Part 11: It's therapy

I spent a couple of days with Lucy and her mom and then I went home and spent the weekend there and then on Sunday afternoon Cait texted me and asked ‘Where are you?’ and I wrote ‘Home. You feeling better?’ and she wrote ‘Much but I miss you’ and I wrote ‘Want me to come?’ and she wrote ‘Not without me there’ and I sent ‘LOL’ and a smiley face.

So I packed my bag and mom said “Are you leaving again already?” and I said “Yeah, going to Cait” and mom said “How is she?” and I said “Better I think” and mom said “Good. I can take you there” and I said “I can take the bus” and she said “That’s okay, I want to go there too” and I said “Cool”.

Cait’s mom and dad were really happy to see my mom and Cait was really really happy to see me and she looked pale and skinny and when she hugged me she whispered in my ear “Thanks” and I looked at her real confused because I didn’t know why she said that but she just winked and then we all went in to the living room.
And we sat there for a while and drank coffee and talked and it was really nice and then Cait wanted me and her to go to her room and so we did and when we were there she threw herself on the bed and reached under it and pulled out a box and in it was a vibrator and it was purple and quite big and it looked like it had pearls or something inside one part of it and Cait said “Look” and she put it in her mouth and she got it really deep down her throat and if that thing that looked like a little rabbit hadn’t been there at the base of it she probably could have gotten it even deeper and when she took it out she said “I’ve been practicing” and she sounded really proud and I said “Wow” and then she tossed it to me and said “What if mom had opened it?” and I said “Huh?” and she said “Mom said you just gave the box to her and said it was for me. What if she had opened it?” and I looked at it and I hadn’t given it to her mom or anyone and I had never seen it before and I said “Yeah… well… I didn’t think she would” and Cait jumped out of the bed and kissed me and said “Thanks” again, and “I’ve used it a lot. Like… a lot. It’s amazing!” and she kissed me again.

Then she said “Is your mom staying too?” and I said “I don’t think so” and she said “But you’re staying, right?” and I said “Of course” and “Are you going to school tomorrow?” and she said “No, mom says I should wait a couple days and get my strength back” and I said “I think you should too”.

And then we just sat on her bed and talked and laughed and kissed a little now and then, and I think I once promised myself never to keep secrets from Cait again but now I had this really big secret and I felt so bad about it but I just couldn’t tell her, could I?
But I decided to tell her anyway and I said “Cait…” but she interrupted me and said “I want to go back to the gym” and I said “What?” and she said “I want to go back to the gym. On Friday. You know, with dad” and we hadn’t gone there for several months now, since that thing happened between us after her aunts funeral and we hadn’t gone because we were afraid her dad was on to us or that he would be if we did it because he would figure out why it stopped when Cait and I wasn’t talking and then started up again when we were friends again so we just stayed away.

She said “Don’t you want to?” and I said “Yeah, I do but do you think it’s safe?” and she said “Sure. I mean, maybe not, I don’t know but then when will it ever be? And if we don’t ever do it again then that’s kinda suspicious too, don’t you think?” and I chuckled and said “No, not really” and she pushed me so I fell down on the bed and I laughed and I said “Now I know why you’ve been practicing” and she jumped me and straddled me and started tickling me and I laughed so hard and I said “It’s not… big enough… anyway no please stop don’t not there!” and she had her hands under my shirt and was poking at my ribs and I squealed and tried to push her away but I couldn’t do it because I was laughing so hard but then she stopped suddenly and fell down beside me and she was coughing and wheezing and I sat up and I said “Cait, are you okay?” and she was catching her breath and she said “Yeah, just… give me a second…” and she closed her eyes and I looked at her while her breathing slowed down and then I said “Just don’t die” and she opened just her left eye and looked at me and said “Why?” and I said “Why? What do you mean, why?” and I pinched her arm but not very hard of course, and then I said “Because I’m getting some tonight no matter what and I don’t want to spend the night humping your dead body” and that made her giggle and then she let her body go limp and opened both her eyes and stared up at the ceiling and she stuck her tongue out and let it hang down her cheek.
And I leaned down and kissed her forehead and her nose and her cheeks and her lips and her tongue and I fondled her tits while I did and then I put my hand on her pussy and I whispered “I’ve changed my mind. I want to hump your dead body” and she burst out laughing and pushed me away and said “You perv!”

I spent the night with Cait in her bed and she was right, the vibrator was amazing and mom had one almost like it but hers didn’t have those rotating pearls inside and it didn’t have a rabbit but just something that looked like a tongue and the rabbit’s ears were so much better because they kinda pinched my clit between them and vibrated and I came hard so many times.

And the next morning I let Cait sleep while I took a shower but when I went downstairs she was up and mom was there too so she must have spent the night and we had breakfast with Cait’s mom and dad and then her dad left for work and her mom french kissed him before he left even though we were there and Cait rolled her eyes and mom laughed and then her mom said she could drive me to school because it was on her way to work and mom said “Thanks” and I said “Cool, thanks aunt Beth” and then we all said goodbye to Cait.
Then in the car Cait’s mom said “Why don’t you skip first half of school and come with me?” and I said “Sure, I guess. You need help with something?” and she said “Nah, it’ll just be nice to have you around. My secretary doesn’t come in till 10 so it’ll just be you and me there” and I said “Cool”.

