Part 2: Lucy's mom

Lucy was my friend in school. Lucy’s mom was fat. I know that’s not a very nice thing to say, but that’s what she was. Really fat. And she was depressed. And angry. Not all the time, sometimes she was in a really good mood, and then she was really fun to be around and she would cook for Lucy and me and she would sing while she did and she was a great cook and not a bad singer. And then we would eat and laugh and we’d have ice cream in front of the TV and then she would send us up to Lucy’s room to do homework and we’d hear her sing downstairs as she did the dishes.

But sometimes she was depressed and angry. Sometimes I would go home to Lucy’s place after school and her mom wouldn’t be around, and Lucy would give me that look and I’d know she was hiding in her room again for who knew how many days this time. Then Lucy and I would have to cook for ourselves and we were both terrible cooks, and we didn’t sing because Lucy’s mom wanted it quiet then, and we did our homework without any ice cream and we listened to music with our earbuds on.

Then one day Lucy’s mom learned my secret.
Well, one of them, and not even one of the biggest ones but it was definitely big enough. We had eaten our ice cream and we were in the room doing homework and I couldn’t find my phone.
So I went back downstairs and I found it on the dinner table, and I had always thought that passwords and phone locks and such were just a pain because who steals phones anymore anyway? Everyone has them.
I grabbed the phone, said thanks again for dinner to Lucy’s mom and then went back upstairs, and only later that night when I was back home did I discover that my phone insisted I had sent a message I was sure I hadn’t sent, and it was to Lucy’s mom’s phone number. And it was a picture.

One of the pictures that my cousin Caitlin had taken at the gym, of me and… well, that doesn’t even matter. My face got really hot all over and my ears were burning and I thought “I’m never going back to Lucy’s place ever again,” but of course I did after a while anyway and nothing happened.
Lucy’s mom didn’t say anything and I figured she had just really enjoyed the picture and wanted it for… you know, for herself, and who could blame her really.
And then I forgot about it.

And then one day when Lucy’s mom wasn’t there to cook and we had a social sciences test coming up and I had to go pee and the door to her room was ajar, I heard sobbing coming from her room when I passed it but that wasn’t unusual. But when I passed it on my way back she called my name, and she mispronounced it of course, like she had always done and like most people do and I’ve always thought it sounded like a word in Parseltongue when they did, and she sounded very angry.

So I stepped inside her room and that was very unusual. I had never been in her room before and she was in bed propped up on half a dozen pillows and she was eating a Snickers bar and there were lots of other chocolate bars on the sheets beside her, and the TV was on and she even had a small refrigerator in her room. When I walked in she threw her phone to me and it landed on the bed by her feet, and I saw and remembered my picture and my ears were burning again.

“So, real quick,” she said and she didn’t sound angry anymore, she sounded nice but she wasn’t.
“I don’t know who that guy is but I think I have a pretty good idea and I think your mom would have a very pretty good idea if I sent it to her, don’t you?” and I didn’t even know that she knew my mom, and I definitely didn’t know that she knew about him, if she did and it sounded like she did but I wasn’t sure why she thought mom would recognize him from that picture.
“But of course I’m not going to do that but I want you to do something for me. So tomorrow I think you should skip school and come over here when Lucy is in school and just help me out with something, ok?”

I nodded, and then she smiled and nodded and waved me away and then she took another bite of her Snickers bar and I went back to study with Lucy who was listening to her music.

So the next morning I texted my teacher that I was sick and she texted me back with ‘No worries, feel better hon,” and I took a shower and then I went over to Lucy’s mom. I had thought about it and I thought I knew what she was going to ask me to do and there was just no way and I was just going to tell her that.
So I locked myself in and went to her room and she was in bed only wearing a night gown but her bed was clean this time and I think she’d changed the sheets.
And she looked at me and said “Hi,” and “Come in,” and then she said “I’m sorry about this, I really am, but I haven’t been with a man in a very, very long time.”
And I said “I understand, but I just can’t ask him to go out with you or anything, I mean, he would never…” and she looked at me like I was from another planet or something and then she laughed real loud.
“No, honey, that’s not what I want,” and she pointed at her night stand. “Look in the top drawer.”
So I did, and the only thing there was a sex toy, a dildo that was sort of attached to a pair of panties that weren’t exactly panties but more like a harness almost, and it looked brand new.
“Put it on,” she said and I said “No way!” and then she slammed her fist on the mattress.
“Do it!” she said, “Or I’ll show your picture to your mom and everyone you know.” And then in her kind voice again she said “Look, you don’t even have to take your clothes off, just put it on outside your pants, I don’t care.”

So I only took my jacket off and I put it on.

Lucy’s mom unbuttoned her night gown and I climbed in bed with her and I absolutely did not want to do this but maybe a little bit. She spread her legs and I sat down on my knees between them and I could see everything and her pussy was hairy and the strap-on pointed straight at it now and she took it and put the tip of it to her hole and then she said “Push it in,” and I put my hand on it and tried to push it in and she said “No, stupid,” and then she grabbed my hips with her other hand and pulled me to her so it went all the way in.

“Fuck me,” she said and so I pulled it out and pushed it in and pulled it out and pushed it in over and over and she said “Faster” and “Harder” and I did but she kept saying it, and soon I was doing it as fast and hard as I could and my back was aching and my thighs were burning and I had to lean on something. So I laid down on her and my hips were pumping it in and out of her, and she put both her arms around me and I had my head between her boobs and she said “Faster” and “Harder” and I tried and sometimes I would pull it too far and it slid out of her and every time it did she groaned and said “Fuck, do it right will you?” or “You fucking whore!” and things like that and after a while I didn’t really listen anymore because the harness kept rubbing at my pussy in a really good way and I had my eyes closed and then she said “I’m going to come,” and she did.

Then she pushed me away and I got out of the bed and took the thing off and my pants were all wet in the front, and she was sweaty and breathing hard and she looked at me and said “You can go now,” and I put my jacket back on and I left.

And when I got home I ran upstairs to my room and pulled my pants and my panties down without even taking my jacket or my shoes off and then I sat down on my bed and I masturbated fast and hard till I came, not really thinking about anyone or anything.

And the next day Lucy said “How are you?” and I said “Great!” and then we went to her place after school and Lucy’s mom was singing and making dinner and Lucy smiled and was so happy about that, and Lucy’s mom was happy too for a long time but then one day she was in her room and the door was ajar and when I passed it she called my name again and she sounded angry.

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