Part 23: Busted

Cait and I went out with Lucy and her boyfriend on these double date things several times, I think it became the way he and Lucy hung out together when he was in town and one night after Cait and I got home from one, Cait said to me “You know why I don’t like Lucy?” and I said “You really don’t like her still?” and she said “Yeah that’s just it. It’s impossible to not like her. And that’s what I don’t like about her. You know what I mean?” and I said “Not really” and Cait said “I used to not like her because I thought you liked her too much. But now I like her too, and I don’t like that because I want to go on not liking her because you like her so much.”
“You don’t like her because you like her even though I like her.”
“Wow, you’re not straitjacket material at all” I said and she stuck her tongue out at me.

And Cait and I hung out with Lucy more and more, even when her boyfriend wasn’t there and he wasn’t there much really but I liked it like that because Cait and Lucy became friends but Cait was still a bit jealous and she would always make sure Lucy knew I was taken and she would hold my hand and she would kiss me and stuff like that a lot more than she would do when Lucy’s boyfriend was there and she would make sure Lucy saw it, and I thought it was really stupid and unnecessary because Lucy wasn’t into girls anyway and I told Cait that one day and she said “Wow, you’re so blind” and I asked her what she meant but she just shrugged it off and I didn’t want to upset her so I didn’t push it.

And most of the time unless we were out somewhere we were at my place because I think Lucy was embarrassed about her mom and where they lived especially after she one time came with us to Cait’s place and saw how they lived and Cait realized that and didn’t want to seem like she was just showing off and also I think she was afraid Lucy would somehow pick up on all this stuff that was going on at their place.
And when they both spent the night with me Lucy always slept on the couch I had in my room and Cait slept in my bed of course and Lucy would say “No funny business when I’m here” and so if Cait and I made love we would be really quiet but that was kinda fun and exciting anyway and one evening because I felt bad about Lucy sleeping like that I said “I can sleep on the couch tonight and you can have the bed with Cait” and they looked at each other and Lucy said “No, I don’t mind” and at the same time Cait said “Yeah okay” and we laughed and Lucy blushed and said “Yeah sure I guess, why not” and when they went to bed they laid head to toe and I made myself as comfortable as I could on the couch and then I said “No funny business you two” and Cait said “Can’t promise anything” and Lucy didn’t say anything and it took a while for me to fall asleep because I had this weird feeling like I was jealous, and it was weird because I couldn’t decide which one of them I felt like that for, but finally I fell asleep and then I woke up when Cait was kneeling beside me and she whispered “I can’t sleep” and I said “Why not?” and she said “Because she keeps pressing her ass against mine” and I giggled quietly and said “Yeah, she does that” and Cait giggled too and then she started touching me and I said “Did it turn you on when she did that ?” and she said “No” but she was lying and she ran her hand up and down my pussy and we kissed and then she stood up and straddled my face with one foot on the floor and she pulled her panties to the side for me and I licked her pussy until she came and it didn’t take long, and then when Cait went back to bed she laid down next to Lucy the normal way and I don’t know if she did it on purpose or if she just wasn’t thinking, but anyway when Lucy woke up that morning she acted like she didn’t care or hadn’t noticed but still she was kind of in a hurry to leave and so Cait and I took her home and then Cait took me to her place before she went to work because she was only working a few hours that day and then we both had the weekend off.

And it was still really early and I didn’t think anyone was up yet and I went in to the kitchen and Cait’s dad was there sitting by the table drinking coffee and we hadn’t really talked since he fucked me that time because he had to leave again just a day or so after that, but now he was home obviously and he said “Hi” and I said “Hi” and then I poured myself a cup of coffee and I said “Is aunt Beth home?” and he said “Just left” and so without a word I put my cup down on the table and knelt down in front of him between his legs and I started to rub the bulge in his pants and I looked up at him and then I said “Can I see it?” and he just nodded and I pulled the zipper down and he didn’t have any underwear on and I grabbed his cock and pulled it out and it was like pulling a snake out of a hole in the ground and I just held it a little and just felt the weight of it and then I put my lips to the tip of it and kissed it and I stuck my tongue out and licked the underside of the head and kinda rubbed it on my tongue but I didn’t put it in my mouth yet and then I lifted it a little and licked the underside of it from where it came out of his pants and up to the tip and back down again and his pants were in the way so I undid the button and pulled at them and I got them down just enough and he grabbed his balls and lifted them out and I licked the underside of it again, up and back down and then I licked his balls too and I ran my lips up and down and all over his cock, and then I took the head in my mouth and I closed my eyes and let my tongue swipe around it and I heard him moan and now I could feel the head grow in my mouth and his cock got so hard in my hands and I started to suck it and I took it as far down my throat as I could and I tried to do everything a little differently than I had before so he wouldn’t know.

And then I stood up in front of him and hiked my skirt up and pulled my panties off and dropped them on the floor, and he took his pants off and I placed myself over his lap and grabbed his cock and put it in between my pussy lips and I was so wet I could just slide right down and it was so big and I had to hold myself up as I rode him and so I put my hands on his shoulders and he held my ass and we kissed, and soon I couldn’t hold back anymore and I fucked him so fast and then I came and when I was done I just collapsed and hugged him while I was breathing heavily but he lifted me up and still with his cock inside of me he carried me over to the kitchen counter and it felt so good the way it moved when he did and he sat me down and grabbed the back of my neck with both hands and then he fucked me hard and fast and I screamed and when he came he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and I came again and I could feel his cum fill me up and ooze out around his cock as he kept pumping it in and out.

And then he walked back to the table and put his pants back on and I sat there just looking down at my pussy, watching his cum drip out of it and onto the counter, and I looked up at him and I must have been grinning like a fool because he said “What’s that smile for, beautiful?” and I shrugged and was just kicking my feet in the air and then I said “I like it when you call me that”.
And he came back to me and grabbed my knees and almost forced my legs apart wide and I almost fell backwards, and then he put two of his fingers in the mess I had made on the counter and he picked it up and put those fingers in my mouth and I sucked eagerly on them, tasting the mix of his cum and my juice and as I did he bent down and stuck his tongue in my pussy.

And he was lapping up his own cum and my pussy juice and it was so hot and I moaned with his fingers in my mouth and he licked my clit until I had another orgasm. And then he lifted me down and we kissed a little and then I went to take a shower and he slapped my ass as I left the kitchen.

Then later when Cait came home from work I was sunbathing by the pool and her dad had left and she changed into her bikini and joined me and we spent the whole day there and I didn’t tell her anything but I was going to, I just didn’t know how yet but then in the evening we went in to the kitchen to make ourselves something to eat and I was standing with my head in the fridge looking for something when I heard Cait behind me say “So… do you have something to tell me, babe?” and I turned around and she was standing by the table with my panties hanging from her fingertip.

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