So I went with her but when we got to the health center where I thought she worked she just drove past it and to a much smaller building about a hundred yards down the road and she parked behind it and we went inside and I said “I thought you worked at the center over there” and she said “I do. Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but the rest of the week I have my private practice here” and we entered into a small hallway first with two doors and the door on the left had her name on it and we went inside and it was a reception room with a couch and a table on one side and a desk on the other side and then we went through another door and it was her office and it had a desk with a chair behind it and two armchairs with a tiny table between them in front of it and then by the wall there was a really nice looking sofa, like a classic divan thing and I said “It’s really nice here” and she said “Thanks” and then she said “Would you like some coffee” and I said “Sure” and she went over to an espresso machine she had and made coffee for the both of us.
We sat down in the armchairs and I asked her “So what do you do exactly?” and she said “Well, at the center I help women talk about and resolve whatever problems they have, like depression, anxiety, stress. But as a private practitioner I’m a sexologist” and I said “Oh, ok”.

Then after a while I said “So… what do you do?” and she laughed and said “It’s therapy, sweetie. So I talk and ask questions mostly” and I said “Oh, ok. Cool.”
Then she put her coffee cup on the table and said “Come with me, I want to show you something” and I put my cup down and went with her and we went back out to the hallway and through the other door there and it led to a stairway to a basement or something and she said “This was actually a fallout shelter once, and then for many years it was just an empty building and then your uncle and I bought it and fixed it up for my practice and we rented out this part and it was a yoga studio for some time” and I said “Cool” and now we were in a room that had obviously been a studio or a gym once, with mirrors all over the walls but now it was decorated almost like a big living room with sofas and tables and even a TV and a bar and aunt Beth looked at me and said “What do you think?” and I said “Wow, nice” and she said “Isn’t it?” and then she opened a door at the other end of the room and we went inside and it was a bedroom.
Kind of.

It had two big beds in there and a couch and a couple of chairs but there were other things there too that I didn’t understand what was at first, like a metal pole from the floor to the ceiling in the middle of the room, and there was a cage by one of the walls like something for a big dog and then there were two wooden boards attached to the wall making a giant X with chains hanging all over it and there were hooks and bolts screwed in everywhere, on the walls and the ceiling and the floor and some of them had ropes or chains hanging from them and I even saw some handcuffs on some of them and then one of the walls was all mirrors and in front of it was something like a metal fence or something and there was some kind of a harness hanging from the ceiling above it and there was just so much stuff like that everywhere and my mouth was wide open and aunt Beth said “What do you think?” again.

And I said “What is this place?” and she said “Well, like I said; I mostly talk. But sometimes I have to do more” and I just said “Wow” and then she came close to me and said “Do you remember when I said you have to do as I say?” and I didn’t think that was exactly what she had said but I said “Yes” anyway and she said “We have about twenty minutes. Take your clothes off”.

And I think I started to undress even before I decided to just do it and I dropped all my clothes in a pile on the floor but then I remembered I had to go to school after this so I laid them out on one of the beds and then she grabbed my arm and pulled me with her to the big X on the wall and turned me around and she put the chains around my wrists and my ankles and they had padlocks on them and now I was standing there like an X too with my face to the wall and then she said “So we don’t have much time so this will just be sort of a dry run” and I didn’t say anything and then she left me for a few seconds and when she came back she kissed the back of my neck and she whispered “Are you ready?” and I wanted her to kiss me and touch me and lick me like she had done that time and so I said “Yes. Please.”

She took a step back and then suddenly I heard a ‘Whapp!’ when something hit my ass and it hurt but it didn’t hurt much but I said “Ow!” anyway mostly because I didn’t expect it. And then she came close to me again and whispered “Did it hurt?” and I said “Yes” and she said “Good”.
Then she stepped back again and hit me again and harder this time and it actually hurt quite a bit and she whispered in my ear “Did that hurt?” and I said “Yes” and I was surprised when I felt like I was almost about to cry and I think she heard that and she said “It’s just a paddle, sweetie” and then she hit me again and it hurt even more but now it felt good too, or more like it really hurt when she hit me but the way my ass felt right after, like prickling and really warm but turning cold fast, felt so good and it made me wet and I wanted her to do it more but she came close to me again and whispered “Tell me you like it” and I said “I like it aunt Beth” and she hit me again and said “I like that. I usually prefer to be called ‘Mistress’ or ‘Ma’am’ but I like it when you call me aunt Beth” and then she hit me again and said “You’ll keep calling me that when we’re here too” and she hit me again and I said “Yes, aunt Beth” and now it hurt too much and I wanted her to stop but she did it again and then she said “Do you want me to stop?” and I said “Yes” and she hit me again and said “Yes, what?” and I said “Yes, please” and she it me again and I said “Yes! Aunt Beth! Please stop!” and she did.

And then I heard her drop the paddle on the floor and she came up close to me and she put her hand on my pussy and rubbed me there and then she put a finger inside me and she kissed my neck and my ear and my cheek and then she put another finger inside of me and fucked me a little but she stopped before i could come and that was so frustrating and almost painful.

When we went back upstairs her secretary had arrived and aunt Beth told her that she was taking me to school but would be back soon and her secretary said “You have a 10.45” and she said “I know, I’ll be here” and then she drove me to school and when I got out of the car she said “You did good” and I said “Thanks” and she raised her eyebrows and gave me a strict look and I said “I mean, thanks aunt Beth” and she laughed and said “You’ll figure it out” and “Bye, sweetie” and then she drove off and I couldn’t really concentrate on much in school that day.

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