Part 12: Wrong hole

“You really should cut down on the coffee”.
“No way” I said. “People who drink coffee live longer you know”.

Cait and I were in the cafeteria in the gym and it was Friday. Her dad was downstairs working out but he had been a little late and had only been doing it for like half an hour and so we had plenty of time. I think we were both a little nervous for some reason, but we didn’t tell each other that, it was just kinda in the air and it was okay and even a little more exciting because of it, like it was the first time all over again and I was on my second cup of coffee and Cait was halfway through her Diet Coke.
“Nuh-uh” she said. “They have heart attacks all the time” and I said “Oh wow, you couldn’t be more wrong, and look at what you’re drinking. That stuff is poison. That stuff will eat your brain” and she looked at her can and said “Really?” and I said “Yeah, it’s true” and she said “It’ll eat my brain?” and I said “Yeah. It’s that fake sugar thing in it” and she leaned forward on the table and whispered “Do you think it’ll eat my pussy if I say ‘please’?” and I almost spat my coffee at her but I managed to swallow it and it got stuck in my throat and I laughed and coughed and the two guys that were there at an other table stared at us and that just made me laugh more.

Then after we’d been talking for a while I said “Cait, there’s something I need to tell you” and she said “What?” but I wasn’t sure how to tell her. Like, what was I going to say? ‘I’ve been screwing your mom, hope you don’t mind’?
I just couldn’t. And it wasn’t exactly true either. I mean, she stuck her tongue in my pussy once and made me come and then she rubbed her pussy in my face, and she stuck her fingers in my pussy once and spanked my ass but it’s not like I did anything really. It’s not like with Lucy’s mom, and I was never going to tell Lucy anything. And that hadn’t happened for a long time anyway now. And I thought; Forget about the coffee, what I really need to cut down on is this habit of fucking my friends’ moms.
So Cait said “Well?” and I just said “You know, it’s nothing really. It can wait” and she shrugged.
Then we just sat there and looked out the window down at the gym and a few minutes later her dad went over to the wall to stretch and Cait said “Finally” and we got up and ran down the stairs and in to the locker room and in there we hid behind our wall and waited and I thought; She likes watching you do stuff to her dad so maybe she’ll like it about her mom too and maybe she’ll even want to watch and that would be so hot, and so I said “Cait, listen. Your mom…” but I couldn’t get the words out and Cait said “What?” and I said “Uhm, nothing. Really. I’m sorry” and Cait said “Wow, you’re weird today” and I was going to say something but then someone came through the door but it was just some woman, a really good looking bodybuilder type in yoga pants and a sports bra and we watched her enter the exact same bathroom stall that we were going to use, the one we always used and that was next to the one her dad would use and Cait whispered “Oh shit”.
And I said “Don’t worry, she’ll be out of there before he’s here” but then two minutes later she was still in there and Cait’s dad came and headed for the showers and Cait said “Now what?” and I said “We’ll just use the one on the other side” because there was a stall on the right side of his too and so we went in there and Cait whispered “But what if she’s still there when he comes?” and I just shrugged and whispered “So?”

