Part 19: Home alone

That summer and fall was by far the best time of my life. Before it turned in to a winter of hell. First all my dreams came true, and then all my worst nightmares did.
But, that’s for later.

I worked a little at the coffee shop, just a few hours a week but at least it was something. And Cait had a job too and she was working a lot more hours than I was so we didn’t get to hang out as much as I had hoped we would but I stayed at their place anyway because then at least we spent the evenings and the nights together and when Cait’s mom and dad were both home we were a bit careful but when it was just us and Cait’s mom we kinda acted more like we were together because Cait’s mom knew and we knew that she knew. And maybe her dad did too but Cait still felt that was a bit awkward, but when it was just her mom we could sit and hold each other and cuddle in front of the TV for example, or even kiss sometimes, and we didn’t even pretend to be sleeping in separate rooms.

And Cait’s dad was away a lot that summer and her mom missed him a lot I could tell, and she didn’t work as much as before because like she said; people tend to cope better with their issues in the summer, and so a lot of the time I was there alone with her.
And sometimes it was just me there.
And they had a pool and a sauna, and those days when Cait and her mom both left for work in the morning and I had the whole day by the pool by myself was so nice, but what I wanted to do more was try all the stuff aunt Beth had in the closet in their room but I couldn’t find the key. And I looked everywhere and one day when I was especially horny I even thought about breaking it open.
But I didn’t do that of course.
And I used Cait’s vibrator a lot but it really wasn’t enough even though it was great but I think it was just knowing about all those other things that I knew where there but couldn’t get to that made Cait’s toy just kinda insufficient, and I felt like a desperate d**g addict when I was going through their room and all their stuff looking for the key or maybe something they had forgotten to put back in the closet, with my pussy aching and soaking wet and in their bathroom I found Cait’s dad’s shaving brush and it didn’t have the right shape or anything and there were other things there that would have been better but that wasn’t really the point, the point was that it was his and I took it with me to their bedroom and laid down on the bed and I was already naked and I brushed my skin with it all over, my face and my tits and my thighs, and then I spread my legs wide and brushed my pussy with it and it was just perfect and I even put it in me and then I turned it around and put the handle in and I fucked myself with it and rubbed my clit until I came.
And then I went and put it back on the shelf in the bathroom and at first I turned the tap on to wash it off but then I turned it off again and just didn’t do it and I put it back as it was.

And then there was this other time when I put one of his boxer shorts on, and I walked around the house wearing only that and just getting more and more turned on and I went to Cait’s room and took her vibrator and put in inside the boxers and gripped it between my thighs and I took a picture of myself with it and sent it to Cait but she didn’t answer right away and I laid down on her bed and masturbated wearing it and after two or three orgasms I went upstairs to her parent’s bedroom and I did it on their bed too and I rubbed myself through the boxers and I took another picture and sent it to Cait and then when I was done and I took his boxers off I didn’t really know what to do with it because I couldn’t put it back in the dresser after all that, and I couldn’t put it with the laundry because he hadn’t been there for days and so I put it in Cait’s room and then Cait texted me; ‘You’re a freak and a pervert and you’re so fucking hot and I love you!’
And when she came home that day and we went to bed we had sex and I wore her dad’s boxer shorts and she licked my pussy through it.

Cait’s mom caught me one day too and when it happened I got this weird déjà vu feeling and I think maybe I have like a vague memory that she caught me before or maybe she caught Cait and me both when we were little, but I can’t be sure.
Anyway, I wasn’t really doing anything kinky when she caught me, I was just on the couch in the living room and I had my laptop on the table and I was watching porn and I don’t really do that much, I guess the stuff I have in my head is more than enough and a lot better but this time I was and I was naked with my clothes in a pile on the floor and I wasn’t close to coming or anything like that, I was just laying there relaxing and stroking my pussy and then I heard her say “Hi sweetie” and she was standing in the middle of the room and I hadn’t heard her come in at all and I jumped up from the couch and I was blushing and warm, and not just my face but I think my shoulders and chest even and maybe that was stupid since she had seen me naked before and with all the things we had done but it was just really embarrassing and I grabbed my clothes from the floor and just held them in front of me and I was probably going to say something like ‘It’s not what it looks like’ or something stupid like that but the girls in the video where shouting and moaning “Ooh yess!” and “Fuck me!” and “Aaahh!” and stuff like that and I had the volume way up so I pushed the button to turn the volume off and the moans and screams died down sooo slowly and I know I could have just put the screen down or turned the whole thing off but I wasn’t thinking straight I guess and Cait’s mom looked at me and smiled and I just dropped back down on the couch with my clothes in my lap and I said “Sorry” while staring down at the floor and she said “What are you watching?” and I said “Uhm…” and she came over to me and sat down beside me and after a while she said “No men” and I said “Uhm, no” and she said “One, two, three, four, five women. That would be something wouldn’t it?” and I said “Yeah” and she said “Well, we’ll see what we can do about that some day. Mind if I join you?” and I said “Uhm…” again.

She didn’t really wait for my answer though, and took her shoes off and then her pants and panties and I was still clutching my clothes in my lap and she said “Turn the sound back up, sweetie” and I did and the screams and moans returned and they were louder and more intense now and she leaned back and spread her legs and put both her hands on her pussy, spreading her lips with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other and after a while she looked at me and said “Don’t be shy” and I put my clothes back on the floor and did what she did and soon I was just as into it as she was but I was really looking more at her than at the movie and then she looked back at me and we kissed and we kept doing that until we both came and I came before she did and she bit my upper lip when she came.

And after it all I put my clothes back on and she did too and she said “So this is what you’re doing when you’re home alone?” and I said “I guess so” and then I said “I was wondering, uhm…” and she said “Yes?” and I said “Uhm… If maybe I could… borrow some of your toys, sometimes, maybe?” and she said “Oh” and then she gave me a sly smile and said “You’ve been trying to find the key, huh?” and I nodded and she laughed and said “Hmm well, I’m not going to give you the key but I’ll pick out some things and I’ll leave it on my bed for you before I go tomorrow. Okay?” and I said “Yeah okay, cool. Thanks”.

And when Cait came home about an hour later her mom had gone to her room and I was watching TV and Cait sat down with me and I put my arms around her and we watched sitcoms and then we went to bed.

And the next day Cait’s mom had left early and Cait left after we had breakfast together and I had several hours alone before I had to go to work and I went into her parents’ bedroom and on the bed there was a dark red vibrator that was just a regular vibrator really but next to it she had laid out like half a dozen things that you could attach to the tip of it, and then there was a butt plug and also there was a double ended dildo there and it was huge and that one had a note under it where Cait’s mom had written “For you and Caitlin. Have fun!” and I tried them all and I was 30 minutes late for work that day.

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