rooms and everything, and that was cool enough but when she had been in one of the stalls and she was sitting there peeing she noticed a hole in the wall to her left, a little over three feet from the floor and about the size of a baseball.
And when she told me about it later I asked “Do you think he’s ever used it?” and she said “Maybe he should,” and then our stories became very much about that and how we could make it happen so that he was in the one stall while we were in the other, and I would tell her all the things I would do with it when he put it through the hole because as always in every story we made up, she would only be watching of course.

But even if our stories now had a location and a scenario, we were never ever going to actually do it. It was just a better way of turning us on, and when we laid there next to each other and masturbated we knew we had the same picture in our heads.
But never did the stories turn into anything like a real game plan.

But then they did, because for my birthday that year she gave me a membership card for the same gym, and I noticed how she blushed when she gave it to me and we both laughed at that.
Now we could go there whenever we wanted and she could be my plus one and she would never have to sign her name anywhere, and we could use the fitness center and the cafeteria too, and we were pretty sure he never went there but you could look through the windows down at the gym so we could watch without being seen, and we could be in the same locker room too and we would have to hide but if we were careful we could see if he had any habits that we could take advantage of.
And he did.

So laying there naked next to each other we would lay out the strategy while we fingered ourselves; he would always stretch for almost ten minutes before he went to the locker room so we had time to get there when we saw him do that and in there he would always take a quick shower first and then he would go in the bathroom to pee before he went to the sauna and then back to the showers again before he got dressed and left. And he always used the same stall and it wasn’t the same one as Cait had used that time but we had checked and they all had holes in the walls between them so when he was in the shower we could go into the one next to his and wait for him, and if we did it on a Friday he would be there late in the evening and there wouldn’t be that many others there.

That was the plan and it was a really good plan and Cait would come really hard, but still we were never going to actually do it.
It was just the thrill of knowing that we could do it, and the two of us sitting there in the cafeteria with this secret and being really turned on, and she had me talk about every detail and I told her how I would hold it and stroke it and lick it and suck it and when he came I would swallow every drop, and she would be there watching it all but she would never do anything of course, because like she said; “He’s just your uncle so it’s not even that bad, but to me he’s my actual…” and she couldn’t even say the word.
And she was right about me but I didn’t think it would be that bad for her either, because it was never really about him for her, it was all about his cock and she had been practically obsessed with it since she had first seen it and when she talked about it I knew it would be almost like a religious experience for her to actually touch it.
But she would never do that, of course.

And the two os us, we would never actually do anything.

Then one Friday evening we were there in the cafeteria, watching and whispering to each other and every now and then sneaking a hand between our thighs and suddenly, when we saw him go over to the wall to stretch, Cait grabbed my hand and pulled me up from the chair and then we ran down the stairs and in to the locker rooms.
We hid behind the wall that we had hid behind before, where we could just see the door in one of the mirrors and we stood there catching our breaths and giggling.
There was no one else there so she leaned against the wall and put her hand inside her pants and I watched as she rubbed herself but then she quickly stopped and pulled her hand out and put both hands over her mouth as she stared across the room at the mirror and I looked too and he was coming through the door and it hadn’t even been two minutes.

He took his shirt off as he walked over to his locker where we couldn’t see him anymore, but soon he walked past us to the showers with only a towel around his waist and if he had turned to his right he would have seen us, but he didn’t.

When he was gone, Cait grabbed my hand again and pulled me towards the door to leave, but I didn’t follow her. Instead I grabbed her and pulled her to the bathroom stalls but she held back and shook her head frantically, but I didn’t let her go and managed to pull her with me inside and then I locked the door. She stared at me and kept shaking her head and whispered “No!” and tried to push me away so she could open the door but then we heard him coming out of the showers and we both froze.
We heard him enter the stall next to ours and then we could hear him pee, and Cait was pale and panicking but when I heard him tear off a piece of paper I knew he would leave soon so I knelt down and put my index finger through the hole and did a ‘Come here’ motion with it.

I pulled my hand back and waited but nothing happened so I looked up at Cait and shrugged and smiled and I think we both were kind of relieved, but then her eyes widened and she pointed at the hole and I turned around and then suddenly I knew why she was obsessed because from then on I was too.

It was as big as a baby’s arm, and it was hanging there like some pervert’s wall decoration just inches from my face.
All our stories, all the things I had talked about doing, was gone from my mind and I just stared at it. It was smooth and hairless, with two thick veins criss-crossing on the top of it and it was just like Cait had described it and the only thing I could think of was that I wanted my picture taken next to it.
He just let it hang there too, even though I must have been staring at it for over a minute.
Maybe he was used to this reaction from the other sides of these walls but I realized that if I didn’t do anything soon he would pull it back and he would take it away from me and it would disappear.

So I grabbed it. With one hand. And then with both hands. And then I stroked it and I could feel it get harder. And bigger. And I put my lips on it and kissed it and then I stuck my tongue out and licked it, up and down the shaft and my spit made it slide it my hands and I put the head in my mouth and I sucked on it as I jerked him off with both hands just as I had said I would and it was just me and this cock alone in the whole world and I loved the taste of it.

And it got harder, and bigger, and I jerked him faster and faster and then it dropped out of my mouth and just as I was about to put it back in he came on my face and I heard someone yelp.
“Aahh…” but I’m not sure if it was me or Cait.

It was all over my face and in my mouth and I looked up at Cait and she had come too and she was clutching her hair with one hand and her other hand was all wet and sticky when she pulled it out of her pants, and then I realized I was still holding his cock and I was still stroking it so I let it go but he didn’t pull it away and then we heard him say “I can tell there’s two of you in there,” and I looked at Cait and it was almost like she was in a trance when she knelt down where I was and I grabbed his cock again and guided it to her mouth.

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