Part 9: The haze

Elisabeth, Cait’s mom, my aunt Beth, is a psychologist and she works at a women’s health center and she and mom didn’t get along for a long time and I know that bothered my uncle a lot and I never really knew what the problem was and I didn’t really care then because mom never let their issues get between Cait and me and she let me stay with them whenever I wanted. And anyway that was years ago and they’re really good friends now and Cait’s mom even gave mom some counseling before and I think that helped. And I asked my mom once what those things were all about and she just said “Don’t you worry about that, honey. That was all just silly mistakes and me getting the wrong idea about a bunch of stuff but we talked it over a long time ago and you know I love her”.

But the point is there was a time through maybe a couple years when I used to think Cait’s mom was a really bad person even though she was always nice when I was there but I just thought it was all fake, and it’s not like mom ever said that she was bad but that’s just how that whole thing made me think about her. And in my head my uncle was this nicest guy that was trapped being married to this bad person and that’s when I first kinda fell in love with him I think even though I didn’t really know I was then, I just really liked him and felt sorry for him.
And sometimes I had fantasies about him and me running away together and in those fantasies Cait didn’t even exist but in real life of course she did exist and I was in love with her too and I loved what we did together and that first time when Cait said to me “I saw dad yesterday, like totally naked. Like all of him” and I made her tell me about it, it was like those two people that I loved merged into this one deep secret desire.
And Cait’s mom was just in the way.

But then of course I learned aunt Beth wasn’t a bad person at all, she’s the nicest person ever and she can be strict sometimes but that makes her even nicer in a way because it’s like she’s not just stupid nice but she’s nice in a smart way, like she wants the best for you but she’s smart about it and you have to be smart about it too.
And I love her but I didn’t love her like I did Cait. Or Cait’s dad. I never fantasized about her or anything. But then after that thing that Christmas when I had seen them and she had seen me, it was like she crept into every fantasy I had.

And in those fantasies she was bad again. Like, there were things Cait still wouldn’t do with me but in my fantasies she did and then her mom would show up and be angry and do things to me and make me do things to her and she would tie me up and whip me and stuff like that. Or she would catch me fucking Cait’s dad and she would push me around and grab my hair and throw me in a cage or something. And she would make Cait or Cait’s dad do things to me or make me do things to them and she would watch, and it was stuff I had never fantasized about before and it would make me come so hard.

And you know how the fantasies you have about someone never actually matches how that person is in real life? I mean, if you ever get to find out.
It wasn’t like that with Cait’s mom. With Cait’s mom I was almost dead on.

A couple weeks after newyear Cait’s dad was away on business and Cait was sick with mono and I was supposed to stay away but I’d had it before and so I was okay and I wanted to be there for her and I would go there after school and stay till the next day and I brought her homework and stuff but she was just sleeping almost all the time.
So most of the time it was just me and aunt Beth. And then one night when we were just talking about all kinds of stuff I asked her “What was going on with you and mom that time?” and she said “Have you never asked your mom about that?” and I said “Yeah but she wouldn’t say much”.
“Well” she said. “Your mom thought I was having an affair. That I was cheating on your uncle. In fact, she was sure about it.”
“And were you?”
“Absolutely not. I would never do that, I love your uncle more than you can imagine.”
So I said “Then why was she so sure?” and she said “Well” again.
“She saw me with someone else” and I said “So you were cheating on him?” and she said “No, never. Your mom misunderstood the whole thing” and I said “Oh”.
Then after a while I said “Has he ever cheated on you?” and she said “No, never, of course not”.
And then after an even longer while I said “Who’s Elena?”

And she looked at me and smiled and said “We really thought you were in Cait’s room. You would always sneak into her room before” and I blushed just a little and I shrugged like I didn’t know what she was talking about and she just smiled more.
Then she said “Elena is a friend from work. Actually a client” and I said “Oh”. And then I said “And that other blond girl you were talking about? With the piercings?” and aunt Beth laughed out loud and said “Oh dear. Well, she was a girl your uncle… uhm… met, one time” and I said “Oh” again.

