Part 4: The most horrible person

I went with Cait to a funeral one time, it was her aunt on her mother’s side and I didn’t know her at all but she asked me to come and I did. We had to drive for almost three hours to get there, and Cait’s dad was driving and her mom was in the passenger seat and Cait and I were in the back, and it was just that Friday a few days before that we had been at the gym again and not counting that first time she hadn’t done anything to him except sometimes she jerked him off while I sucked it, even though I wanted her to do more because I thought it was so hot to watch.
But usually she just watched me do it while she masturbated and took lots of pictures of me doing it, and in the car we were looking at some of those pictures from that last time on her phone and whispering and giggling, and her mom got really upset with us and said “Will you girls please be quiet?!” and Cait said “Sorry, mom” and I said “Sorry, aunt Beth” and her dad said “Please, Caitlin, this is going to be a rough day for your mom” and Cait said “Sorry” again and her dad looked at us in the rear view mirror and winked and I wanted to throw myself between the seats and kiss him all over and tell him how much I loved him and how much I loved sucking his cock, and Cait punched me in the shoulder and whispered “You’re drooling”, and I punched her back and whispered “No, I’m not” but I wiped my chin with my hand like I just had to be sure and Cait laughed and I laughed too and her mom turned around and said “I said be quiet!!”, and that made Cait drop her phone on the floor but luckily it landed with the screen down, and her mom reached down to pick it up for her and my heart stopped but Cait said “I got it, mom” and grabbed it first.

And it took forever for my heart to start beating again and we didn’t really say much more for the rest of the trip, and Cait put her phone away. And then we arrived and Cait’s mom gave the eulogy together with her other sister who was her twin sister, and they both cried a lot when they did.
I really like Cait’s mom, she’s so nice and I felt so sorry for her and I even cried a little too and Cait cried more and I tried to keep the thoughts away but they came anyway, about all the things Cait’s mom got to do to her dad every night and all the things he did to her and yes of course I was envious about that but I could picture it all in my head until I was really horny while everyone was sad and I felt like the most horrible person in the world.

Then there was a reception after the service and I didn’t know anyone there so I just kinda stood alone in a corner most of the time eating from the fruit trays, especially when Cait started chatting with some boys and girls and I think she just forgot to introduce us. But I didn’t really mind, I was watching her mom and dad walking around talking to everyone while he had his arm around her waist, and they talked with her twin sister a lot and my mind was going crazy with all kinds of thoughts when I watched the three of them and I was still horny, and when he suddenly let go of them and came my way I was sure he had seen it in my face or maybe he could read my mind but he just said “You doing all right?” and I said “Yeah, just… you know… sad.”
And he nodded and then he said “Listen, Elisabeth and I thought that maybe we ought to stay here for a few days, so I was thinking maybe you and Caitlin could just drive the car back home?” And I said, “Yeah, sure” and he said “We’ll stay with Jessica and then she’ll take us back before the weekend.” and I said “Yeah, sure” again and he looked around for Cait and called her over when he saw her with the others and he asked her the same and Cait said “Yeah, dad, no problem. Is mom and aunt Jess okay?” and he said “They will be. Don’t worry.”
Cait’s mom gave us both a hug before we left and her twin sister did too even though I never met her before and Cait’s dad kissed her forehead and said “Drive carefully.”

And that’s how Cait and I ended up alone in the car together and me being all horny again, and the thing about Cait and me is that we had never actually had sex. I mean, we’d done all kinds of stuff and we’d masturbated together since… well since we were way too young for it really, but we’d never even touched each other, except when we kinda ‘accidentally’ touched each other I guess.

Cait was driving and I said “I’m pretty sure I saw his cock twitch in his pants every time your aunt Jessica was around” and she said “For real?” and I said “Yeah” and she said “No way.”
“Definitely” I said even though I had stared at the bulge in his pants a lot and he always had it hanging down his left thigh and today it was very visible because of the suit pants but I don’t think I ever actually saw it move, and then I said “I mean, your mom is hot so her twin is hot too and they’re probably fighting over his cock right now” and she said “No way” again.
And then she kept quiet for a while but her face was a little blushed and she was biting her lower lip like she would always do when I talked about stuff that turned her on and stuff that made her think, and I knew that she would soon say “Tell me more” or something like that and then she said “What else are they doing?”

