Part 29: The dad thing

There was stuff going on with Cait’s mom and dad but we didn’t know about it because we were never there anymore really and when we were we almost always made sure it was when they weren’t home because we kinda had our own life now, a different one separate from them, and anyway they didn’t tell us about it and I found out later that mom knew of course but they had asked her not to tell us anything because maybe, just maybe it would be alright.
And now I’m glad they didn’t tell us because Cait would have been a very different girl than she was then.

Because she loved everything about that thing the four of us had and the things we did, so much so that every now and then I even felt just a little bit jealous, and she was the one that got us into some of the crazier stuff, like with ropes and whips and stuff and when we had Lucy’s boyfriend tied up in bed and the three of us could do whatever we wanted with him, sometimes she acted like he was hers. But Lucy didn’t mind, she was just so happy that we were in love with him too and she loved watching us with him and when she was the one being tied up, whether her boyfriend was there or not, she came hard over and over again because she loved that and she had us tie her up in all kinds of positions and she told us that was one of her first fantasies, that she was imprisoned in a tower in a castle or something and maybe the king kept her as a sex slave or maybe when the prince came to save her he did other things to her instead or sometimes it was the evil step mom of course.
And seeing Lucy tied up and gagged and helpless always made me so unbelievably horny.
And Cait couldn’t get enough of that either.
Cait couldn’t get enough of Lucy.

Or of her boyfriend, and whatever fantasies Cait may have had, with her mom and dad in mind I guess, she made it real with him.
Like that time she brought her strap-on with her, the one she had found in her mom’s closet and Lucy said “Ooh, use it on me first” but Cait said “No, I’m gonna use it on Tobey.”
And Lucy gasped with her hands on her cheeks and she said “Ohh. Yes. Please!”

And so when he came home he took a shower and then he joined us in the bedroom and by then we had Lucy tied up on the bed and Cait and I took his hands and led him to her and he got on top of her and started to fuck her and Cait put the strap-on on and climbed into bed with them, standing on her knees beside them and she grabbed Lucy by her hair and lifted her head up to it and Lucy sucked it and then after a while Cait pulled it out of Lucy’s mouth and she grabbed his hair and put the tip of the dildo to his lips and he hesitated for just a second but then he opened his mouth and Cait shoved it down his throat.

And he sucked it and I was just watching them but now I laid down on Lucy’s other side and I kissed her and then Cait pulled it out of his mouth and he kissed me and Lucy, and Cait got behind him and that’s when he got it, and he turned to her and he said “Heey” but Lucy lifted her head to him and kissed him again and she whispered “Please” and so he pulled his cock out of her and stood on all fours over her and let Cait do it, and she put so much lube on it and on his ass and I had to sit up and see, and she put it in him and pushed slowly and he said “Hnngh…” but his cock got even harder if possible.
And Cait fucked him and I laid back down and kissed him and Lucy, and I played with Lucy’s pussy and with his cock, and Cait grabbed a hold of his shoulders, squatting over his ass and she was so into it and she was going “Ah!” with every thrust she made; “Ah! Ah! Ah!”

And I was jerking him off and I could feel when he was about to come because it got even thicker and harder and I went faster and then he came and it shot out so hard it even hit Lucy in the face.

And we did so many things like that and it was so wonderful and so much fun and it was just the four of us in the whole world.

But then, and honestly I don’t even know what the pancreas is, but that’s what it was, pancreatic cancer . And it happened faster then they had even thought, and when Cait’s dad died, her mom died too.
Well she didn’t really die of course but she might as well have because she stopped living.
And Cait, she was so broken. And for days she just sat there in her bed at home and she didn’t even speak, and I sat there with her and held her hand and cried with her, and I couldn’t really do anything else.
And her mom just walked around the house, like a ghost just floating from room to room. And they didn’t talk to each other and they didn’t talk to me, and when Cait finally did speak to me all she said was “I don’t think I can make it through this.”

But she did. Slowly. And she came back to school. And she came with me to Lucy now and then, just to be there and maybe feel better. And her mom made it too, in a way.

And I was there when they had that fight and Cait’s mom told her, when she said she was selling the house and her office and everything in it and she was moving to her sister Jessica for a while and maybe start up again there later and buy an apartment or something but she had to leave, she couldn’t stay in this house anymore and she wanted Cait to go with her of course and Cait said “No, mom. I’m staying here. I have school and everything here. And my friends. I’m not going.”
And her mom said “We’ll find another school, a better school” and she looked at me and said “And you can come visit any time, as much as you want.”
But Cait said “No. You can leave, I don’t care. And I don’t care if you sell the house. I can move in with Lucy.”
And Cait’s mom said “Lucy?” and Cait said “Yeah” and her mom said “Lucy who?” and then she looked at me and said “Your friend?” and I nodded and Cait said “My friend too, mom. And more. I’m with them now, I can live with them.”
And her mom said “Marianne’s daughter?” and I nodded and Cait said “Yes” and her mom said “But… she has a boyfriend, she’s not…” and Cait said “And a girlfriend. Two girlfriends. That’s my life now mom, and you can’t say a fucking thing really because you and dad were perverts too!” and I flinched and Cait’s mom looked at us both, her eyes went back and forth between us and she had these lines across her forehead and then she said “No. No, no, no. You’re coming with me, Caitlin. And I don’t want you to have anything to do with that girl!” and Cait said “Why, mom?” but her mom just shouted “Because I say so!” and Cait shouted back “Why, mom!?” and then “Why?! Why, why, why!!?” like she was going crazy and I reached for her just to hold her hand or something but she slapped my hand away and again she shouted “Why mom!?”and her mom shouted the first words back; “Because your dad..!!” and then she stopped herself and she bit her thumbnail and her face was white and she whispered the rest; “Because your dad… is Lucy’s dad.”

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