Part 17: Private party

I was going to call Cait back but first I read the texts she had sent, and the first one said ‘Did she say anything?’ with a blushing smiley and the next one just said ‘What happened?’
Then it was ‘Calling, want to talk. You ok?’ and then ‘Call me pls’ and after that ‘Why wont you answer?’
The next message was longer; ‘You’re kinda freaking me out. Something wrong? Pls call. Did mom say something? Are you angry with me??’ and then it was ‘Baby please! I’m sorry! Whatever I did I’m so sorry! I love you pleeeeease call me!’
And then; ‘Did mom tell you not to talk to me?? She did, didn’t she? Baby you don’t have to listen to her. I don’t care what she says, I only care about you! Please don’t do this. I love you!’

And I felt so bad and I had a lump in my throat and then I read her last text and I went all cold on the inside because it said ‘Mom isn’t home yet but when she is I’m telling her everything. I’m telling dad too. Then I’m coming to stay with you’ and I panicked and I pushed the ‘call’ button but it went straight to voice mail so I tried again but the same thing happened and then I ran out of my room and down the stairs and I shouted “Mom!” and she was in the kitchen and I said “Mom, I need to borrow the car” and she got this really worried look in her face and she said “What’s going on?” and I said “Nothing mom, can I borrow your car?” and she said “Yes, of course”.

And I was in the car and I had turned the key and started it when Cait called and my phone was in the passenger seat and I pushed the button before I picked it up and I said “Cait” and she said “Hey babe, I’m so sorry” and I said “What?”.
And she said “I’m sorry I freaked out like that. You must think I’m a real crybaby” and I said “No, I…” and she said “I just called mom and she told me what happened. So I’m really sorry. All that stuff I wrote. I just got all kinds of crazy ideas in my head when you didn’t pick up, you know?”
And I said “It’s okay” but she just kept talking like she didn’t hear me and said “And when she caught us like that. I almost died. But I think she knew already, don’t you?” and I said “Yeah, I think so too” and then I said “Hey so… what did she say?” and Cait said “Hm?” and I said “About what happened… with… us. Me and… her” and she said “That you went out for a burger. And you lost your phone. And you had to go back and find it that is what happened isn’t it?” and I said “Uhm, yeah” and she said “Isn’t it?” real slow and suspiciously and I said “No, I mean yes of course it is. I was just, you know… I mean, ’cause your last text kinda freaked me out” and she laughed a little embarrassed and said “Oh yeah, that. Look, I’m just dumb, okay. So I’m sorry. And it’d be really awesome if you just deleted all those texts” and now I laughed and it wasn’t all false and I said “No way, I’m saving them for our first marital dispute” and Cait laughed more and said “I can live with that”.

So I turned the car off and then still talking with Cait I went back inside and mom looked at me like real quizzical but then I think she understood who I was talking to and she smiled and gave me the ok sign and I just rolled my eyes at her and went back up to my room and I laid down on my bed and Cait and I talked a little and then I tried to sleep.

But I was just tossing and turning and couldn’t sleep so I called Lucy even though it was way after midnight and it rang for a long time but I never thought about hanging up, I just let it ring and ring and then finally she answered and her voice was thick and hoarse and she said “Hello?” and I said “Hey it’s me, did I wake you up?” and she said “Uhh… yeah but… that’s okay” and I said “Can we talk?” and she said “Sure” and we talked for a while about nothing really, or I talked mostly I guess and then I asked her something but she didn’t answer so I said “You there?” and she didn’t answer but I could hear her breathing through her nose because she had fallen asleep.
And I closed my eyes and just laid there listening to her and it was hypnotizing and I masturbated with Lucy’s breathing in my ear and I hung up only after I had come and I felt really bad about it and so I sent her a text, just ‘Sorry’ and in the morning she answered with just a winking smiley and I figured she thought I said sorry for waking her up and that’s what I wanted her to think but I felt better for apologizing anyway.

And that day was a Saturday and I went to a party with Veronica. It was with her friends and I didn’t really know any of them very well but it was my idea to go, I asked her if she was going to a party or something because I just really needed to have my mind somewhere else and she said “Always, darling” and we asked Lucy to come too but she didn’t want to go and I was actually happy about that.
And at the party I didn’t drink much but I had fun anyway and I danced with a couple of guys but when they started touching me and stuff I pushed them and walked away.
And then I couldn’t find Veronica and I went looking for her and I asked one of her friends where she was and she just pointed at a door while she guzzled a bottle of beer and I opened the door and it was just a tiny room and Veronica was there on her knees in front of some guy and she was sucking his dick and she looked at me with his dick in her mouth and I closed the door just a little so I didn’t have to see and I said “Uhm, can you come out for a sec?” and she did straightaway and the guy said “Where the fuck are you going?” and she just flipped him off and we went to the bathroom together and I sat down to pee and she rummaged through the mirror cabinet and found a bottle of mouthwash and rinsed her mouth for a long time and I said “That bad, huh?” and she looked at me and raised her eyebrows and rolled her eyes and then she spat the mouthwash out in the sink and wiped her mouth and said “Not at all, but it wouldn’t be fair to the next guy” and I laughed and she sat down on the edge of the bathtub and said “Or girl” and I wiped and got up and washed my hands and she stood up behind me and put her arms around me and kissed my neck and said “What do you say?” and I grabbed her head and turned my head and kissed her and then she turned me all the way around and we kissed more and she got down on her knees and she lifted my skirt up and it was a midi and she got under it and then I felt her kissing my pussy outside my panties and I rested my hands on the sink and then she pulled my panties a little to the side and licked me and I moaned and then two girls walked in, or more like they fell in, laughing and talking loud and then they saw us and one of them said “Oops, sorry” and the other girl just pulled her pants and panties down and sat down on the toilet and the first girl said “Who’s your friend under there?” but then I think she recognized Veronica’s shoes or something because she said “Oh, it’s Ronni! Hey, Ronni” and Veronica lifted my skirt away from herself and looked at her and said “A little privacy, please?” and the girl said “Yeah right, you should’ve locked the door then” and then she locked the door and leaned against it and lit a cigarette and she said “Pretend we’re not here” and Veronica looked up at me and I just wanted her to get back to what she was doing so I just shrugged and she got under my skirt again and licked me more and the girl said “Aw, we can’t see anything like that” and so I lifted my skirt up so they could see and she said “Oh fuck yeah, that’s so hot” and she actually licked her lips and I spread my legs a little so Veronica could reach all of it and she held my panties to the side with one hand and she put two fingers in me with the other hand while she licked my clit, and I looked at the girl again and she had her hand inside her pants and then she took her shoes off and her pants and her panties and walked over to the girl on the toilet and she put her right foot on the wall and the girl bent forward and put her face in her pussy, and then she leaned towards me and I leaned towards her and we kissed even though I’d never met her before and she tasted like vodka and smoke and Veronica pulled her fingers out of my pussy and put her thumb inside instead and she put a finger up my ass and then she sucked on my clit until I came.

And when Veronica and I left the bathroom the girl had put her cigarette out and gotten down on her knees in front of the girl on the toilet, who was spreading her legs as far as she could.

And I went with Veronica to her place because she lived alone in a small apartment, and I didn’t go home until late in the afternoon the next day.

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