Part 8: All I got

Whenever I spent the night at Cait’s place, and I did that a lot when school was out for summer or for the holidays, I would always use the guest room. When she was at my place she would sleep in my bed but they had a really big house and I had always used the guest room there even when we were little. So it was in a way my bedroom at their place, and Cait’s room was on the same floor and they had a bathroom there too and then there was another bedroom there next to my room with a door between them and no one used that room and it had a king size bed but there were mostly just boxes and things they had stored, and her parent’s room was upstairs so this floor was kind of mine and Cait’s floor and we would always sneak into each other’s room of course after her parents had gone to bed.

But then there was a leak or something in the bathroom that they had upstairs and they had to renovate and tear down walls and stuff, and so they had to use the room on our floor and I was going to stay there for most of the Christmas holidays and now we couldn’t visit each other at night anymore because we just couldn’t take the chance.

And it bothered me a lot but then I discovered I could hear them have sex and then it didn’t bother me at all.

The first night I was there after they started sleeping in that other guest room I was bummed out that I couldn’t sneak over to Cait and I figured there was no point in spending the nights there now and I had told her that and she agreed and we were going to my place the next day.
But then I woke up and I could hear her mom moaning and groaning and at first I didn’t know what it was and I thought maybe the house was haunted or something, but then I heard her say “Oh yes, yes, yes!” and I realized what it was and she said “Oh fuck yes!” and “Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” and things like that and I thought ‘It’s like she’s trying to wake me up’ but of course they never had to worry about anyone hearing them before and so they probably didn’t even think about it and I laid there listening to them fucking and I could hear every time she came because she went “Ooohhhh ffffu-uuuuck!!” and I thought ‘She sounds just like Cait only louder’. And I rubbed myself as I pictured what he was doing to her and I tried to time it so I would come when she did and when they stopped it was almost morning I had lost count of all my orgasms.

And the next day Cait asked me when we were leaving and what excuse should we make up for her parents and I said “I don’t know, maybe we should just stay here” and she said “But I miss being with you” and I said “I miss you too but we kinda promised your mom and dad we’d stay here” and she said “I guess you’re right” and obviously she hadn’t heard anything and I decided to tell her if they did it again that night.
And they did.

I couldn’t sleep of course, I was waiting for them to go to bed but it took a while and I started to play with myself as I waited. I took my panties off and just ran the tips of my fingers up and down my pussy lips, just sort of teasing myself and making myself just warm enough but not really wet enough so I had to almost force one finger inside and then I used my other hand and put one finger on each side of my clit, just massaging it through the hood like I would do when I didn’t really want to come yet but just fondle myself for a long time.
Then I quickly jumped out of bed and ran over to the door between my room and Cait’s parent’s room and I opened it so that the crack of it was not even half an inch and then I ran back to bed and I did it just so I could hear them better I think, but when I was back in bed I realized it was stupid because if they saw it was open they would just shut it and then they would know and they probably wouldn’t even have sex and if they did they would be really quiet, and so I sat up and I was just about to run back and close the door when I heard them enter the room.

I heard Cait’s mom say “It’s like that blond girl all over again” and her dad said “Who? Elena?” and she said “No, not Elena, silly. That platinum blond girl. With the piercings.”
“Oh yeah, her. Come on, it’s nothing like with her. And, I thought her piercings were… fun.”
“Really? Fun, huh?”
Then it sounded like they moved some things around, and I think the bed creaked or maybe it was the floor and then she said “Maybe I should get pierced like that?” and he said “Oh definitely.”
“Well, maybe not that much but definitely here” and she said “Ou ikhed at uh?” like he was grabbing her tongue and then he said “And most definitely here” and she just said “Mhmmm” and he said “So it’s one for your benefit and one for mine” and she said “Mhm” again.

Then they went quiet and it was just soft noises and sometimes a “Mhmmm” and a “Ooh” and even a “That feels so good” and “Don’t stop”, and I had my eyes closed and I was just enjoying it and it was like listening to a symphony or something and I was masturbating and changing the way I did it every time it went from one movement to another.

