Part 18: Too much wine

It was Cait’s dad’s birthday and they had just a few friends and relatives over and we had cheese and red wine and when Cait and I went to go to bed it was late and it was just Cait’s mom and dad and her aunt Jessica and my mom left, and we went upstairs and into Cait’s bathroom and brushed our teeth and then we took a quick shower together and then after the shower I sat down on the bathroom floor and I think I’d had too much wine and not enough to eat that day and then maybe because of the warm shower I was just so dizzy all of a sudden and Cait was drying herself and she looked at me and said “I’m not getting any tonight, am I?” and I looked up at her and I smiled and said “Sorry, babe” and she sat down crossed legged in front of me and she said “Do you ever miss the way we used to do it?” and I said “You mean…” and she said “Yeah, just… looking at each other” and she put her hand on her pussy and massaged herself slowly and I said “You weren’t gay then” and I started to rub myself too and she said “Yeah that’s all on you, sexy”.
Then suddenly she stopped and stood up and said “But now…” and she gave me her hands and helped me up and she said “I’m taking you to bed”.
And she took me to my room and we kissed and said goodnight and then she went to her room and I climbed into bed.

And I fell asleep right away but then I woke up when Cait was shaking my shoulder and my head was spinning a little and Cait whispered “You have to see this” and she practically dragged me out of bed and I followed her to the stairs and I was still naked and she had a t-shirt on and we laid down behind the glass wall where we had watched her mom and dad fuck that time and we peaked under it and they were watching TV and the table between the two couches was full of bottles and glasses, a lot more than when Cait and I had left them, and my mom and Cait’s mom were sitting on the couch that had its back to us and her dad and aunt were in the one facing us and she was sitting with her back against the armrest and he was sitting between her legs leaning his back against her and they were all watching a porno.
And Cait’s dad had his shirt off and his pants open and his cock was sticking out and was big and hard and Jessica had her hand gripping it and was jerking him off slowly up and down and she was rubbing and pinching his nipples with her other hand.

And for a long time that was all that was going on and they were watching the movie and drinking and talking and laughing now and then and the scene on the TV was to women and one guy in a bed and one of the women were sucking the guy off while the other one was licking her pussy and then suddenly Cait’s dad went “Ahh” as Jessica jerked him faster and he came all over himself.
And she kept playing with it even as it went limp and rubbed his cum all over it and on his stomach and his chest and then she went back to just playing with his nipples and jerking him off again and after a few minutes it was getting hard again and when it was she whispered something in his ear and he sat up and he took her pants and her panties off and he laid on top of her and he grabbed his cock and rubbed the tip of it up and down her pussy a little before he put it in her and he fucked her like that slowly while she had her hands on his ass and they were kissing and mom and aunt Beth were just sitting there watching them and then Jessica came even though he was just going slow and she bit her lower lip and said “Mmppphh” through her teeth.

And then he pulled out of her and sat back up and he was still hard, and she put her legs in his lap and he caressed them and she looked at him and smiled, biting the tip of her finger and she looked almost in love. And then she turned to my mom and Cait’s mom and said “So who’s next?” and I gasped and held my breath and thought; Please don’t please don’t please don’t please…
But mom just threw her hands in the air and said “Don’t look at me” and I could breathe again.

Cait’s mom got up and undressed completely and walked around the table and stood in front of him but when she tried to sit down Jessica playfully pushed her away with her feet again and again and giggled, still biting her fingertip. But then she stopped and let her sit down and Cait’s mom straddled him and grabbed his cock and put the tip of it in her pussy and then she slid down on it.
And Jessica rubbed herself while she was watching them fucking, and she had one foot on the floor and the other between them and then aunt Beth grabbed it and lifted it to her mouth and we couldn’t really see but I think she started sucking on her toes and Jessica moaned and Cait’s dad sat up a little and I think now he was sucking on her toes too and Jessica moaned more.

And my mom had laid down on the couch and all we could see was the back of her head and her right knee sticking up behind the backrest and I was really glad I couldn’t see what she was doing if she was doing anything and I looked back at the others and they were still fucking like that and Jessica was rubbing herself faster and aunt Beth was fucking him faster and I think she came first but her orgasm wasn’t even over when he came and he grabbed her ass and pumped her hard and squirted in her and I think that prolonged it for her and she squealed “Ooooohh fuu-uuuck!” and then Jessica came too.

Then aunt Beth lifted herself off of him and more or less just fell down next to him and he threw his head back and his chest went up and down as he breathed hard and Jessica sat up and put her head on his chest and ran her fingernails down his stomach and along his cock and back up and down again and she smiled at Cait’s mom almost in a smug way.

Then Cait’s dad said “I think I need a shower” and her mom said “Me too” and her aunt Jessica said “Me too” and they all got up and Cait and I ran as fast and as quiet as we could and we ran in to her room because her door was closer and we heard my mom shout after them; “I’m not cleaning this, just so you know!”

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