Part 26: The cheated

Lucy only stayed at home for two days after the funeral and her boyfriend and I stayed there with her, and I assumed he would sleep in her room but when it was time to go to bed that first night I told him the thought of sleeping in Lucy’s mom’s bed kind of creeped me out so I said I’d rather sleep on the couch but he said “No, no. Go stay with Lucy. She needs you more than she needs me now. I’ll take her mom’s bed.”

And as I got up to go upstairs he said “And the kiss… shouldn’t have happened so let’s pretend it didn’t” and I just nodded.
And Lucy was still asleep and I laid down beside her the way I always did but then some time during the night she crawled up to me and put her arms around me and she slept with her head on my chest and I felt her tears on my tits all night.

And then she went home with him and I didn’t see her again till like maybe two months after school had started because she decided to go to a different college than the one she was supposed to go to that we were all going to together, and he paid for it and for her to get her driver’s license and he bought her a car and everything.

And school sucked at first, it wasn’t the way Cait and I had thought it would be at all and it was just hard work really and her mom was so busy and her dad was too and we hardly ever saw each other and if her mom and dad were both home for the weekend or whatever there was always some woman that showed up and it seemed to be a different woman every time and Cait and I had our spot behind the glass wall where we could watch them and we did every time even though almost exactly the same thing happened every time.
It would be just Cait’s mom and the woman talking for a while at first and a few times that was all they did and then the woman would leave but usually after a while Cait’s mom would say something to her and then the woman would get up from the couch and she would go over to a chair they had put in the middle of the room and sit down and then Cait’s mom would leave but she would come back right away with Cait’s dad and he would be naked and blindfolded and with his hands tied behind his back and she would place him in front of the woman and she would do I guess whatever she wanted with him.

And some of them would do a lot and some didn’t really do anything but just looked at him and masturbated or watched as Cait’s mom jerked him off until he came.

There was this one woman for example, a brunette maybe 50 years old or so and when Cait’s dad came out she just shook her head frantically and so Cait’s mom got behind him and started to jerk him off from behind and the woman’s eyes widened more and more as his cock grew and she drew back like she was scared of it but then suddenly just when he was about to come she put her face right in front of it and let him come on her face.
But another time there was a woman, also a brunette but she was maybe 30 and when she saw his cock her jaw dropped and she grabbed it and put it in her mouth right away and she sucked it eagerly and she was obviously good at it because he came really fast and I don’t even think it got fully erect before he did and she took it all in her mouth and then she stood up and she kissed him as she rubbed his cock with her hands and we could see his cum dripping down her chin and down his too when they kissed and she pushed his cum into his mouth and then she got down on her knees and sucked him off again and made him so hard and then after a while she stood up and kissed him again and she stood really close to him and put his cock between her thighs and she had to stand on her toes to do it and she just moved her body back and forth, gliding her pussy on his cock.
Then she turned around and bent over and she took his cock and put it inside herself and she steadied herself on the chair as she let him fuck her.
And he came inside of her and she came too and aunt Beth just watched them

But she didn’t always just watch, sometimes she would join them and make it a full-blown threesome and Cait’s dad always had the blindfold on.
And sometimes it was just Cait’s mom and the woman having sex and her dad wasn’t even there, and I think Cait liked those the most because when that happened she could never keep her hands away from her pussy or from mine and a couple times Cait and I ended up fucking each other there on the stairs while her mom fucked some strange woman in the living room below.
And Cait’s mom knew of course because there was a few times when we weren’t quiet enough and she would wrap her legs around the woman’s head or just scream really loud to drown us out.

And I couldn’t help but picture Cait in that chair. It was my favorite fantasy for a long time and I told Cait about it one time in her bed and she just laughed and shook her head but she moaned too because I had my hand on her clit at the time and she said “Tell me about it” and so I made up a story about her and her mom and dad and I was there too and I had both of them blindfolded, and Cait came so hard.

But it never happened of course.
And nothing more ever happened with me and her dad, or her mom, and it was just Cait and me together for a while and that was really nice.

