Part 3: My first was a guy I never saw the face of.

There was this boy at school who asked me out and he was a nice guy so I said yes. And we went to the movies because that’s what you do on a first date, and it’s so stupid because you just sit there next to each other in the dark without saying a word and when you leave two or three hours later the date is almost over and you haven’t learned a thing about each other except that you do or don’t like the same kind of movies, and the movie sucked and I don’t remember what it was called but it must have been ‘Giant alien robots that turn into tiny cars with a new guy in the lead role as if that would make it suck less’, or something. But he thought it was “Awesome!”

And we went on a couple more dates and they weren’t bad, and then one night we ended up at his place and we kissed and he squeezed my tits and said I was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen, and I really had my mind set on someone else to be my first guy but I had no idea how to make that happen so I thought “Why not?” and I let him take his dick out of his pants and I didn’t mean to but I burst out laughing when I saw it. And then he said “Fuck you!” and told me to leave and we didn’t go on any more dates after that.

I told Cait about it and she laughed and said “I’ve ruined everything for you, haven’t I?” and I laughed and said “Yes you have, I’m going to die an old virgin,” because I didn’t know how to tell her who I really planned to make me not a virgin anymore because I thought that would make her jealous even though that was sort of weird and she would probably think it was hot and maybe she’d even have a few ideas but I thought maybe deep down she wouldn’t like it because she couldn’t be a part of that.

He didn’t become my first anyway, he wasn’t even second, and I still kinda wish he had been but that doesn’t matter now.

My first was a guy I never saw the face of. My friends Lucy and Veronica and I were at a concert and it wasn’t someone famous but it was a small place and it was really crowded and I had a mini skirt on and I felt great and we were all having a really good time dancing.
There were some guys behind us dancing too and one of them was bumping into me a lot and it was a little bit annoying but everyone was bumping into everyone so I didn’t say anything, and then the bumping became more like grinding and I still didn’t say anything because I was having so much fun really and I just thought “Whatever”.

And then there was a song I think everyone loved because suddenly it was as if a hundred more people had come in and they were all pushing to get to the stage and everyone was shouting and I couldn’t even move anymore, and the guy behind me hiked my skirt up and I would have turned around and slapped him if I could, and I really tried to when he pulled my panties down a bit but I couldn’t move and he had his hands on my ass cheeks and just kept rubbing and squeezing them.
Then after a minute or so I got my left hand free and put it behind me to push his hands away but the thing I touched wasn’t his hand at all. And it wasn’t big but it wasn’t small either so I grabbed a hold of it and jerked him off a little bit but it was already as hard as it could get and I put the tip of it between my pussy lips. He tried to push it in but he missed and it just went between my thighs so I grabbed it again from between my legs this time and I put it back and I had to stick my ass out and arch my back a little and now he pushed real hard and I almost fell forward but it entered me.

Veronica was standing in front of me and I bumped into her and she turned around to face me and she shouted something but I couldn’t hear her because of the music but I think it was “Whoo! This is great, huh?!” and then she raised her arms and danced some more.
The guy behind me was fucking me and when Veronica noticed she stopped dancing and her jaw dropped and I think she said “What the fuck?!” and I shouted “It’s ok!” and I had to shout it again before she heard me. And then the look in her eyes changed and she smiled and she had this crooked, naughty looking smile she could do where only one of the corners of her mouth would go up, and she moved closer to me and put her arms around my waist and started slow dancing with me even though it didn’t match the music at all. And I couldn’t match her moves either because of the guy thrusting into my pussy, but I put my arms on her shoulders and danced with her anyway and then we kissed. Her tongue was everywhere in my mouth and mine was everywhere in her mouth and she reached down behind me and grabbed my ass and everything felt so good.

Then Lucy turned around to see us, and she was shocked because Lucy is just this really nice, innocent girl and she didn’t know about any of these things about me. But she never saw what was going on behind me, and then she just smiled and shook her head like saying ‘You guys’, and I smiled back at her with Veronica’s tongue in my mouth, and then Lucy turned away and was dancing and jumping again.

I thought the guy fucking me might be about to come because he was going really fast and I didn’t want him to come inside me so when he pulled it out I moved my ass away and he slipped out and when he pushed forward again it just hit my ass, and I reached back and grabbed it and jerked it off for him and when I felt his cum on my ass I heard one of the other guys shout “Hell yeah, dude!” and then I let go of him and then he was gone.

I pulled my panties back up and my skirt back down and I shouted into Veronica’s ear that I thought we should go and she nodded and grabbed Lucy’s shoulder and tilted her head towards the exit and Lucy nodded too and we left.
And outside we found a taxi and we asked Lucy if we could go to her place because her place was the closest and I asked if I could use her shower and Lucy said “Yeah, okay,” and then she said “But we have to be quiet because mom is… not feeling good,” and I felt kind of bad about that and thought that I should go to Lucy’s mom some other day and fix that.

And so we went to Lucy’s place and I took a shower and I threw my panties in the trash and then we were all in Lucy’s room, and Lucy was really tired so she soon fell asleep in her bed and I was sitting at her bedside and Veronica was sitting on the floor, and then Veronica asked me “Are you okay?” and I said “Yeah,” and she said “You kinda look not okay. Do you feel, like, raped or something?” and I said “No,” and she said “What is it then?” and I said “Well, I didn’t exactly get anything out of that, did I?”

And then Veronica gave me that crooked, naughty smile again and she moved closer so she was sitting between my legs and she said “Well, I can take care of that for you,” and I spread my legs and she took care of it for me and Lucy was asleep the whole time.

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