And I said “Well” and I unzipped my pants as I talked. “Your mom and your aunt are really sad right now and they’re at her place and he’s hugging them and they take his cock out because that always makes them feel better just to look at it, and then they… Is Jessica married?” I asked and I was pulling my pants down and I just pulled them off over my pumps and Cait said “No, she’s divorced” and then she looked at me and I was sitting there with just my blouse and my panties on and she said “Are you serious!?” and I took my panties off too and threw it all in the back and then I said “They go to her bedroom and they both take turns sucking him and then they fight over who gets to fuck him first and the fighting turns into kissing and stuff and they lay down on top of each other and your dad just fucks them both as they lay there, first your mom and then your aunt and then your mom again and back and forth like that.”
And Cait said “Stop” and I realized I had never talked about her mom like that before but I didn’t think she actually wanted me to stop so I said “And I’m sure your aunt really likes it up the ass too and so he does that to her while your mom rubs her pussy” and I had my feet on the dashboard now with my left leg all the way over on Cait’s side and I was masturbating and looking out the windshield and picturing it all and thinking that maybe there was a chance that some of it could actually be true and maybe that was how he was going to make them feel better again when he said that they will be. “And your mom is really good at it and she licks her pussy too and she loves doing it and it’s like she’s done it many times before.”

And then Cait yanked the steering wheel to the right and drove off the road, and we were on a country road somewhere and it was getting late and there were no other cars around and she put it in park by the side of the road with the engine still running and I sat up and looked at her thinking maybe I made her angry but she wasn’t.
She reached down for the lever under her seat and then she pushed her seat all the way back and pulled her pants and panties down to her knees like she was in a hurry, and then she stuck her hand in her pussy and rubbed her clit, but just for that first relief and it obviously wasn’t enough so she pulled her pants and panties down more and kicked them and her shoes off her feet and then she turned and put her right leg up and behind my seat and leaned on the car door and I could see how wet she was and she put two fingers inside and fucked herself.
“Now tell me more” she said but I didn’t want to anymore and I dove down between her legs and she flinched a little and drew back but she couldn’t get anywhere of course and I stuck my tongue where her fingers were and she said “No” but then she moaned and I took her hand away and when I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue she said “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck” and then she came and I kept licking her through the whole thing and her body convulsed like she was having a seizure.

I sat back up and looked at her and her eyes were closed and she was so beautiful but then I realized she was crying and I said “Cait..?” but she covered her face with her hand and waved me off with the other and I said “I’m sorry” and she just sat back up and pulled her clothes back on but she threw her shoes in the backseat and then she put her seat back in place and drove on barefoot.
And none of us said anything and I felt so stupid sitting there without my pants on but I couldn’t reach them now without more or less sticking my ass in Cait’s face, and then after a while I just said “I’m sorry” again because I didn’t know what to say but I had to say something and she said “It’s okay” and then none of us said anything again for a long time and then she said “I’m not a lesbian, you know” and I said “I know, I’m sorry” and I could still taste her on my lips and that made me feel even worse.

And we were almost back home without saying a word, and I opened my mouth to say sorry again, but suddenly I was just angry because why should I say sorry anyway, and I said “It’s not like you only like boys either” and she said “Yeah I do” and I said “That’s bullshit” and she said “Whatever”.

“So like, you never even once thought about doing that to me?” I said, and she said “No never” and I said “That’s bullshit too” and she said “Whatever” again.

And she drove me home and it was night and when she stopped the car in the driveway she said “It’s not even about that” and I said “Yeah? Well, what’s it about then?” but she just looked down at her hands and shrugged and so I climbed in to the backseat and got my clothes and then I sat back down in my seat to put them on and I had just pulled my panties on when I said “You’re unbelievable! You want to fuck your dad but you freak out when your cousin eats your pussy ’cause she’s a girl?!”

And when I looked at her again she was staring at me with her mouth open and she said “I don’t…” and she got tears in her eyes and then she almost leaped forward and I recoiled but she was going for the door on my side and she opened it and then she pushed me out of the car, and I said “Cait, I’m…” but she slammed the door shut and drove away and I was standing there holding my pants in a bundle and now I knew I was the most horrible person in the world.
And I went inside carrying my pants and mom was asleep and I went upstairs to my room and laid down on the bed and cried, and I’m sorry if this story was more sad than hot but sometimes life is like that

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