Part 28: Two plus one is four

So that’s what I meant when I said all my dreams came true. I got to be with Cait’s dad and I got to be with Lucy, and Cait still loved me, and Cait and I realized we were going to be together forever and we both wanted Lucy to be a part of that and we both moved on from that thing with her dad and it wasn’t like I fell out of love with him but more like it just wasn’t that important anymore or maybe I just learned what love really is and so now he was just Cait’s dad and maybe that helped when what happened later happened.

Because even when you’re having a wonderful dream, sometimes bad things happen. Like, you’re dreaming about just walking through a meadow and the sun is shining and birds are singing and then suddenly you’re chased by wolves or something. Like when Lucy’s mom died, or like those times when I thought I had lost Cait.

But for now, and up until the really big wolves came, everything was great. Too good to be true almost and maybe too good to last, I don’t really know yet, there’s still one sneaky wolf behind me, the ugliest, meanest and scariest of them all.

But now, it was Cait and Lucy and me, and you can love more than just one person like that, and they can love you back.
If you tell them everything.

And in the beginning I really thought Lucy would leave her boyfriend, that that would be inevitable because it was supposed to be the three of us, and I wanted that to happen I guess and I kinda thought Cait and Lucy wanted that too but when Lucy realized that’s what I was thinking, she was almost angry and she said “No. Never!”
And that was okay anyway because Cait and I were there every weekend now and he wasn’t home in the weekends usually so the three of us would share their bed, and those times when he was home Cait and I would sleep in our room. And he knew everything.

And it was Lucy’s idea to make it so that it was all four of us. And at first I thought that would be really cool and Cait did too and she was even more excited about it than I was but then Lucy said “If you love him too.”

And that was such a strange thing to say and she looked at us like she wanted us to, like she needed us to. And Cait didn’t think it through because she just said “Sure” and Lucy smiled and looked at me but I had to say “Lucy… I don’t know.”
And Lucy said “Oh” and I said “I just… I guess I have to think about that” and she said “Of course, I get it” and then Cait and I were on our way home and Cait was driving of course because after that first time when I had taken mom’s car and I had been away the whole weekend and she had to take the bus and then another bus to get to work and she was so angry with me, it was always Cait driving, and I said “Do you really love him?” and she said “Yeah. I mean, not like I love you but that’s impossible anyway. And not even like I love Lucy. But with what’s left I guess.”
And that made sense to me, and then she said “I think it’s like a dad thing to me”.

And that was like ‘Wham!’, like a revelation, like all the thoughts that had bundled up in my mind over the last couple of years until they were like a ball of yarn with knots and tangles everywhere just suddenly came undone all at once. Because it was like a dad thing for all of us. Lucy’s dad had left her mom before she was even born and Lucy’s mom had never really gotten over that, and it was the same with my dad and Lucy and I had always had that thing between us like a bond even though we never talked about it, and a couple of times when I was younger I had asked mom about my dad but then she always got this look like she was angry or maybe worried or just upset or something and she didn’t tell me anything and I didn’t really need to know anyway. And then of course Cait and all the stuff with her dad, and Tobey was someone she could see as a dad and at the same time a boyfriend and a lover and everything.
And I could too. I wanted that too.

So two weeks later he was going to be home for the weekend and when Cait and I got there they had made dinner for us and we had a good time and we had some wine and then Lucy said to him “Maybe we can all share our bed tonight?”
And I think he just took it as a joke at first because he laughed, but of course he knew just like Cait and I did that Lucy would never joke about something like that and he looked so bewildered and he said “Uh, I don’t think that’s a good idea” and Cait and I were a bit shocked really but Lucy tilted her head and looked at him with her puppy eyes and she fluttered her eyelashes like she was about to cry, and there’s not a creature in the universe that can say no to her when she does that and he said “Are you sure?” and she said “Yes. Please?” and so of course he said “Yes. Okay, I mean, sure. Why not?” and he was struggling to not seem too excited about it.

