Part 24: Lucy in the sky

“So was it mom or dad?” Cait said. “Or both?”
And I didn’t answer right away, I kept examining her face to see if she was angry or what she was thinking but I couldn’t tell so finally I said “Your dad”.
And we just stared at each other for a while and then Cait just walked out of the kitchen, and I was a little stunned but then after a few seconds I went after her and I saw her at the top of the stairs and I said “Cait, wait” but she didn’t even turn around and I ran after her and when I got upstairs she had gone to her room and I tried to open the door but it was locked. And her door had never ever been locked before, I didn’t even know you could lock it really and I knocked carefully and I said “Cait? Baby?” but she didn’t answer and I said “Cait, come on. Please open” but she still didn’t answer so I said “Baby, I’m sorry. Can’t we talk about it?” and then she said “Go away”.
And I said “No. I’m not going. Open the door” but she shouted “Go! Away!” and so I did.

And I went downstairs and sat down in the living room and I called my mom and asked her if she could come and take me home and she didn’t ask why or anything and she just said “Sure, be right there” and when she arrived about half an hour later Cait was still in her room and I had just been sitting on the couch the whole time doing nothing and mom texted me with ‘I’m here’ and I went outside and got in the car and I was still in my bikini and flip-flops and mom drove off and I didn’t say anything but then after a few minutes she said “So what’s up?” and I started to cry.
And mom just kept quiet and let me cry and I cried more and more, tears and snot and shoulders shaking and everything and then after a while when I had calmed down a little mom said “Whatever you did, she’ll forgive you. It’ll be all right” and that made me so angry and I said “Why do you always assume I did something!?” and mom said “No, I’m sorry. But… Cait would never do anything to hurt you” and I said “Oh so but I’m a selfish bitch, huh?” and she said “No. You’re not. But you are… well… impulsive.”

And then none of us said anything for a while and then mom said “So, what happened?” and I said “Nothing” and she said “Something happened. What did you do?” and now I was crying again and mom said “Tell me” and I said “No!” and mom said “What did you do?” again so I shouted “I fucked…!” but I cut myself off and hid my face in my hands and mom said “You fucked up” and that was a relief and I nodded and mom said “Obviously” and I said “Mom, please” and she said “Sorry, honey” and she was about to say something else but then Lucy called.

And seeing Lucy’s name and picture on my phone made me cry even more for some reason but I answered anyway and I said “Hey” and she was happy like always and she said “Hey, what are you doing?” and I said “Nothing” and then she said “What’s wrong?” and I said “Nothing” again.
“You’re crying” she said and she sounded really worried and I said “Yeah” and then I said “Can I come over?” and she said “Of course”.
So I asked mom to take me to Lucy instead and she did.

And Lucy and I went to her room and we sat on her bed and she said “You and Cait had a fight, huh?” and I said “Yeah” and Lucy said “What did you do?” and I said “Seriously??”

And I just fell back on her bed and said “So, I’m a cheating slut, and everyone gets it but me”, and Lucy laid down next to me on her side with her elbow on the pillow and her chin in her hand and she said “Yeah, you are” and I turned to her and tears welled up in my eyes again and she tucked my hair behind my ear and she said “You can tell me about it if you want to” and I just shook my head slowly and she smiled and said “Okay” and she was so beautiful and I wanted to kiss her and then her phone rang and I wished there were no such things as phones in the whole world but at the same time I was so glad for the interruption and her phone was on her desk and she got up and answered it and it was her boyfriend of course and she said “Hey, can I call you back?” and then he said something and she said “Maybe, okay?” and then “Thanks” and she was looking at me and she waited too long because she said “I lo…” but he hung up.

And she puckered her lips and I said “Ouch” and she said “What?” and I said “That sucks” and she shrugged and I said “Was that your first?” and she said “First what?” and I said “Your first ‘I love you’?” and she said “No” and I said “Good”.
And she sat down on the bed again and I said “So you love him, huh?” and she nodded slowly and I was about to say something but she said “He keeps asking me to come stay with him till school starts” and I said “Don’t you want to?” and she said “Yeah, I do. But…” and I said “But what?”
But she just blushed and didn’t answer and I gasped and said “You two haven’t had sex yet!” and she shook her head and I said “Why not?” and she said “I don’t know. Because…” and I said “Because you’re a virgin and you’re scared” and she said “I’m not a virgin.”

“Really?” I said. “Who was the guy and why don’t I know about it?”
“There’s no guy” she said. “That’s not what I meant.”
“Honey, your vibrator doesn’t count.”
“It kinda does” she said and I gasped again and said “You have a vibrator??” and she blushed so bad and she said “No” and I said “Let me see it” and she said “I don’t have one” and I said “Then what is it? What do you use?” and she said “Nothing” and I said “Tell me” and she said “No”.
“Please” I said and she said “You’ll think I’m a freak.”
“I wont. I swear. Tell me.”
And she stared at me and then she hid her face in her hands and she said “Arrgh” like she was fighting herself because a part of her wanted to tell me and then she spoke into the palms of her hands and I could barely hear what she said when she said “I can show you”.
“Where is it?” I said and she said “No, I mean… I can show you what I do.”
“Oh” I said. “Yeah, okay, if you want to.”
“But if I’m ugly, you have to tell me.”
“Like… if I look ugly or weird or anything when I… you know, when I… orgasm. Then you have to tell me.”
“Honey” I said. “You and ugly can’t coexist. It’s like a law of nature or something” and she said “I’m serious. Promise you’ll tell me” and I said “Sure, I promise” and everything about Cait was forgotten and instead I was excited and thrilled really and I couldn’t believe what was happening and Lucy said “Okay then”.

