Part 21: Too much fun

Lucy met someone and I hated him.
I mean, I hadn’t even met him but I hated him because she wouldn’t stop talking about him and I hated him because of the way her eyes glowed when she talked about him and because of the way she giggled and pushed me when I called him her boyfriend or when I asked if she was in love with him and she said “No” when her eyes shouted ‘Yes!’ and because he was probably perfect for her even though he was much older than her and he lived far away and I hated him so much when he sometimes called her when I was there and she would actually leave the room to talk to him and I just sat there on her bed and waited for sometimes half an hour or more.

And so I ended up staying more and more away from her and not really because he was all she would talk about but because it made me feel like such a bad person that I couldn’t be happy for her and I couldn’t really figure out why that was.
And she didn’t even miss me.

But I was practically living with Cait and her mom and dad anyway and I only went home to be with mom for a day or two when she asked me to because she missed me and then I would go back to Cait’s place.
And Cait and her mom had become really close, almost more like girlfriends than mother and daughter and I don’t really mean that it was sexual because it wasn’t. Well, it was, but not like they fucked each other because they never did that. But it was definitely like there was sex in the air all the time and if the three of us were watching TV for example and Cait and I kissed and maybe even fondled each other a little, that was okay and her mom would just keep chatting with us or just watch us. Or sometimes Cait could grab my hand and say things like; “I’m horny, let’s go upstairs” even if her mom was there. Or her mom would say something like; “It’s your turn to make dinner, I’ll be upstairs giving myself a hand”.
Or if we were sunbathing or swimming in the pool we could do it naked , and there was this one time when I was naked on the float and Cait and her mom were in the pool and Cait swam up to me and asked if maybe she should rub some sun lotion on me so I wouldn’t get burned and I said “Yeah thanks” and she went and got the bottle and then she jumped back in the pool and pulled me to the shallow end and started to rub it on my chest and stomach and then her mom came over to help. And Cait was standing in the water to the left of me and her mom to the right of me and her mom rubbed lotion on my legs and thighs and soon Cait was rubbing my tits and nipples and it wasn’t because of the lotion anymore and it felt really good and I moaned and her mom started massaging my pussy and rubbing my clit and then Cait bent down and kissed me, and she kissed her way down to my tits and licked and sucked my nipples and when she did that her mom put a finger inside of me.
And I just laid there with nothing but my sun glasses on and savored it and they really took their time, just rubbing and massaging me slowly and Cait went back and forth from my tits to my mouth and her lips and her tongue smelled like coconut but really tasted more like soap but that was okay and her mom had both her hands on my pussy now, sort of massaging the insides of my thighs and my pussy lips at the same time and then she pulled my pussy lips apart and bent down and licked my clit.
And I had the most wonderful orgasm.

Then Cait pulled herself up on the float to lay on top of me and I squealed because she almost toppled it and then we kissed and she was naked of course and her mom slapped her ass and Cait said “Owee! Mo-om!” and she slapped her ass again and Cait said “Stop it!” but I recognized the look that now was in Cait’s eyes and I was hoping aunt Beth would keep doing it just to see what happened but instead she grabbed the float and flipped it over and suddenly Cait and I were both under water and what I wanted to happen wasn’t going to happen.

But then one day her mom left the door to her closet open. And I think it was on purpose.

I was alone and I wasn’t working that day, and I was doing what I almost always did and I went into Cait’s parent’s bedroom just to do it in their bed, and I saw the open door right away and it was like winning the lottery and I went in there to have a good look at everything and I used some of it and then Cait came home and I met her in the hall with a blindfold I had found and I showed it to her and she said “Oh really?” and I gave her my best puppy eyes and I said “Please” and she laughed and said “Okay”. And I took her with me to the living room and told her to take her clothes off and she did and when she was completely naked I put the blindfold on her and led her up the stairs and in to her parent’s room and I laid her down on the bed and I had already attached these black restraints that I had found to the bedposts and I made her lay on her stomach and I put the restraints on her.

