Part 27: If you can't be with the one you love…

I had actually expected to find them fighting, just pounding on each other and clawing each other’s faces and pulling each other’s hair, so when I saw them like that for like half a second that’s what I thought they were doing, that they had been fighting and had ripped each other’s clothes off and Cait had thrown Lucy down and Lucy had gotten her in a headlock between her thighs or something stupid like that but that’s how my brain made sense of the whole thing.
And then I thought I was hallucinating or dreaming, I really did because what I saw was just impossible so I wasn’t even there, I was at home in bed and I was sleeping and this was just a dream, a wet dream but a bad dream and I really really needed to wake up.

Because it hurt.
And the thing that hurt wasn’t that Cait was cheating on me. Well, that hurt too of course but not so much that she was actually doing it but that she had told me so many times that she would never do it and I had idolized her for that and now this perfect person that would never cheat on me wasn’t so perfect after all and that ‘fall from grace’ thing hurt.
But what hurt the most was seeing Lucy like that and the thing that kept running through my head was ‘That should have been me’ and I should have been her first and that’s why I had hated her boyfriend so much because he got to be her first and I had probably even hated her stuffed unicorn in a way because that thing actually got to be her first really, and Lucy was always just so pure and perfect like a goddess and I was her best friend and she was mine and either she should have stayed untouched all her life or I should get to be the one to touch her first. She was mine to defile, if that makes any sense at all and that probably makes me a horrible person but that’s how I felt, but now she had done all these things without me and at least I had had dibs on being her first girl if that was ever going to happen, how could that ever be anyone but me? And now that was gone too and that hurt because there was nothing more left and Lucy wasn’t mine after all.

She was somebody else’s.
She was Cait’s.

And they hadn’t seen me, so I just turned around and walked out the door. And I stood there in the hallway for a second just to get it through my head that I wasn’t dreaming I guess and then I walked to the elevator but then I heard Cait behind me and she said “Baby?” and I turned around and she was standing there in the door completely naked and her hair was a mess and I realized I was looking at her through my tears and I said “It’s okay, Cait” and Cait said “Come inside, please” and I said “No, I’m going home” and I pushed the button by the elevator doors but then Cait came out and walked up to me and she took my hands and she said “No, baby. Come inside, please.”

And I let her take me back inside, and Lucy was putting her clothes back on but she had only gotten her panties on and when I walked in she covered her tits like she was for the first time ever embarrassed that I had seen her naked and then she said “It just happened” and I said “How?” and I didn’t really want to know the details about how it had happened but what I meant was how could Cait get her when I never could?’
And Lucy shrugged and said “I don’t know, it just… happened” and then she sat down and Cait walked over to her and sat down next to her and she actually took her hand and Lucy let her and seeing that hurt way more than all those other things, and I sat down on the couch opposite them and I said “But… you hate each other”.
And they looked at each other and Cait said “Yeah, I guess that’s why it happened” and I said “What?” and Lucy turned to me and said “Look, Cait’s just… she’s not you and I’m not me” and I said “What??” again.

And then Lucy said “You always had all these girlfriends, but you never even looked at me like that. Even when I was there, you always waited till you thought I was asleep. Like with Veronica. When you thought I was asleep, you couldn’t keep your hands off her.
And Veronica… she even asked me out several times. And she tried to kiss me and… other things too, but you never did. And I wanted to wait for you. But I’m just not your type, I get that. I like pink and rainbows and unicorns and Tinker Bell and c***dish stuff like that. And you’re into girls that will stick their… their… pussy in your face on the first date.
And I thought maybe I could change, but I can’t. Not around you because you’re the only one I could always be the real me with.
And when I met Tobey, you just left me. You just let us be, like I was finally out of your hair. And now I’m with him, and you’re gone.
And then Cait shows up and she’s angry, but she gets it. She knows you and she understands what I’m talking about. And we talked all night and all day, and it was like… she’s not you but she’s almost you, in a way. So she’s the you that I can be a different me around. You know? So I…”

“So she stuck her pussy in my face” Cait said and laughed a little and Lucy said “I did not!”
And Cait said “It’s like they say, if you can’t be with the one you love, be with her cousin” but we didn’t laugh and Cait rolled her eyes like she was saying ‘Tough crowd’.