But I missed Lucy so much and Cait actually missed her too but I didn’t get that until later because of what happened then, but when we got school under control we would go and visit them, and sometimes it was both Cait and me and sometimes it was just me and the first time I saw Lucy after her mom had died I thought she would probably still be really sad but she wasn’t and she was this happy girl again and that was so good to see and the two of them seemed to be so happy together and then one weekend when I was at their place and it was just Lucy and me because her boyfriend was working she sat on the couch with me and then she said “Do you ever think about getting married and stuff?” and I said “Oh shit, did he propose to you??” and she said “No, of course not but I guess I think maybe he will soon” and I said “That’s great” and she said “I guess so”.

And I said “What do you mean, don’t you want him to?” and she said “No, not yet. I mean, I do but I don’t think I could say Yes so I don’t I guess” and I said “Why wouldn’t you say Yes? You have to. You’re like perfect together” and she said “Yeah I know, but still…” and I said “What?” but she just shrugged and didn’t want to say anything else and I didn’t ask and then later I told Cait about it and she said “Oh that’s easy, Lucy is just too virtuous, she’ll never marry him so long as she’s also in love with someone else” and I said “What are you talking about, who could she possibly..?” and Cait said “You” and I said “What?” and she said “Lucy’s in love with you, baby” and I said “No she’s not” and Cait said “She is. Ask her.”

And I said “I don’t have to ask her because I know that’s just stupid” and Cait said “Fine, I’ll ask her” and I said “No you won’t” and she said “I will” and I said “Cait, please don’t. She’s not and it’s impossible and just stupid so please don’t do that” and Cait said “Okay, fine, I won’t.”

But she did anyway and she even drove all the way over to Lucy’s place to do it and I didn’t know about it until Lucy called me late one night when I was at home and when I picked up the phone she just said “So that was bizarre” and I said “What was?” and she said “Cait coming over here, alone, without you” and I said “She did? Why?” and Lucy said “Because she’s a jealous bitch” and I gasped and said “Lucy!” because the Lucy I knew would never use that word about anyone and then I said “She’s not, don’t call her that” and Lucy said “Oh yeah? Well she asked me if I was in love with you, you know” and I said “Oh”.
And then I said, so softly that I almost couldn’t hear it myself, “Are you?” and she said “No! Of course not!” and then she went quiet for a bit and then she said “So I think maybe it’s time you choose between us. Me or her?” and I said “Lucy, no. Please don’t say that, why would you say that? Why are you so angry? What else did she say?” and Lucy just said “Me or her?” again and I said “No, I can’t do that. Please.”
“Yeah, whatever. Look, I have to go anyway. Bye.”
And then she hung up.

And I called Cait right away and I was so angry I was shaking and she said “Hey babe” and I said “What are you doing?” and she said “Driving, on my way home” and I said “I mean, why did you go to Lucy?” and she laughed and said “I had to ask her” and I said “Okay, fine so you did and she said No and now you know, but you shouldn’t have done that” and Cait said “She lied” and I said “What?” and Cait said “She lied. That’s why I had to ask her face to face. And when I told her I didn’t believe her, she got really angry. So then I definitely don’t believe her.”
And I said “Cait, that’s not how it works” and Cait sighed and said “Fine, I’ll turn around and go back and apologize” and I said “No you won’t! Please just come home, okay?” but she just said “I’ll call you later” and then she hung up on me too.

And I tried to call her again but she didn’t answer so then I tried to call Lucy but she didn’t answer either and then I tried to sleep but I couldn’t and Cait didn’t call me back and in the morning I tried to call them again but none of them answered so I decided to drive over to Lucy’s place but I had to wait for mom to come home so I could borrow her car, and she was a bit late that day of course and then the drive took almost three hours and so it was almost night when I got there and I parked the car in the parking garage under the building and I recognized Cait’s car there and I went up to the penthouse and I didn’t even knock because I never had to knock where Lucy lived before so I never did there either and I just went inside and Cait and Lucy were on the couch, or actually Lucy was on the couch and Cait was on the floor in front of her, between her legs and they were both naked.

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