Then she said “Look. I’ll explain” and now she used that psychologist voice that she sometimes used. “You know how there are some people who seem to just be permeated by sexuality and sensuality? Like that is what their mental and physical and emotional core is made up of and these people can just walk into a room and suddenly everyone there has sex on their minds, men and women. And I don’t know if it’s physiological and they just constantly ooze out pheromones or maybe they’re the quintessential of what everyone lusts after, but these people, it’s like they walk around in this everlasting haze of other people’s passion and desire. And they may not even know it”.
And I just said “Uhm…”
Then she said “And I’m lucky enough to know two people like that. Your uncle. And you.”
“Me?!” I said.
“Yes. Take this now with us here for example. You’re my niece. Not by blood, but still. And you’re my daughter’s best friend. And lover, right? And the thing is, I don’t think Cait’s a lesbian, but still she craves you, doesn’t she? And me? Right now I want nothing more than to just kiss you and strip you naked and throw you down on the floor and have my way with you.”
And I said “I… I… I’m… I’m…”
“And I’ve been married to your uncle for almost twenty years now. And lived in this haze of his and seen how girls around him act and what they want and what they are willing to do to get it. And it’s beautiful. And addictive. So addictive, and why shouldn’t I get something extra out of it too? And it’s like this, people like you and your uncle, you have an obligation to the rest of us. You owe it to us to give us what we need. It’s like that guy that gets you hooked on heroine. The least he can do is make sure you always get your fix, right?”
And I said “That’s… I’m… I’m not…” and I had no idea what to say.

She just looked at me for a few minutes and then she said “I’m going to kiss you now” and I said “Okay” and she grabbed my shoulders and kissed my lips gently at first and then she pulled me to her hard and she put her tongue in between my lips and her hands went up and held the back of my head and she pushed her tongue deeper and my body was suddenly burning up.

Then she stopped and she was breathing heavily and she said “Now you’re going to give me what I need” and I said “Okay” again and she took my hand and we went upstairs and in to their bedroom and it was huge and she walked over to a door and unlocked it and it was a like a walk in closet and she said “Take your clothes off” but I didn’t do it because I was staring at the stuff in there and I had never seen so much stuff like that in my life. There was all kinds of sex toys and clothes and ropes and harnesses and whips and handcuffs and I didn’t even know the names of some of the things in there and she grabbed something and turned to me and said “Take. Your. Clothes. Off. Now!” and so I did.

She took her top off and she didn’t have anything on under it and now she was just wearing her jeans and she was barefoot and she walked towards me and said “Lay down on the bed” and I did right away and she spread my legs and tied my ankles to the bedposts and then she grabbed my arms and tied my wrists in the same way and then she laid down on top of me and she kissed me again and her hands groped every part of my body and she kissed my neck and my chest and my tits and she kissed and licked my nipples and she sucked on them and even bit them a little and her hands were everywhere except on my pussy and sometimes she would let her fingers graze around it but she didn’t touch me there and I tried to move my hips after her fingers to make them reach my pussy and I wanted to shout “Just fuck me, please fuck me!” but I didn’t and she took her time and kissed my stomach and licked my belly button and licked her way down my thighs and legs to my feet and then back up and I was on fire and then she stopped for a second and just looked at me again and my mind went ‘Pleeeaassee!!’ and then she stuck her tongue deep inside my pussy and I came right away and my mind went ‘Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!’ but what I said was just “Aaaahhhhhhhhh!”.

And then she stood up in the bed and took her jeans off and she didn’t have any panties on and she was shaved smooth and it was glistening and so beautiful and she sat down straddling my face and her pussy was so close and I put my tongue out and licked it briefly and I thought that was what she wanted me to do but she slapped me hard and said “No!” and then she rubbed herself and fingered herself and every now and then she put her fingers in my mouth and let me taste her and then she arched her back and she said “Oohh fffu-uuck!” when she came and she lowered herself and rubbed her pussy in my face and her orgasm seemed to last forever but still it was over too soon and then she left.

She just got up and walked out of the room and left me there and when she came back like twenty minutes later and maybe more she had showered and put on new clothes and I was still tied to the bed and my arms were getting so tired and I wanted her to untie me but I wanted her to put her tongue in me again more but she just sat down on the bed beside me and she stroked my hair and she said “I’m sorry I hit you but you can’t do that unless I tell you to do it, do you understand?” and I said “Yes, aunt Beth” and she said “Good girl” and kissed me.
My aunt Beth is the nicest person ever. But she can be strict sometimes

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