And then I got up and undressed too and I laid down on top of her and caressed her and kissed her all over and she squirmed under me, and I kissed my way down her back and then I pulled her ass cheeks apart and put the tip of my tongue on her asshole and she said “Ooooohh” and I licked her there as I cupped her pussy in my hand and rubbed it and then I put my thumb in her pussy and massaged her inside where I knew it drove her crazy.
And I crawled back on her again and kissed her hair and her neck and her cheeks and I humped her ass as I did that and my juices covered her ass and then she whispered “Fuck me, baby. Go get the strap-on and fuck me” and I said “Not yet” and then I turned around and sat on her back and I pushed myself up so I could hump the back of her neck and she giggled muffled into the pillow and then she said “Ooooohh” again when I bent down and licked her asshole again and I put my arms around her thighs and put my fingertips on her clit and she squirmed more and then I stuck my tongue into her asshole as far as I could and she said “Oo-ooh fu-uuck!” and she pushed her ass up in my face and I could tell she was about to come so I stopped.

And I got out of the bed and she said “Mmmh noo pleeease” but I went to the closet and picked out a strap-on that was bigger and longer than the one she had and not as stiff so it was hanging more, and I put it on and then I climbed on top of Cait again and put it in her and she said “Ooh yess baby” and I fucked her like that for a long time, some times slow and some times fast and she came several times and after her last orgasm she begged me to take the blindfold off. “Please, baby. I want to see you”.

And so I took them off of her and she looked into my eyes and smiled and kissed me and her face was red and sweaty and her hair was a mess and then she said “I love you so m… oh shit!” and she was looking past me and I turned my head and her mom was standing in the doorway and who knows how long she had been standing there and Cait said “Mom!” and she bucked and thrashed underneath me to throw me off her and she said “Get off! Mom, go away!” and I did like she said and I was just standing there by the bed and her mom walked up to me without a word and Cait said “No, mom. Go away” but she didn’t and she dropped down on her knees in front of me and put the strap-on in her mouth.

She was actually sucking the dildo that I just had had inside Cait and she could get it so deep and she was gagging and slurping and she grabbed my ass as she sucked it and she made it as wet and slippery as she could and then she stood up and took her pants off and she didn’t have any panties on and she climbed on the bed so she was standing on all fours with her face over Cait’s ass and Cait said “No, mom” again but she didn’t sound very convincing anymore like she had given up and her mom said “Be quiet, Caitlin” and then she looked at me and said “Go on, sweetie” and I got behind her and put the strap-on inside of her and Cait was looking at us wide eyed as I fucked her mom and she just said “Please” but now I wasn’t really sure what she meant and her mom said “Quiet!” and slapped her ass and Cait said “Oowwh” and her mom slapped her again, and then again and again until Cait was saying “Ah yes” and “Mmm” instead and I was so turned on and I fucked aunt Beth harder and faster just so the strap-on would thrust at my pussy more and she stopped hitting Cait and just let me fuck her and then Cait said “Please, mom. Please. I… need… to…”

But her mom said “No, Caitlin. I wont do that.”
But Cait said “No, mom. Please, just one hand” and she was jiggling the restraints with her right hand and so her mom freed her hand from them and Cait immediately put her hand under herself and just went nuts on her clit and she came almost right away and her mom said “Oooh yes, sweetie” looking at her coming and she rubbed herself too and she sat herself up so she could put her other arm around my neck as she did and she turned her head and kissed me and I grabbed her boobs and kissed her back and then Cait’s mom came too and she said “Mmhfuu-uck!” into my mouth.

And then aunt Beth released Cait completely and Cait sat up with her back to the headrest and hugged her knees as she watched her mom put her pants back on and then she sat down next to Cait and put her arm around her shoulders and ruffled her hair and said “That was fun, huh?” and Cait nodded and smiled and then they both looked at me and I was just standing there by the bed naked with the strap-on on and the dildo hanging from it and Cait snickered and I guess it was the way I looked or something that was suddenly so funny and I said “What?” and her mom chuckled too and I said “What’s so funny?” and then they both just fell apart laughing

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