And then Lucy got up and walked over to me and sat down on my lap straddling me and she said “I’m sorry I lied” and I said “What?” again and it felt like I was never going to be able to say anything other than that word in my life, and she said “I’m sorry I lied. About being in love with you.”

And I whispered “I’m in love with you too” and I had a lump in my throat really and I heard Cait say “Told you” but her words disappeared into this cloud that suddenly wrapped around my brain because Lucy kissed me.

And I kissed her back and she tasted so sweet and I didn’t realize until then how much I had wanted this and then she unbuttoned my blouse and she put her arms under it and around me as she kissed me more and she unsnapped my bra and she put her hands under it and on my tits and just massaged my nipples with her palms for a while and then she pushed herself down, slowly gliding down my legs until she was crouching on the floor and she pulled at my pants and I lifted my ass so she good pull them down and she pulled my shoes and my pants off and I was almost hyperventilating and I looked at Cait and I couldn’t really read her face and I thought about telling Lucy to stop because I guess that would have been the right thing to do but there was just no way I was going to do that and anyway she had already gotten my panties off and she pushed my knees apart and then she looked up at me and the innocent fairy tale princess that couldn’t hear naughty words without blushing was back and she said “It’s my first time, so… you have to tell me if I’m… bad” and I nodded and she put her mouth on my pussy.

And she wasn’t bad, she was wonderful. I mean I could tell she hadn’t done it before but the way she tried, the way she tasted me and explored me and felt her way around all of me like she was genuinely curious, like she was doing it more for herself than for me, was amazing.
And then Cait got up and came towards us and this time I recognized the look in her face and she sat down next to me and we kissed and she held the back of my head with one hand and ran her other hand all over my body and some times she stroked Lucy’s hair too and then Lucy put her lips around my clit and used her tongue on it like she was french kissing it and then she kissed it and let go several times so she made that wet, smacking ‘mwah!’ sound and it sent lightning through my body and when she realized I like it so much she kept doing it and I was about to come and I threw my arms around Cait’s neck and her tongue was wrestling mine and Lucy went “Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!” and I came and I pulled Cait to me and just hugged her so tight and my body shook and twitched and I said “Hhnnnggg!” in Cait’s ear and Lucy kept kissing it and kissing it until I had to push her face away because it was almost torture and she looked at me like I had hurt her feelings and she said “Didn’t you like it?” and I was catching my breath as I said “I… loved it but… you have to… know when to… stop” and she said “Oh” and then she smiled like she was so proud and she got up and sat down next to me and I had Cait on my right and Lucy on my left and I was in heaven and Lucy put her head on my shoulder and then she said “You taste like pumpkin pie spice” and I said “Uhm…” and Cait burst out laughing and Lucy said “What? You do!”

And then Lucy made popcorn and we watched a movie, or really we watched the first ten minutes of a movie and we didn’t even touch the popcorn because we went to go to bed instead and Lucy wanted us to sleep in her bed even though Cait and I kinda had our own bedroom there by then, and the three of us showered together and we brushed our teeth together pushing and shoving each other and giggling like we were 9 year olds or something and then we went to bed and they had a huge bed and Lucy laid down and then Cait and I laid down with her between us and so our feet were on their pillows and our heads were by Lucy’s feet and Lucy said “Ha hahh! Very funny!”

And we didn’t sleep at all that night.

And then early in the morning we were just talking and we were talking about Lucy’s boyfriend and I suddenly felt really bad and so I said “Lucy…” and she was resting her head on my thigh just looking up at the ceiling and almost drifting off to sleep and Cait was sitting crossed-legged next to me just running her fingers up and down my arm and Lucy said “Mhm?” and I said “I… kissed him once” and Cait said “Oh wow” and Lucy said “I know”.

“You know??” I said and she flipped over and looked at me and she said “Of course. He told me. We tell each other everything.”
And I said “Oh” and Lucy said “You have to do that, you know. If you love someone.”
And I said “I know.”

And we were just silent for a few minutes and then Lucy sat up and grabbed her phone from the nightstand and I said “It’s four in the morning” and she said “That’s okay” and she called him and it took a while for him to pick up and we could hear him say “Hey angel” and Lucy jumped down from the bed and walked out of the room and as she did we heard her say “I have to tell you something.”

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