And Lucy said “Yay!” and clapped her hands even and then she grabbed his hand and pulled him with her and they went to the bedroom and Cait and I looked at each other and weren’t really sure if we were supposed to go after them yet but then after just a few seconds we both shrugged and emptied our glasses and then we did.
And Lucy was already undressing and when we walked in she only had her socks on and she walked up to me and started to undress me and I actually felt a little nervous, and when I was naked she moved over to Cait and took her clothes off too and she didn’t do it in a sexy way or anything like that but just pulled her sweater over her head and threw it on the floor and pulled her pants and panties and her socks off all at once and Cait laughed and said “Slow down” but Lucy shook her head and said “Nuh-uh”, and then she pushed us both over to the bed and we got on it and he was just standing there watching us as we started to kiss and play with each other and Lucy took the lead for the first time ever really.
She laid down with Cait and me on each side of her and she grabbed our heads and pulled us to her tits and we started to lick and suck her nipples and she moaned and I put my hand on her pussy and she was already so wet, and smooth and slippery of course and then Cait’s hand joined mine and Lucy spread her legs and then she looked at him and she said “Come” and we watched as he took his clothes off and we had seen him naked before now and then but now his cock was big and hard and Lucy looked at it and said “Mmm” and it wasn’t as big as Cait’s dad’s really but almost and it was rougher in a way but in a good way, and it was all shaved except for a patch just at the root of it and Lucy had told us one time that she made him do it like that, and I liked it.
And he crawled up in the bed with us between Lucy’s legs and he put his cock inside of her right away and she moaned more and they kissed, and then she grabbed his chin and turned his face to me and I kissed him too and then she turned him to Cait and she kissed him.
And Cait kept kissing him and wouldn’t let go of him and Lucy looked at them and just smiled and I put my mouth on her nipples again and my fingers on her clit and every time he pushed his cock deep in her my hand got caught between them, and soon I could tell Lucy was about to come because she was grabbing at the headrest and pulling the sheets and the pillows, and pulling my hair and Cait’s hair and everything and she was curling her toes and all the things she would do just before and then she said “Oh! Oh! Oh noo! Oh no! Oh!” and she came, and Cait and Tobey were still kissing and then he said “Oh fuck!” into her mouth and he fucked Lucy faster and then he came too.

And he sat up and we figured he probably needed a minute and Cait crawled over Lucy and kinda pushed her away from the middle of the bed and took her place and then she grabbed me and we kissed and I kissed my way down her body to her pussy and I licked her, and Lucy sat up with Tobey and they kissed and she played with his cock, jerking him off and I looked at them and he was getting harder but he wasn’t quite there yet so I took it in my mouth and I sucked his cock until it was rock hard again and I kept using my thumb on Cait’s clit as I did.
And then I moved out of the way and he got between Cait’s legs and then Cait said “Baby?” like she wasn’t sure and she pulled me to her and I realized this was her first time ever with a guy, and I kissed her again and I stroked her hair and she said “I love you.”
And I held her tight as he fucked her.

And probably because he had already come once he fucked her for so long, in different ways and she came over and over and Lucy and I just let them do it as we fucked each other next to them, and then after Cait’s maybe third or fourth orgasm he pulled out of her and he moved to me and Lucy was licking me when he put the tip of his cock to my pussy and she grabbed it and guided it in for him, and then she kept licking my clit while he fucked me.
And Cait just moved around from one to the other, kissing him, kissing Lucy, kissing me, until she finally just settled down sitting with her back to the headrest and masturbating. And Lucy saw that and sat up next to her and they both rubbed themselves watching us, and he kissed me and then I came and I said “Oohhhmmyggaah”, and he came too, inside of me and it was warm and it was everywhere and it was wonderful.

So for a while, for months, it was the four of us, and it was perfect, like a dream.
And then everything fell apart.

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