Part 5: Richard's dick

I hadn’t spoken to Cait for I think almost three weeks and I picked up the phone every day to call her but I didn’t do it, and then one day her dad came over to fix something on mom’s car but she wasn’t home from work yet so he sat down in the living room to wait for her. And I made coffee for the both of us and we talked and it was really nice but then he said “So what happened between you and Caitlin?” and I just looked down and said “I don’t know” because of course I couldn’t tell him.

So he said “Shit happens sometimes I guess” and I nodded and he said “I know she misses hanging out with you” and I said “Me too” and he said “But I’m sure you’ll work it out soon” and then he said “Hey, about that but not really, do you ever work out?”

I almost fell off the couch when he asked me that and my mind was going ‘He knows, he knows, he knows!’ and my face was burning up and I said “Not really” and he said “Just that there’s this place I go to all the time and I thought I saw you there the other day” and I had gone there a few days before because I didn’t just miss Cait, I missed him too and I didn’t go there to do anything but just to hang out I guess and watch him and maybe I thought that maybe Cait would be there too and that it would be like I could find a way to talk to her but she wasn’t.
I just shook my head and he said “Must’ve been your doppelganger” and I said “Yeah must’ve been” and then mom came through the door and they hugged and talked about the car and I went to my room and turned on the TV just to have it on because I couldn’t stop thinking about what he had said and I thought; Cait and I haven’t talked for three weeks and no one has been on the other side of the wall for him in three weeks and he’s not stupid and now he even saw me there and two plus two is four and I need to call Cait!
But I didn’t call her because my phone rang and it was Richard.

He was the guy that became my second and I didn’t know him from before but someone in school that knew us both had given him my number and we had gone out a couple times and in a way I guess he was my rebound from Cait, if that makes sense and I kinda knew that but I liked him, and he asked me if I wanted to come over and I said “Yes”.

So I went there and we had a good time hanging out in their basement and we ordered pizza and watched TV and we kissed now and then and I had my head on his chest and he had his arm around me and there was some old black and white scary movie on and it was really funny and I thought about just forgetting all about Cait and her dad and her mom and Lucy and Lucy’s mom and everyone and just stay here with Richard forever and be normal.
Then he asked me if I wanted to stay the night and I said “Yes I do” and I texted my mom that I was staying at Lucy’s place again and after a while we went upstairs and he popped in the living room where his mom and dad were and told them I was staying and they said “Sure” and “All right” and then we went up to his room and we sat down on the bed and we kissed more and then he took my top off and when he took his shirt off I removed my bra and then we laid down and we kissed the whole time and then he licked my chin and my neck and down to my tits and he licked my nipples and sucked on them and I unbuttoned my jeans and took his hand and put it on my panties and he rubbed my pussy and I could feel myself getting wet.
And then he stood up for a minute so he could take his pants off and I could see how hard he was behind his boxers and he laid down again next to me and rubbed my pussy more and I stroked his dick through his underwear, and then I took my jeans and panties off so I was naked, and while I did he reached in his nightstand and after a few seconds he found a condom and he showed it to me and even did a “Ta da!” and I thought that was really stupid but I said “Yay” anyway.
He was standing on his knees on the bed and I took the condom from him and ripped it open and then I pulled his boxers down and his dick wobbled and everything was really too hairy but I didn’t care and I grabbed it and jerked a couple times and then I licked the head and he said “Oooh shi-it” and I wanted him to fuck me so bad so I put the condom to the tip of his dick and started to push it down and then he said “Shi-it fu-uck” and he squirted into the condom and I hadn’t even gotten it past the neck of it yet.
And he came like that and it was like I was just there to hold the condom in place for him so he wouldn’t make a mess, and when he was done he just fell back at the headboard and I said “Are you fucking kidding me?!” and I think I yelled it more than I said it and he said “Shhh! Geez!” and I couldn’t believe it.

Finally he said “Sorry” and I said “Can you go again?” because my pussy was aching inside and he said “Uhm…”
So I leaned forward and grabbed his dick again and licked his cum off it and it didn’t taste right, and then I put it in my mouth and sucked it and it was like sucking on a baby’s pacifier only softer and then I licked it again and then sucked it some more and I ran my hands all over his body as I did and I went “Mmmh…” and “Aaahh…” because I thought maybe that turned him on, but nothing happened and if anything it shrank more and so I gave up and let it go and it laid there like it was asleep on his balls.

I sat down beside him and he said “Sorry” and I said “It’s okay” and then he put his arm around me and I didn’t mind, and he pulled the covers over us and a few minutes later he was asleep.

I didn’t sleep much. First I tried to masturbate even though I didn’t really feel like it but it didn’t work and then I just laid there thinking about Cait and everything and I grabbed my phone to text her and I wrote ‘Hey’ but I didn’t know what to write after that. I used to write ‘Hey babe’ or ‘Hey sweetie’ or ‘Hey sexy’ or something like that but they all felt wrong now and ‘Hey Cait’ wasn’t right either. So I texted Lucy instead with ‘Hey honey. You up?’ but she didn’t answer and I looked at the time and it was almost three in the morning so I tried to sleep and I think I did sleep for maybe an hour or so and then I woke up and I felt really horny again and so I rubbed my clit slowly and my other hand reached under the covers for Richard’s dick because I thought at least I could hold it while I masturbated and I found it and it was rock hard.

I looked at his face but he was still sleeping, and so I carefully lifted my leg over him until I was sitting on him and I could feel the tip of his dick touch my pussy and I reached down and put it in me and then I slid down on it real slow and then I started riding him and it felt so good and I had my face close to his face and there was something really hot about just using him like that while he was sleeping and I got close to an orgasm really fast and then he opened his eyes and for a second he looked kind of lost but I kissed him and then he kissed me back and he grabbed my ass and started thrusting in and out of me real hard and I came after just a few thrusts.
And just before my orgasm was over he quickly pulled his dick out of me and grabbed it and tugged at it till he came all over himself, and then I fell down on top of him and I got his cum all over my tits and my belly and then I kissed him again and rolled over beside him and he was breathing heavily and so was I. And then he put his arm around me again and we both fell asleep.

And the next day was a Saturday and I took a long shower and I had breakfast there with him and his parents and they were really nice and then he drove me home and I had him park a bit from my house because I didn’t want mom to see me arrive in his car and he didn’t mind.

Then later that evening he texted me with “Hi. Wanna come over again?” and I wrote “Sorry, I can’t” and the next message from him said “For you” and then came a picture of his dick.
And it wasn’t even hard, it was just hanging there with all that hair all around it and I realized I didn’t ever want to touch that thing again but I didn’t tell him that of course, I just sent him a smiley face and he kept sending me pictures all night but I didn’t answer any of them.

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