And she stood up and took all her clothes off really quick like she had to do it before she changed her mind and I had seen her naked lots of times so it shouldn’t have been a big deal but this time it was a big deal and her body was turning me on so much but I had to fight it and she looked at me and said “You can… like, sit at the end of the bed or something” and I did just that and she just stood there for a while and I thought she was really going to change her mind and she put her face in her hands again and said “Ohh” like she wasn’t sure if she wanted to do it but then she turned and picked up the giant stuffed unicorn she had from the floor by the bed.
And it was pink and the size of a big dog or a small horse and it had a horn that was rubber or something and if you squeezed it it would light up and twinkle in all kinds of colors.

And she put it on the bed in front of me with its head facing the headrest and its tail pointing at me and legs spread out and then she looked at me and she said “Don’t laugh” and I said “I wont”.
And then she said “And you can’t say anything. Or do anything. Just… be like you’re not even here, okay?” and I said “Okay” and she sat down on the bed with her back to the headrest and she spread her legs so the unicorn was between them and the she looked at me again and said “And you can’t ever tell anyone, not ever ever” and I said “Of course” and I couldn’t take my eyes off her pussy and she always kept it completely shaved but now I could see it was like she had never had any hair there at all, it was just so smooth and perfect even around her asshole which was just slightly darker than the skin around it and her pussy lips were plump and looked so sweet and I thought ‘If Cinderella was real, her pussy would look just like Lucy’s’ and then Lucy spat in her hand, or more like she just let her spit drip onto her hand and she coated the unicorn’s horn with it and my heart was beating so fast and then she spat in her hand again and rubbed it on her pussy and she didn’t look at me at all, like she was pretending I wasn’t there and then she put the tip of the horn inside herself.
And she gripped the horn with both hands and at first she just pushed it in like an inch or two, in and out slowly. But after a while her face got really flushed and she actually stuck the tip of her tongue out through her teeth and she grabbed a hold of the unicorn’s ears and pulled it to her so it went all the way in and she made these “Oooohhmm” sounds and she just fucked herself like that ever so slowly and I looked down at myself and I had a dark, wet spot on the front of my bikini bottom and I wanted to touch myself but I didn’t think she would like that so I didn’t but it was almost painful not to.
Then after she had been doing it for a while and she had these tiny drops of sweat on her forehead she held the unicorn’s head tight and kept the horn inside her as she got up on her knees and if it had been real she would have snapped the neck of it and she sat on the head and then still holding it by the ears she started rocking back and forth and suddenly the lights inside the horn turned on and she said “Ooohhhh” as if she could feel it and it went from blue to green to yellow to red to purple and then blue again and it was almost magical and then she let go of it and fucked it faster as she ran her hands up and down the back of it stroking the fur and then she grabbed the tail and pulled it to her and lifted it and she grabbed around the whole thing and hugged it.

And she squeezed it tighter and tighter and she went faster and faster and she threw her head back and I had never seen her so beautiful and my pussy was tingling and I looked down again and saw I was touching myself and so I stopped before she could see me but she never even opened her eyes and then she said “Oooohhh no” and she came and her whole body shook a little and then she kind of went stiff for a few seconds and then she let go of the toy and she fell forward on her hands, breathing hard.

And then she pushed the unicorn down off the bed and crawled backwards to the headrest and curled up in the corner, hugging her knees with one arm and her feet with the other and only then did she look at me.

And she looked like she was waiting for me to burst out laughing and none of us said anything and she put her hands over her mouth and she said “I’m so sorry” and I said “Lucy…” and she hid her face completely and she said “I know…” and I said “You are so beautiful” and she lowered her hands a little and looked at me and I said “That was so beautiful” and she seemed surprised and she said “Really?” and I nodded and she just whispered “Thanks”.

And I spent the night there in her bed of course and when I was sure she had fallen asleep I made myself come, with my face as close to her feet as I dared to without waking her up and then I fell asleep and I woke up in the middle of the night because she was pushing her knee in my side and she whispered “Your phone” and I said “Huh?” and she said “Your phone has been ringing all night” and it was and I had it on the floor by the bed and I picked it up and the light from it hurt my eyes and it was hard to see at first but it was Cait and I pushed the button and I said “Hey” and she said “Hey” and then she didn’t say anything for a long time and then I said “Are we okay?”

And she said “Yeah”.
And then she said “Can I come over?” and I said “Now??” and she said “Yeah. Please?” and I said “Well, uhh…”

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