And suddenly I knew I just had to see.

I got out of bed and tiptoed to the door and the room was really dark and I was trying to remember if there was anything on the floor but it was fine and then I tried to look in to the other room but I couldn’t see anything and I had to open it just a little bit more and it wasn’t much but it was too much because I saw them on the bed and he was lying on his back with his head in my direction and she was sitting on him riding him and he was holding her boobs and she had her hands on his shoulders and she was looking right at me.

And it wasn’t like I could quickly shut the door and maybe she didn’t see me or like it was too dark in my room so maybe she couldn’t be sure or anything like that. She was looking right at me, right into my eyes and it even looked like she was smiling at me like she was saying ‘Hi there’ and she kept riding him and I couldn’t take my eyes off her and she didn’t take her eyes off me, not even when she came and she was riding him so fast and she said “Ooohhhh ffffu-uuuuck yesss!!”and I came too and my knees buckled and my orgasm actually surprised me because I hadn’t realized I was still masturbating looking at them and then Cait’s mom just fell down on him and he held her and they kissed and I backed away and to bed.

And I almost didn’t go down to have breakfast that morning because I just knew it would be so awkward but I did and it wasn’t and Cait’s mom didn’t say anything and she acted like it didn’t happen and then Cait and I went shopping and I said “Who’s Elena?” and Cait said “I don’t know anyone called Helena” and I said “No, I’m sure it was Elena” and she said “What are you talking about?”
“Your mom and dad had sex last night” I said, and Cait said “You heard them?” and I said “Yes, and they were talking about Elena someone” and she said “While they were doing it??” and I said “Uhm, no not really, they were talking before” and then Cait did this exaggerated dramatic gasp and she said “Heey, that’s why you don’t want to go home! You’ve been getting off listening to mom and dad fucking!” and I said “Sorry” and she said “That’s so unfair” and I didn’t tell her I watched them and I definitely didn’t tell her her mom saw me and then she said “I’m coming to your room tonight” and I said “No, you can’t do that”.
“Why not?”
“Because what if they see you or hear us?”
“”We don’t have to do anything. And if we do, what are they going to say? Don’t fuck when we’re fucking?”
“It’s different.”
“I know, but no way I’m staying alone in my room knowing what’s going on.”

And so that night Cait didn’t go to her room. When we said “Good night” to them she went with me to my room and we just waited and whispered and I had closed the door to the other room and Cait said “Did you peek through the key hole?” and I said “No” and that was true enough and then she said “What did you hear? Tell me about it”. And I told her what I had heard and I made up stuff about what I thought they were doing and I was sitting with my back to the wall and Cait was sitting between my legs with her back to me and she was masturbating as I talked and I was massaging her tits, and then we heard them but now I couldn’t hear what they said because the door was closed and it was just muffled but I think I heard Cait’s name and my name too and then something about Christmas presents.
And then we listened to them having sex, and I pushed Cait’s hand away and rubbed her and put two fingers inside her and she let me do it and when her mom shouted “Ooohh ffu-uck!” Cait did the same only she sort of hissed it through her teeth.

I stayed at home with mom for Christmas eve and morning of course and that was really nice being just the two of us and then later we went to Cait and her mom and dad for dinner and drinks, and her aunt Jessica was there too and Cait’s mom said “We’re short on bedrooms and bathrooms these days, but you can all crash if you want to anyway” and then she said I could stay with Cait in her room and mom could stay in my room and she said “Jessica, you can sleep with us” and I looked at Cait and she looked at me and she mouthed ‘Ohh Emm Gee’ and she didn’t mean for anyone but me to see it but her mom did and she gave her a strict Oh grow up – kinda look and Cait blushed.
And it got really late before any of us went to sleep and Cait went upstairs first and mom said “Help your aunt clean off the dinner table before you leave, honey” and I said “Sure” and when we were done and it was just the two of us in the kitchen I said “Good night, aunt Beth” and she said “Good night, sweetie” and then she leaned over to me and whispered “Sorry you have to miss the show tonight” and I almost died.

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