And then we heard Cait’s dad enter and we heard him pee and we couldn’t really be sure if that woman was still there or not but we hadn’t heard her leave but how long could she possibly be in there? So I did what I had done all those times before and what I guess he had come to be expecting back then but now it would probably be a real surprise and I put my hand through the hole and did a ‘Come here’ with my finger and pulled it back but nothing happened and I looked at Cait and we just waited and then I put my face closer to the wall and the hole was big enough for me to see inside and it was definitely her dad but I was staring right at his ass. And it was a great ass for sure but that meant that he had his cock through the hole on the opposite wall and that meant that that woman was sucking him right now.
I motioned for Cait to come look and she knelt down beside me and looked through the hole and her jaw dropped and she looked at me and I could see that she was thinking; That bitch! and I nodded because I was thinking the same thing and Cait covered her mouth and grinned and then she turned around and peered through the hole again and I did too and we were kneeling there cheek to cheek staring at his ass and then I felt Cait shift her position a little and I looked at her and she had spread her legs and put her hand inside her pants and was rubbing her pussy and so I put my hand down her pants from behind and followed her ass crack to her pussy and she had her fingers on her clit and so I put a finger inside of her and I looked at her face and I could tell she was struggling to not make a sound and so now she was rubbing her clit while I fingered her while she was looking at her dad’s ass while he was getting a blow job, and then suddenly she pulled me back to the hole and I looked through it again and now he had pulled his cock back and he’d turned half way around and it was huge and hard and standing straight up and out and I thought; She didn’t even finish.
But then there was a knock on the door and at first we thought it was our door and we froze but then we heard Cait’s dad open his door and we couldn’t see everything but it was definitely that woman and she got in there with him and I don’t think she even closed the door behind her and we saw her hands gripping his cock and she just held it with both hands and they were probably kissing and then he turned her around and she bent over the toilet and he pulled her pants down and put his cock in her and fucked her like that and I sat up and let Cait watch and I put my hand down her pants again and she was so wet now and I put two fingers inside of her.

And I really wanted to see what was going on but I just let Cait watch and I could hear everything and the woman wasn’t quiet at all and I heard “Aahh..! Aahh..! Aahh..!” over and over and it was so hot and then Cait came and her pussy clutched my fingers and her face looked like she was in pain from not being able to just scream it out.
Then Cait slumped down against the wall but quietly and like in slow motion and I pushed her away a little so I could look through the hole and the woman was still going “Aahh..! Aahh..!” but faster now and if I pushed my face against the wall almost like I was trying to squeeze through the hole I could see his ass moving back and forth and his thighs banging against hers and every “Aahh..!” matched him plunging it in hard and I wondered what it felt like for her and I wanted to know so bad.
And then she went “Aaaaahhh yeeeeesss!!” as she came and he fucked her hard through her orgasm and then he slowed down and she said “No. More. Keep going. Keep… fucking… me!” and he picked up the pace and soon she went “Oh my gaaaahhhh..!!” and came again and he said “Hnnnhh..!” and I wanted to know what it felt like to be filled with his sperm like that and then he pulled out of her and I couldn’t see his cock because of the way he was standing but I saw her pussy and it was dripping out of her and then she stood up and turned around and they hugged and maybe they even kissed and all I could see was her hands grabbing his ass and squeezing it and then she said “Come home with me” and he said “I can’t” and she said “Tomorrow?” and he said “Maybe” and then she pulled her pants back on and he grabbed his towel from the floor and they left and we heard them head for the showers and Cait and I ran out of there.

And in the car Cait said “I have to tell mom” and I said “Tell her what?” and she said “Tell her that he’s fucking that bitch. That he’s cheating on her” and I said “Really?”
“Yes” she said and I said “And how do you plan to explain how you know?” and Cait said “Well, I…” and I made like a retard’s voice and said “Duuh, mom, so… I was peeping at dad through a glory hole in the gym and I was actually there to suck his cock but then I saw him fuck another woman. Just thought you should know” and she said “Maybe not a good idea, huh?” and I said “Maybe not. Your call though, what do I know.”

Then she said “But it’s so fucked up. He’s such an asshole” and I said “He’s not! Don’t call him that!” and I was actually surprised at myself for how angry that made me and she said “Whoa. Sor-ree. Geez” and I said “Maybe he wasn’t cheating on her” and she said “What? Were you looking the other way, or?” and I said “No, I mean, maybe that’s a thing they have. That they can do that and it’s not cheating” and she said “You think?” and I said “I don’t know, but maybe. Maybe your mom does it too” and Cait said “Ew! That’s just… Mom fucking some other dude? Ew!” and I said “Well, maybe… a… girl?” and she said “Hmm… better I guess, but still ew” and I thought; Well, fuck.

And we drove on in silence for a while and then Cait said “I wasn’t there to suck his cock” and I said “Yeah, right.”

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