Part 31: Mistaken paternity

So, I don’t really think anyone of you wants to read about how I fucked everything up again, but that’s what I did and that’s really why I’m writing again, and I guess that’s the way it works now, I ruin everything and then I write about it.
My fuck-ups is my muse.

But I wont go there right away. Because everything was so wonderful for so long and you have to know about that first, I have to tell you about some of it first so you know how great everything was and how happy I was, after everything that had happened, and maybe it’s a bad idea because you’ll be like; What a bitch! How could you do that, how could you ruin that?!
Like I care.

We had so much fun. Crazy, sexy fun. Of course.
Like, one time when it was Tobey’s birthday, and Lucy wasn’t home. She had to go to take care of some legal stuff about her mom’s death and she didn’t want to go but she had to and we were having a party later when she came back but on his birthday she wasn’t home so the three of us was really just going to stay home and do nothing but that got boring real quick, and so we went to this place not far from us that is a bowling alley with a nightclub on the floor above it, and we’ve only just gone there a couple times before because it’s not really that great and there’s almost no one there on Fridays like today was and way too crowded on Saturdays.
But we weren’t going to celebrate or anything anyway, just to go out and so we went there, bowling and drinking beer first and Cait and I suck at bowling and Tobey isn’t great at it either but a lot better than us and at least so much better at it that he was way ahead of us and so bowling got boring too and we drank and chatted more than we played, and then it was my turn and I was standing there holding the bowling ball and Cait was standing there with me talking, and just when I was about to throw it she nudged me and nodded towards Tobey and he was sitting behind us chatting with some woman.
And she was maybe in her late twenties or early thirties and she was so obviously hitting on him, sitting real close and putting her hand on his knee when she laughed and all, and Cait and I was like; The nerve of some people! Like, didn’t she see us being with him?
And then it was Cait’s turn and it went in the gutter both times and then it was Tobey’s turn and he was still chatting with her and Cait said “Ahem!” real loud and so he got up and threw his ball and he got a strike and then he said “I’ll go get more beer,” and when he was gone the woman came up to us and she said “Hi” and we said “Hi” but kinda giving her a sour look but she didn’t notice that and she said “I’m Karen” and Cait just said “Okay?” and then Karen said “So, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but… is your dad single?”
And I almost fell over and Cait said “What?” and Karen said “I mean, I didn’t see a ring or anything. So I was just wondering. And if you want me to go away now, I will. But your dad is really cute.”

And then I said “He’s not…” but Cait jumped in and said “Single! He’s not single. I mean, yes he is actually. Kind of.”
“Kind of?” she said.
“Yeah,” Cait said. You know…”
“Does he have a girlfriend or not?” she said and I said “Yes” at the same time Cait said “No” and Karen just raised her eyebrows and Cait said “It’s… complicated” and she said “Oh”.
And then Cait said “Look. He’s our… dad. Right? So we, you know, we care. That’s all” and Karen smiled and said “I understand. Don’t worry, I’ll be nice.”

But then when Tobey came back with a tray with four bottles of beer on it and he said “Would you like to join us?” she said “No, but thanks anyway. I really should head back to my friends. But maybe I’ll see you upstairs?” and then she winked at Cait and me and walked away.
And when she was gone I punched him in the shoulder and said “What the hell are you doing?” and he said “Huh? What did I do?” and I said “Cheating on Lucy”.
“And us” Cait said, and he said “What?? We just talked” and we didn’t tell him anything.

So after we finished bowling we went upstairs to dance and drink some more and there was only five other people there, a couple sitting in a corner and Karen sitting with a man and a woman, and when we walked in she looked at us and waved hello, but that was it and we sat down on the opposite side of the dance floor, and it wasn’t really any good music to dance to but Cait and I danced a little anyway but Tobey just walked over to the bar. And then after a while Karen came up to us again and she said “So, tell me a bit about your dad” and Cait said “Uhm, yeah, okay. So it’s his birthday and we’re just hanging out really” and she said “Oh that’s so sweet” and then she said “And your mom?” and Cait said “Well, mom moved away some time ago” and that was true really, and Karen said “Oh I’m sorry”.
And then she said “My friends and I are probably leaving soon, but maybe I could give you my phone number and then it’s totally up to you two if you want to give it to him or not. Okay?”
And we said “Yeah, okay” and she had already written it on a piece of paper that she gave to us.

And then we went back to Tobey and sat down and had some drinks and talked and had fun and we really forgot all about her, and after a while I said “I have to go pee” and Cait said “Me too” and Tobey said “I’ll fill up the glasses” but Cait grabbed his hand and said “No way, you’re coming with us. You obviously cant’ be trusted alone tonight.”
So we took him with us to the ladies room and there was only one stall there and I went in first, and when I came back out a few minutes later Cait was sucking his cock and I wasn’t surprised at all.
And so I just stood there and watched them and I put my hand in my pants and rubbed myself, and then suddenly I heard someone behind me say “Oh my God!” and I turned around and it was Karen.

Tobey tried to push Cait away but she just pushed him back against the wall and kept going and so he let her, and I looked at Karen and she was staring wide eyed with one hand covering her open mouth, but she didn’t leave. She just stood there frozen for a bit and then she actually slowly walked two or three steps closer, like she was in a trance or something.
And I moved behind her and put my arms around her waist and I whispered in her ear “Shh. It’s okay” and I started to caress her and she said “You can’t…” and I whispered “Shh” again and she whispered “But he’s your…” and I said “It’s okay. It’s just a birthday present” and then I kissed her neck and her cheek and rubbed her tits, and when she didn’t push me away or anything I put my hand inside her pants and found her pussy and it was turning so wet so fast, and I played with her pussy for a long time.

Then Cait got up and turned around and pulled her pants and panties down, and then she leaned on the basin and Tobey grabbed his cock and put it in her and started to fuck her, and Karen said “Oh my God” again but her pussy was so wet now it was literally filling up my hand as I finger fucked her.
And we both watched as they fucked and it was like they had forgotten we were there and where they were. Cait was holding on to the basin with both hands, steadying herself as he fucked her hard with his hands on her ass, his cock just sticking out of the fly in his pants.
And Karen still had her hand on her mouth but now she was biting her knuckles and with her other hand she was helping me rub her tits.
Then Cait started saying things like “Oh daddy” and “Fuck me daddy” and if Tobey even noticed it he didn’t care because honestly Cait would do that now and then, so it was just Cait being Cait being fucked. But I had time to think that maybe she was taking things a little too far this time when suddenly I could feel Karen coming. And I rubbed her clit fast and when she came she pulled my hair and said “Oh my God!” again through her teeth and her orgasm went on forever and she never took her eyes off the two of them.
Then Cait came and then Tobey came too and Cait put one hand on her pussy and rubbed herself as he came inside of her and I think she came again right away.

And when it was all over and he had put his cock back in his pants and Cait was pulling her panties and her pants back up Karen pulled herself away from me and then she said “I… I have to go” and she left.

But just a few seconds later she came back and she just said “So… uhm… call me, okay?” and then she was gone again.

And we did call her, later.
And maybe that’s my next story.

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